"You short old lady will definitely break your eggs!" Su Qingyan, as always, shouted arrogantly, "Can’t you get rid of your mother in this broken room? I’ll make you beg for mercy and kowtow and call me aunt. Bah, I don’t have an underdeveloped grandchild like you! "

Just now, the man laughed, "I advise you to wait a little while you hurry. I’m not sure if you can control this helper. After all, you two are rare beauties, and few men can resist their attraction."
Cheyenne knew that there was no point in swearing and threatening now, so she simply asked, "Okay, now you tell me how to get there."
"Still summer is always refreshing!" The man began to point out Cheyenne in his words.
This water pipe factory is obviously some years old, and most of the buildings are bungalows. There is a three-story building isolated in a low bungalow, and it is this small building that the person guides.
Cheyenne, remember Su Qingyan just said that they were in a basement. Is it in this small floor?
"Go upstairs to the innermost room."
Cheyenne came to the innermost basement according to the man’s request, but it hung around.
"Hey, I can do as you asked. How can you not keep your word? What about my two genera? "
"My summer adults don’t worry, so-called impatient can’t eat hot tofu, you will soon see you two belong to! Now lift the corner board. "
Cheyenne opened a pile of old wooden boards in the corner according to the instructions of the other party, and then saw a hole with a disgusting and musty smell.
"Go slowly" and the other party hangs up.
Cheyenne walked along a ladder specially placed there, and as soon as his feet landed, he was secretly pressed against his neck by a cold and sharp object, and he stood still, and two people immediately posted it.
"Hey, hey, don’t be so close to me …" Cheyenne didn’t forget that the man was talking in the words just now. If he really touched a special lover, he would be in danger. Cheyenne didn’t allow his two beauties to be an accident, but it was absolutely against his principles to be a tiger.
Cheyenne is a man of principle, although his principle is no principle, but after all, this kind of thing still pays attention to your feelings and wishes. If you force a woman, it will be unethical if you force even a man.
"Don’t worry, our orientation is normal." The two men clearly clarified what Bai Cheyenne was worried about.
"You’d better be mentally prepared and hold your breath," said another man with a smile. His voice just fell and they directly held Cheyenne and soaked him in a big barrel next to him. He struggled to get rid of the control of the two men.
Those bugs were even scrapped when they were soaked in water. In the summer, I thought that the oxygen in my chest was swallowed up and finally I passed out.
When Cheyenne woke up again, I don’t know how long it took before his eyes were dark with a bag over his head.
"Boss, he woke up."
At this time, Cheyenne’s head bag was removed.
"I didn’t see anything …" Cheyenne hurriedly closed his eyes and cried.
"It seems that you this summer total bravery is not so big …" Someone said sarcastically.
"Look at your little promise. It’s a shame." Su Qingyan started to sound.
Cheyenne opened her eyes and scolded, "Idiot, we will be killed when we see their faces!"
"Summer always rest assured that it is not our major for our brothers to seek money to kill them." Bald boss said with a smile.
It seems that this is indeed a basement. Su Qingyan and Zou Yu have their hands tied. There are many people around them who look after them. Their eyes are full of longing for these two beautiful women.
"Boss, since we’ve arrested the main owner, can those two chicks give the brothers a taste?" A young man rubbed his hands and drooled and said
Cheyenne gritted his teeth and closed his eyes and shouted, "Let go of those two girls. I’m still here if you have something to do with me!" to be continued
Chapter 153 Come at me for something.
"Let go of those two girls. I’m still here if you have something to do with me!"
Cheyenne’s shocking roar softened those silver-smiling men. Even Su Qingyan and Zou Yu almost couldn’t help but spit it out. Cheyenne words are more powerful than any personal attacks. Many men left a serious psychological shadow.
"Come on!" Cheyenne look like a pathetic resigned lamb when his eyes are close.
The young man gnashed his teeth and said, "Boss, let me cut this goods!"
"Shut up! Shut his mouth and take him to another room. Those two bitches don’t move for a while until I talk to manager Xia, "said the bald boss."
Cheyenne was led out of the basement and found that there was a similar waterway outside. He was placed in another low-rise room and left the bald boss behind.
"Manager Xia, now we can talk about the conditions." The bald boss took off the smelly sermon in Cheyenne’s mouth.
"Let’s get this straight. What do you want?" Cheyenne is curious about what these guys are trying to do when Zou Yu and Su Qingyan lead themselves here.
Bald hey hey smiled. "I just said that we are just seeking money."
"Want money? But you have to let me go. I promise to send you the money immediately. "Cheyenne vowed.
"Manager Xia is really refreshing. I can let one of them go first and let you both go as soon as I receive the money. ironman is absolutely faithful to his word!" Bald clap breast way