Since the two sides want to get along for a long time, we must first put aside our faces and solve the benefit distribution plan in advance, otherwise we may be enemies if our interests turn against each other in the future.

"Well, I’ve thought about this problem carefully. We can send our own people to form a common supervision team. All the profits are managed by the supervision team and distributed according to the value of the goods. What do you think?" Tomahawk sponsors naturally answer these questions by him.
There were all smart people present, because they were not familiar with each other, so they were embarrassed to give priority to speaking. At this time, Cheyenne took the lead, and others also asked questions one after another, and Tomahawk also answered them one by one.
After some discussion, the contract alliance formally formed the backbone of the three parties and factions to form a special guerrilla brigade with thin silk targets. Once the news of thin silk is received, the guerrilla brigade will be dispatched immediately.
Tomahawk smiled when he saw that everything had been discussed. "There is another reason why I chose the ice burning town to discuss the venue. That is, we found a strange entrance here, but there are a lot of thin silk guards there. Now that the alliance has been established, we can form a joint team to explore in depth. What do you think?"
"Strange entrance?" When Cheyenne heard this, he suddenly became interested and asked, "What are you waiting for?"
"It’s relatively secret there, and most people don’t go there. It’s only through our guild players that they find what they don’t need to worry about being preempted by others. I think it’s more appropriate to send an expert to investigate the repeated dispatch of large troops." Tomahawk looked at Cheyenne and said.
Cheyenne white tomahawk means, "Do you want me to explore the situation?"
"I’m afraid no one else can bear this weight except you," Tomahawk affirmed. "It was found that the players there said that there were about 20 thin wires guarding the entrance. Don’t you think this is abnormal?"
Cheyenne searched carefully in his mind and found no secret map entrance in his memory. There are so many thin wires guarding it, which should be a place he had never heard of in his previous life.
It’s not surprising that Cheyenne was a high-end player in his previous life, but the whole game is as vast as the Milky Way. Cheyenne doesn’t know the secret maps. Besides, after his rebirth, many things have never appeared in his previous life, such as the occupation of gods and the secrets of ancient temples
"Haha, it seems that there is also a brother who is so tightly defended!" Cheyenne asked about the specific location and made some preparations to return to the city. Then he returned to the ice-burning town and went to that strange entrance alone.
Cheyenne really doesn’t need a partner on this trip. After all, in the face of many thin silk players, unless they are master players, they will not only be unable to help Cheyenne, but also hold him back. Three guild leaders also let Cheyenne go alone because of this.
According to the Tomahawk route, Cheyenne traveled thousands of meters in a cellar in an ice-burning town, and then at the end of the cellar passage, he saw a large group of thin wires guarding the delivery door.
Mysterious guardians, one of the secrets of their guardians is that it is not easy to break through their defenses. Please be careful.
Cheyenne couldn’t help but feel awe when he saw the introduction of those guardians. Their attributes were almost level 3, and the number of BMWs was almost so huge. No one could easily cross their defense lines without the cannon fodder roots of a team of 100 people.
This entrance is like a sci-fi movie in which the stargate shines brightly, while the guardians patrol the center of the portal like strange creatures from aliens with grotesque tentacles and scales.
The guardians are more than three meters in size, and the delivery door is magnificent, about ten meters high. Cheyenne is not in a hurry to move forward. He made a careful circle along the edge of the cellar and found nothing else unusual. Only then did he carefully observe the rules of the guardians and try to find a path to the delivery door.
It’s a pity that Cheyenne observed for about ten minutes and found no flaws in these guardians. It seemed to attract their attention and then waited for an opportunity.
Cheyenne took a deep breath and replaced the dragon gun and attacked the foremost guardian. The guardian, together with his three companions beside him, roared and rushed towards Cheyenne. Although the other guardians didn’t act, their posture showed that they had been alarmed.
The four guardians are Boise, the fourth and third-grade beastmaster. Cheyenne will try her best to deal with them at the same time even if she is awesome.
Cheyenne flew back quickly and stopped at the junction where the guardians of the tunnel gathered when they arrived. The height of the tunnel was limited, so there was no problem for Cheyenne, but the huge bodies of those guardians could be as good as one guardian at a time.
This favorable terrain makes Cheyenne’s pressure greatly reduced. However, Boise, the third-level BM, is also a strong opponent after all. Cheyenne does not want them to fight, but to enter the delivery door.
What is hidden behind the delivery door?
This has a fatal attraction for Cheyenne.
Cheyenne’s curiosity-seeking psychology is naturally strong. Seeing such a powerful guardian array, he is even more worried about the secret after the door is delivered. He thinks that Cheyenne has opened the strong concealment, which he did not expect. Strong concealment is indeed effective for these guardians
Back off!
Cheyenne didn’t hesitate to retreat quickly along the passage until he got rid of the guardians completely. Then he sat on the ground and rested for a while, and then returned again. At this time, the guardians had returned to their places and the patrol speed was faster.
How clever!
Cheyenne watched the way of doing things change, and the guardians carefully counted the number of guardians, which was ten, but they looked exactly the same. It seems that there should be no difference in strength.
This is a group of terrible protectors who are balanced in strength and stick to the door. I’m afraid it’s not easy to transfer their departments! Cheyenne thought it over and released the gold and silver bear.
"Little guy, don’t blame me for being too cruel to you. Usually, I drink good wine and eat good meat. Now it’s your turn to repay me!" Cheyenne patted Gold and Silver Bear’s burly figure and then let Gold and Silver Bear walk along the edge of the cellar to the farthest position from him, which made Gold and Silver Bear charge towards the delivery door.
The appearance of the gold and silver bear immediately triggered the unrest of the guardians, and the four guardians surrounded it again.
Cheyenne manipulated the huge body of the gold and silver bear. At first, the guardians collided with each other, then jumped over the head of the guardian with a jerk and broke through. The four guardians continued to rush inside without stopping.
The gold and silver bear broke through a layer of guardians and immediately angered more guardians. This time, six guardians directly rushed over!
At this moment, the gold and silver bear fell into an isolated situation. After four guardians pursued it, six guardians came in front of it. It seems that its fate has changed and it has a dead end.
Chapter 13 Guardian Token
Cheyenne gave up the manipulation of the gold and silver bear at this time.
This is Cheyenne’s long-term plan to give up the gold and silver bear as cannon fodder when it attracts enough guardians. It turns out that the gold and silver bear perfectly interprets the definition of cannon fodder, and Cheyenne has no choice but to attract guardians.
Cheyenne didn’t look at the situation there after releasing the control of the gold and silver bear. I raised my hand and summoned two bones and skeletons to rush to the door from their own position. It was blocked by the four guardians, and Cheyenne himself immediately opened the fastest straight line to the door.
At this time, there are four guardians left in front of Cheyenne, and the enemy protects Cheyenne directly against the guardian’s stormy attack and quickly comes to the delivery door to see Cheyenne step into the delivery door!
Listen to a deafening roar, and all guardians will go crazy instantly!
Obviously stimulated by Cheyenne’s actions, the guardians are crazy, and their tentacles are giving a good meal on the ground at the same time. This piece is as violent as a boat suddenly caught in a storm, and the shield of Xia Anshen’s glory has been broken in an instant!
The so-called enemy god, Guang Yao Shi, was broken!
God’s glory has been torn and Cheyenne has fallen into a dizzy state. At the same time, the four guardians in the front of the body are severely whipped like a whip. In this fierce attack, Cheyenne immediately hangs up!
Cheyenne looked at the immortal tombstone with an incredible face. It seems that the enemy god Guangyao Shi has been torn apart by life. It seems that the guardian’s converging attack skill is specially designed to break the hegemony skill. Guangyao Shi may be an enemy for ordinary players, but it is fragile for many thin silk converging attacks.
Cheyenne watched the guardians return home again, and they were even more curious about the situation behind the delivery door. What was such a tight protection force protecting? Cheyenne resurrected after running back, and then retreated to Ann’s place to rest quietly. After the state was restored, Cheyenne was killed again.
After trying just now, Cheyenne is also white. In front of these guardians, no shortcut can be taken, so it is the stupidest way and the only way to make it by strength.
Because the passage can only accommodate one guardian, Cheyenne has inspired four guardians, but he needs to face one guardian at a time.
After Cheyenne’s equipment and attributes are upgraded, he will face this 30-level BM guardian alone, but he doesn’t feel any difficulty. Worse, these guardians don’t have any special skills. Obviously, that converging attack skill was the most powerful move just now.
After some fighting, Cheyenne finally killed a guardian, and it had nothing but a palm-sized red crystal.
Guardian Token (Red) Four colors of Guardian Token can enter a mysterious map by sending the door.
Four colors?
Doesn’t that mean fighting three guardians at least? This is still the case when all guardians will explode tokens every time, and they will explode tokens with different colors. Otherwise, Cheyenne needs to fight more than three guardians, and it is likely to be 30 or 300! Cheyenne is very resistant. He told Tomahawk and others about his situation here.
Soon each of the three guilds sent elite teams to support Cheyenne.
Cheyenne also specifically asked not to need too many people. After all, it is too limited and too many people may not be able to maintain high efficiency. Three elite teams should be enough to deal with those guardians.
Beauty House is led by Beauty Drunken Song personally, including Wen Renqing, and the beauty team is here.
Zhantian Alliance is also a member of the team. Tomahawk personally led the team.
Pig ring guild is a gathering of players who have reached level 30, such as Yan Que, leading a team and a knife.
This array can definitely cope with most difficult situations, which shows that the three guilds attach importance to this secret map, and at this time, the number of guardians has become ten again. Obviously, Cheyenne just brushed it off and it has been refreshed.
Cheyenne brought together the leaders of the three teams and gave a general account of his experience just now.
"Now we need to know whether the delivery door can be opened by the guardian token?" Blasted into fine thoughtfully said beauty floor tactical master blasted into fine thoughtful even Cheyenne to shame.