Judging from the advertisement introduction, there are countless interesting and delicious foods in this city, but it is necessary to have money, while Zhuo Qiang is penniless now, and he can also be greedy for face-to-face food and entertainment

There are two forms of money here. One is the crystal currency that can be circulated on the planet, and the other is the energy crystal, which is the energy crystal of the Long Yun plane. Although Zhuoqiang has an energy crystal, his energy crystal is a whole chunk and cannot be traded. Besides, he doesn’t want the energy crystal to come to eat, drink and be merry.
In fact, there is another way, that is, to go to the free trading market, you can obtain energy crystals or circulate crystal coins by mortgage pawn. In addition, you can also take out some money and put your own goods directly at the special counter to wait for the buyer to come. Of course, you can also pay after the goods are sold.
Zhuo Qiang suddenly remembered that the Long Yun had a lot of gold and silver. Although according to Christie, the price of silver was very high and scarce, Zhuo Qiang could also sell some gold for some energy crystals or crystal coins.
"Let’s go to the trading market!" Zhuo Qiang led the crowd to the trading market according to the route he had just learned.
Crystal planet, a free trading market, is a good plan to let outsiders go to the trouble of having no money, even if they don’t have any money, they can exchange their things for what they need for life so that everyone can enjoy themselves.
The location of this free trading market is also very reasonable, and it is close to the entrance of the city. Zhuo Qiang didn’t walk far before he came to the entrance of this market covering an area of nearly one million square meters.
Because this trading market is located in a building with hundreds of floors, it actually covers an area of several thousand square meters.
After entering the building department, Zhuo Qiang found that there was no transaction at the bottom floor. This is the place to go through all kinds of formalities. Because of the odd variety of goods, hundreds of people are very busy, and the whole floor is full of people coming and going.
Zhuo Qiang, they took a cursory tour from the first floor to the top floor in a through elevator, and also got a general understanding of the types of goods here.
There are many kinds of things in the transaction, including food, clothing, housing and transportation. If you can name them, you can see them here.
Zhuo Qiang even found that a certain floor is a warship trading ground, and several screens inside all show various forms of armed spacecraft, large and small, with various performance parameters of the spacecraft, reference prices and people can choose at will.
"I don’t know if I can sell the Long Yun if I really have no money, so I don’t have to complete the almost impossible recovery," Zhuo Qiang said half jokingly.
It’s not easy to be the acting head of the Monros pirate group. It’s not generally difficult for him to complete a pirate group that is large enough to compete with a super interstellar empire.
If we can sell that Long Yun, he will be free.
Ye Chuchu heard Zhuo Qiang’s words and the horse said, "That’s impossible. If you really want to sell it, it’s absolutely astronomical to get the money. According to your current strength, it’s absolutely hopeless to want to keep such a large sum of money. I’m afraid that not only the Long Yun will be lost, but even your life will be lost, and the most important thing is that even if you want to sell Long Yun brain, you won’t agree with your decision."
Zhuo Qiang had expected that this was unlikely, and he was just saying it. What should he exchange for some money?
Zhuoqiang, a very busy floor, got out of the elevator and came in to see what was sold here, which attracted so many people.
Zhuo Qiang just came in and found out what things are here within a minute. It turns out that women’s simulation robots seem to be sold here, one by one, beautiful women, and one by one, posing behind the glass partition, waiting for the guests to choose.
In fact, the beauty robot here is not coquettish, gentle at home, dignified in occupation, delicate and touching, and so on. Every woman has different characteristics except beauty.
When Jing Tian and her girls figured out what they were doing here, their faces showed a little shyness. It turned out that women here are humanoid toys that satisfy men’s lust, but these toys are too realistic and even more realistic than real people in some aspects.
There are some men wandering around this floor, except Zhuo Qiang who has a few girls with him, and he can hardly see his women.
This phenomenon has also brought them trouble. From time to time, someone asked Zhuo Qiang, "Are these girls around you robots and want to be listed for sale?"
If this is the original question, Zhuo Qiang of the earth has already given an old fist to let the other side learn a lesson, and at the same time, he can also display a newly learned fighting skill by the way
But this place is obviously different from the earth’s environment, and this place is dedicated to selling female robots, and Christie and her girls are also a little weird here. Although they are angry, they still endure a lot of anger and explain to each other through translation that these people around them are not for sale.
However, the image of Christie and others is too eye-catching. One after another, the pervert came to ask Zhuo Qiang, which made him very unhappy. Finally, he took the people to quickly move forward and prepared to take the elevator to leave here.
Just as they were about to reach the entrance of an elevator, a large group of people came face to face. When the first person in a strange costume saw Christie, his eyes lit up. He didn’t even look at Zhuo Qiang. He looked at Christie and said, "I’ll buy this beauty!"
"I’m sorry, she is my girlfriend and can’t be sold." Zhuo Qiangnai continued to repeat what she had just said.
"I didn’t ask you if you sell it or not. I asked you if you wanted the price! Say a price! " The young man with pride in his eyes stared at Christie’s mouth and said arrogantly
Zhuo Qiang is even more upset. Generally, if he wants to say what he just said, the other horse will turn away and will never bother him again. At present, this young man seems a little too tough.
"Sorry, she is not a robot but my real girlfriend!" Zhuo imposed heavy tone.
Hearing this, the young man not only didn’t give up, but his eyes sparkled even more. The fact that a real person is so beautiful may have aroused his strong possessiveness.