Lan Chengye pondered over the former lady-Bing? Turned to look at Wang Ma blankly.

Wang Ma smiled and nodded thoughtfully …
Chapter one hundred and forty Meet (2)
Walking on the ice attracted many people’s attention.
Unique silver hair falls like a waterfall on the shoulders, and the sunshine shines brightly. The silver eyes give people a noble temperament, which is hard to hide, just like the stunning and enchanting from the classical luxury goblin.
Bing ignored everyone’s admiration and walked to the appointed place. She never understood why Lan Chengye suddenly asked her out, and it was "Bing" identity instead of Lan Bing. He didn’t know how remarkable she was. An accidental meeting …
Came to a restaurant, pushed the door and went in, and the ice gathered everyone’s eyes.
Bing ignored her. She kept staring at the reserved table. It was not Lan Chengye but a woman. What’s going on?
Walked over. "Excuse me, who are you?"
When the woman heard the sound, she slowly raised her head and her eyes narrowed with joy, as if she would laugh, excited and gratified. "Long time no see, Miss Bingxuan."
Bing looked at the man in front of him in disbelief. Isn’t this the man who raised her, Wang Ma? How come? Ice? She recognized me … all kinds of doubts filled with ice brain, heart.
Wang Ma was surprised to see the ice and knew that she must have scared her. No wonder things came so suddenly. She bowed respectfully to the ice and made a "please" move. "Miss Er, please do it!"
Ice leng for a while to react. She sat down, but her eyes never left Wang Ma’s body. She was confused and confused. "You? What about Lan Chengye? "
"I’m sorry, it’s me today. Please ask the young master to help me ask you out."
"But I’m a blue nanny now. I know you when you’re sick, young master. But you fainted when you were sick. You’ve never seen me!"
Bing was surprised to hear this, but tried his best to suppress his heart and was excited with a strange tone. "So I don’t know what you want to see me for?"
Wang Ma listened to the strange sound and received "Miss, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you recognize me? " If you really don’t recognize it, what does that expression mean just now?
"I’m sorry, I think you mistook me for someone else. Just like you said, you’ve seen me but I’ve never seen you. Besides, I was sick and fainted before, and I’ve never seen you before. This is the first time I’ve seen you." Bing said this and felt guilty. Now he must be very bad. He raised himself with one hand and always regarded his relatives but didn’t recognize him. Sorry, Wang Ma, I can’t recognize you for the time being. Please forgive me!
Ice bowed his head and bangs covered his guilty eyes.
Wang Ma was just surprised, but suddenly she remembered something: "Are you afraid of the big lady, Miss Er?"
Bing suddenly looked up and looked at Wang Ma’s facial expression as calm as water. "You?"
"Miss Er, I know everything. I know that Miss Er and Miss Da are not dead. I also know that Miss Da pretends that you are close to Master Lan."
After listening to this, Bing didn’t feel surprised but took precautions against her. "How do you know this? Who are you? " The sound suddenly became very cold.
"I’m Wang Ma, Miss Two." Wang Ma panicked. What should Miss Two do if she thinks of herself as an enemy? Tell the truth?
"It’s impossible that Wang Magen wouldn’t know so many things. Let me ask you again who are you?"
"Miss, I am really Wang Ma"
"Do you still want to install it?"
"Miss" Wang Ma paused for a moment. "Well, Miss, I’ll tell you the truth. I’m really Wang Ma and I know so many things because … Master Lan told me."
"LanCheng night? What’s going on here? "
"Master Lan suspects that Mu Bingxuan at home is not really pretending to be here, so he specially called me back when I was traveling to verify your identity."
"Does Lan Chengye know?"
"No, Master Lan, he’s not sure yet, so he sent me to identify one."
Ice is deep in thought. Does he know his identity?
"Are you really Wang Ma?" Ice seems to have some disbelief.
"Miss" Wang Ma feels very disappointed. Does she still doubt herself? "Miss, do you remember the past?"