At this time, Yang Ye finally turned his head slowly and tilted his head slightly to the middle, while he kept staring at the wreckage of the back of the chair of Sihao, but this moment collapsed and burst into a mass of powder!

Sihao, of course, can’t know that Yang Night’s strength when he met just for a while is not due to the fact that Yang Night hasn’t finished mastering the power of ghosts and gods, but now he is assimilated by Sihao, and the ability of Yang Night’s body is finally intensified!
At the same time, the release of the great ability department also easily combined Yang Ye’s body evil energy and bone energy to create a new ability. The ordinary heart stopped and the ghost emblem fluctuated instead. At that moment, Yang Ye completed the change like rebirth and completely became the crystallization of the real domain, the protoss and the ghost family-the ghost family red Bi!
At this time, Yang Ye’s strength is strong, not to mention surpassing or reaching it, but all the masters of all races in the domain dare not imagine and can’t imagine the realm!
Sihao didn’t know this, but he was arrogant and complacent for a second, and he turned back to fear again, because when Yang Ye turned his head and lifted his face, his eyes met Yang Ye’s eyes firmly.
That’s what sihao has never seen. he can never imagine his eyes!
Perhaps a master duel can often be won with one stroke and a half, and psychological warfare before the duel is also the key to win or lose, and the momentum has overwhelmed the opponent and already won half, and this momentum reflects the eyes.
When you look at your opponent in the eye, you dare not look at everything in your eyes, then you have won.
But at the moment, Yang Ye’s eyes made Si Hao tremble with fear! No suspense makes Si Hao really understand that he is doomed to be a loser!
That look in your eyes contains too much yang night’s eyes. At that moment, Sihao was as uncomfortable as being strangled by someone. It was definitely a great fear on the verge of despair!
How powerful is it that one eye can achieve such a deterrent? Is he strong enough? ? !
Sihao was afraid that he had just assimilated the red devil. This time, the inevitable natural enemy swept across the domain. This enemy never thought that this domain bastard who had been killed by himself should … hit his old enemy and nemesis! On how powerful you are, but you can never surpass him, even if you drive him away …
This is really heartbreaking and desperate
Yang night lifted up her head and looked straight at sihao, but sihao had already dared not look at him with her head down and remained calm, but it was already a cold sweat and pale.
"Si Hao is dead!" Yang night growl 1 has jumped to jump SiHao.
It’s so fast that people are dumbfounded. Yang night shines with deep red light in situ, but others have already reached Sihao, and their eyes are suspended like knives.
Sihao looked up, and Yang night had arrived, and he was so scared that he quickly moved back a distance and his body was still trembling.
Is a look has said everything.
"God out! ! ! !” Sihao growled his hands and sent a light group straight to Yang night again.
"Ahriman chop! ! ! !”
"The whole fairy shock! ! ! !”
"Dragon roar! ! ! !”
"ethereal thunder! ! ! !”
"Blasphemy boom! ! ! !”
"Gun! ! ! !”
"Extremely elastic! ! ! !”
"Crazy god sigh! ! ! !”
One after another, the moves and abilities have been played and rushed to Yang Night. Si Hao, who is flustered, doesn’t know what else can stop him from attacking his fate almost crazily today. There is no way and it is also a great fear to vent.
However, after a series of attacks, Shihao saw Yang Ye’s face unscathed.
Just when Sihao was surprised and couldn’t speak with his mouth wide open, Yang Night had already moved his body and blinked. He punched out and smashed Sihao’s left shoulder.
This speed makes the assimilation of Chilian Sihao unable to finish defense and dodge, and he can’t see Yang Ye’s hand clearly. He assimilated the powerful ability of four protoss relatives, thus producing super vision.
Cut it! !
"ah! ! !” Sihao screamed a sharp pain followed by the numbness of his left arm. He knew that Yang Ye’s punch had broken his left shoulder bone.
And sihao scream echoes also yang night has a leg kick sihao right armpit.
Once again, it was crisp, and I couldn’t call it out. Dengyuan’s eyes and face were flushed, and the great pain made him bite his teeth and his mouth was bleeding.
In the suspension, Yang Ye’s eyes were still as calm as an iceberg. He lifted his legs and swept through the ground three times. Yi Sihao’s left leg was broken and his skin and bones were shattered.
"ah! !” Sihao finally shouted out the sound in pain and rage, "You bastard …"
"How do you kill me, I will kill you" Yang Ye said coldly in a low voice.
Sihao one leng instantly recalled the scene of killing Yang night in one thousand.
good and evil have their own rewards
"Wait! Wait! !” Sihao has been unable to lift his arms and left one leg to support the suspension with all his strength. "You can’t kill me! You can’t! ! !”
"Can’t kill you?"
Yang Ye’s left arm has been slowly raised above his head, and a deep red light flashed from the middle of his chest, and quickly flashed down his shoulders and arms to his left hand palm, which continued to stretch and slowly became a bright blade with red light and dark surface and strange patterns!