"Congratulations to the Lord"

Ma, a girl sitting on Masami Kikuchi’s thigh, said coily that her little hands kept stroking her coquettish body with Masami Kikuchi, which was born to be a plaything for men.
Japanese women are like this. Many of them are vassals of men, giving vent to men.
"You’re old and happy? That said, you’re not a chest brain. You’ll always get a shot. "’Masami Kikuchi’ laughed and then went to pull out the child’s clothes.
Soon the girl’s maid costume was stripped off by’ Masami Kikuchi’, revealing the glistening body and looking sexier than it was.
Masami Kikuchi’ hold down the girl’s body, and it’s actually a luxury hall sofa. Men and women have sex. Suddenly, the girl moaned’ Masami Kikuchi’ in the hall. Those people are else. It seems that nothing has happened here.
Japanese people really don’t usually put it!
Masami Kikuchi put on his pants and shouted at him with one hand, "Call that old guy Shan Wutian!"
In less than ten minutes, Yamatakeda followed the man who called him a suit and sunglasses and came to this luxurious hall. These days, he has been staying at the headquarters of the Yamaguchi group, waiting to be called by Masami Kikuchi.
"seen the Lord"
Nearly sixty-year-old hair flower Baishan Takeda left the Yamaguchi group boss’ Masami Kikuchi’ and said respectfully.
Although Shiwutian is a veteran of the Yamaguchi group, the Yamaguchi group has a strict hierarchy. When he meets the leaders of the Yamaguchi group, he can’t lose the rules at all.
"Mountain Masato Jundadi Cunjun has broken through. He has become a master of Aikido. Your horse is going to go to the country. This time, you must kill the stumbling block Zhouyi."
"Masami Kikuchi" stared at Yamatakeda and said that this guy is really abnormal. He just finished having sex with the woman sitting on him, but he didn’t feel tired at all. The light from his eyes was like a knife. Even when he was sitting, he seemed to be a high king.
"It’s the Lord. Thank you for giving me this chance again."
Have the opportunity to find Zhouyi revenge takeda mountain in the mind a happy face did not show emotion is bent down and replied.
"Old things, you remember that if it weren’t for your great contribution to the Yamaguchi group, I would have killed you if you let the Yamaguchi group people’s country, Hangzhou Army, fail this time. Do you understand? If you don’t kill Zhouyi this time, you can commit suicide by caesarean section! "
"Masami Kikuchi" said coldly with murderous look. This "Masami Kikuchi" is not only a yakuza boss, but also a martial arts master.
"How many people are you going to give me?"
Shanwutian avenue
"Is it that you go with Koji Murakami to kill Zhouyi first and then consider establishing a sphere of influence?"
Masami Kikuchi said.
"Belonging to white"
Yamada bowed to’ Masami Kikuchi.
"Koji Murakami will meet you at Tokyo Airport at four o’clock in the afternoon in three days. Go and prepare first."’ Masami Kikuchi’ nodded and said.
"It’s a long way"
Yamatakeda walked respectfully.
"Old thing, this time, it’s an aikido master with you to kill Zhouyi. If you can’t kill this teenager again, I’ll kill you."
Wait until after Shantakeda went out,’ Masami Kikuchi’ coldly muttered that his face was tattooed with a knife and a neck scar, which became more and more harsh and ferocious.
Soon after the final exam, it will be the twentieth day of the twelfth lunar month. In the past few days, Zhouyi has not been idle to send Guan Wan and Guan Aoki away. After he slept until noon, he drove out to buy some things and went to Cao Fang’s house to visit Cao Fang’s parents Cao Xixin and Wu Si ‘e to give Cao Xixin acupuncture again.
Now Cao Xixinji can walk slowly, so Zhouyi and Cao Fang helped the old man to walk slowly in the park. The old man was very happy to keep walking like a child who just learned to walk.
Cao Fang saw that her father’s legs and feet were getting better slowly, and her work was going well. As the saying goes, everyone is happy and cheerful, and her mood naturally improved. The whole popularity was better, and her face was not as cold as before and became more beautiful.
More than one confidante of Zhouyi has been to Cao Fang’s home. The next afternoon, he invited Mu Hongdou and Luo Qingxue out to buy them clothes and new year gifts.
Of course, he didn’t forget to give a copy to Mu Hongdou’s father, Mu Hu Luo Qingxue’s mother, Zhao Yaqin, but he hasn’t planned to visit their home yet.
Afternoon with Mu Hongdou and Luo Qing Xuewu, he bought a lot of things and went to Fang Qin’s home. Gu Xiuzhi, Fang Qin’s mother, was very happy when she met Zhouyi. She must keep Zhouyi for dinner, because she now works as Zhouyi to introduce her to Huanyu Group Branch to do something easy, but the salary is not low. After making money, she can send Fang Qin to study and live. She regards Zhouyi as a benefactor.
Zhouyi naturally did not forget that Ye Qingcheng Ye Qingcheng had just become his woman. When he spent a day alone, he asked Ye Qingcheng out to go shopping for a day.
In addition, Zhouyi also went to Li Li and gave her some extra money to send to her brother during the Chinese New Year.
Xiao Ke’s wife Zhang Yue, that is, Li Li’s current Aegean cafe owner likes Li Li, a girl from the countryside, and has agreed to let Li Li go to her house during the Chinese New Year.
After all this, Zhouyi accidentally received a message from Li Muyue, the female boss of Yuntian Boxing Hall.
Li Muyue invited Zhou Yi to have a meal with his assistant Han Yue, but this time the refined female boss didn’t ask Zhou Yi to go to Yuntian Boxing Hall as a part-time coach after the New Year, but asked Zhou Yi to bear the honorary curator of Yuntian Boxing Hall.
With so many things happening in Hangzhou recently, Li Muyue, a fine woman, of course knows that Zhouyi’s true identity is the underworld in Hangzhou, and Hangzhou is a powerful figure, and Yuntian Boxing Hall has offended the West Lake Gang because of the’ bronze corpse’ Liu Tong and’ iron corpse’ Xiao Guanyu. It is very difficult for Li Muyue to go to Hangzhou Pavilion again. She asked Zhouyi to be the honorary curator of Yuntian Boxing Hall and naturally sought Zhouyi’s asylum.
Zhouyi also had a slight affection for this fine female boss and nodded and agreed. Anyway, he and the West Lake Gang are sworn enemies and are not afraid of anything.
At the end of the year, Zhouyi was busy dealing with these things and preparing for the family holiday. He took Zhou Chi to Yuquan Town to see Grandpa Zhou Shan, who spent the New Year with him in recent years. He and his master were closer than his father Zhou Fugui.
If Zhang Haotian, the former father of Wei Zhang, had not been sent to prison, if the stronghold of Yamaguchi group had not been taken away, Zhouyi would not dare to go back to Yuquan Town with Zhou Chi.
These people suddenly jumped out to make trouble for fear of the Chinese New Year.
But now he is much more at ease with Qin Feng and Jing Ge. Besides, Yang Silang and Laobai can take charge of a West Lake to help him, so there is not much worry.
After Zhouyi finished, I didn’t expect that the cunning fox of Yamatakeda had fled back to Japan and moved to Hangzhou with Koji, the first master of Japan, Masato Dadi Village.
When Zhouyi was busy preparing for the Chinese New Year, Yamatakeda and Koji Murakami had secretly come to Hangzhou and West Lake from Tokyo to help Yan Shaogu meet Wei Zhang.
Yamatakeda and Koji Murakami arrived in Hangzhou in the afternoon by plane. Yan Shaogu still attached great importance to Ma Zhao’s cronies when he saw the Yamaguchi group coming again.
In the secret room of the West Lake Gang, all the leaders of the West Lake Gang are here. Yan Shaogu introduced Shanwutian and village Koji.