Many people feel that it is difficult to pay for it. With the password of Zhang Lin’s adjutant, the martial arts instructors show their skills constantly.

However, Li’s facial expression did not even applaud, which angered the early martial arts instructors Gang and Murano who wanted Li to compete with Japan.
Gang asked Zhang Lin to compete with Li on the condition that if Li wins, Li, the instructor, and all of them will leave; If Li loses, he must leave immediately.
Zhang Lin also wants to see how high Li Kung Fu is, and whether it is as fantastic as people say, so he looks for Li’s opinion.
Li to Zhang Linyi challenged the Japanese for a long time, so he said, "The two of them are more skilled than children’s play. I am an old man who is going to the grave and the Japanese hurt me." But if I hurt the Japanese authorities, how can you give up in Zhang Dashuai? Well, let’s make a statement about life and death according to the rules, and neither side will pay for the disability so that I can fight with the Japanese. "
Zhang Lin has seen Kong Kung Fu and thought that Li, who is over five years old, can’t hurt Gang without talking about bones and muscles. If Gang hurts Li, it probably won’t be fatal. I’m a guard and I have a confession to Xu Lanzhou.
So he agreed that the two sides would live and die, and Li would go to the field to confront each other
Made a life and death, even more arrogant and eager to wave his hands like a tiger to catch a sheep and hit Li’s neck.
Lee quickly sidestepped to avoid a slap on his shoulder and immediately shattered his shoulder blades.
All day long, the martial arts instructor was angry and asked Li to be stopped by Zhang Lin.
Li Yisheng’s skills are better than his skills. In the past 40 years, he has never met his opponent. How many disciples he has taught in his life is unknown.
Few people in the base know that Master Zhou Shan is Li Ji’s younger brother, and even Li Xia doesn’t know that their Zhou Shan extreme boxing is another pulse.
Extreme Boxing is very famous in modern Wulin, and it has surpassed Taiji Gate and Guamen in the limelight. It can be said that Li Men’s powerful disciples are also very famous. At that time, they were all famous masters and respected by the world.
Huo Diange, Li’s early brother, once defeated Japanese martial arts masters with superb martial arts and was selected as the martial arts master of the late Qing Emperor Aisingiorro Puyi Guard. Huo Qingyun used to be a famous figure in the imperial guards.
At the age of seven, Liu Yunqiao, the younger brother of Li’s late period, worshipped Li for several years. He once defeated the famous hand Ota Dessaburo, a high-level player in Japanese Kendo.
Liu Yunqiao later went to Taiwan Province, where he was a martial arts instructor of Chiang Kai-shek’s Jiang Jingguo Guards. His martial arts skills were high, and few opponents were called the first master in Taiwan Province. Now Taiwan Province is more awesome, and most of the fighters are from Liu Yunqiao Gate.
Li Didang is famous and his late brother Li Yuhai.
Li Yuhai and Liu Yunqiao are from the same village. When "Shen Qiang Li" stayed at Liu Yunqiao’s house, he accepted a poor tenant, Liu Yunqiao, and joined Li Men to practice martial arts.
"Zhouyi, what’s wrong with you? You haven’t answered my question yet. I really want to know if it’s really inconvenient for you to learn from me."
Li Xia saw that Zhouyi seemed to have been meditating on Zhouyi’s unwillingness to answer her questions, so she said that it is very important for fighters to learn from their teachers. It is not surprising that many people are unwilling to reveal their own teachers.
"Hehe, there is nothing inconvenient to say. I just remembered some deeds of Li’s predecessors, and some of them were distracted."
Zhou Yi came to his senses and said to Li Xia, "I wonder if you know Zhou Shan?"
"Zhouyi, do you know my great grandfather’s deeds? You said that Zhoushan is called Zhouji Zhoushan? "
It’s Li Xia’s turn to shock her to make flashing and hurriedly ask Zhouyidao.
Since Li and Sun Lutang, Zhoushan is recognized as the first master in Wulin, and Li Xiashen’s martial arts family brother knows Zhoushan’s reputation, of course, but Li Xiagen doesn’t know that Zhoushan is actually his great-grandfather Li Mingji’s brother.
"I knew the deeds of Li’s predecessors when I was very young."
Zhouyi nodded his head and said something to himself when he was older than Li.
Don’t say Su Nvhong didn’t know about these dusty Wulin past events, even Chen Hu didn’t know about some things, even Li Xia didn’t know, so Chen Husu Nvhong and Li wrote with great ecstasy.
"I didn’t expect you to know so much about my great-grandfather. I don’t know many things, but you said that Master Zhou also knows some things. Your surname is Zhou and you are also a boxing. You won’t have anything with Master Zhou, will you?"
After listening to Zhouyi, Li Xia asked in surprise.
"Zhoushan is my grandfather."