"Well … we all know about your dad. You don’t know how much your mother suffered when she misunderstood your dad. When she was pregnant in October, she was taken away by your dad … so she would hate your dad so much. It’s all about your dad."

Han Yiqing wooden listen to what she said but … The truth let her have no way to accept!
"But she shouldn’t move Leng Ruixi."
Dayue went to bed. Don’t wait for the day. Just remember to watch it the next day ~ ~
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Chapter 418 Which have grandpa so good when?
She can tolerate everything, especially for her, but this matter must not involve him!
How could she do this to him! Let them separate for so many years! I don’t know how Han Yiqing endured such pain!
Seeing his back covered with scars and crawling all over her heart, it was as if she had been stung by a needle. How could she be so cruel to him in cold weather …
But to think that the man behind the scenes turned out to be her mother, she was more guilty than herself.
Yue Yu, of course, they knew about it, but they were silent. Finally, Yin Meng Ze said, "Yi Qing Shi, we would like to thank her. If it weren’t for her, he wouldn’t be so powerful."
Only those who have been through constant pain can become so tough.
That’s what they hope.
Han Yiqing nodded. "I know he is really powerful, but if this is the case behind it, my heart really hurts …"
Everything is because of her. Baixi won’t understand how much she loves him!
Yue Yu patted her on the shoulder and said, "Yi Qing, it’s not your fault, but you should also think about it. It’s a generation feud. It’s really nothing with you … Maybe it’s all destiny takes a hand’s doom. You can live a good life with him, your children and even your mother after the emotional method is lifted."
All this is so beautiful that I hope she can see it.
Han Yiqing imagined this picture. It’s not that she didn’t think that this life is really good, but … She really can’t accept Baixi at the moment.
For the first time in more than twenty years, she knew that she had a mother.
"When my mother gives me a little, I believe I will accept her slowly." She let go, and they are also relieved. It is a torture for everyone! It’s better to learn to accept it slowly, which is good for everyone
At this time, a voice suddenly appeared behind them, "Mother wants to rest."
Such an obvious marching order made the field department stunned Yin Mengze and directly yelled at the past "mixed small! Do you know what you said! "
Leng Ruixi’s eyebrows are not lost to him at all. "Father, I said Yi Qing is going to rest."
"So you’re kicking us out?" Yin Meng ze suddenly raised a lot of tone with a hint of majesty and irresistible.
Han Yiqing silently pulled a Leng Ruixi skirt. "What are you doing … Father came to give me something?"
When I heard Han Yiqing say this, Leng Ruixi’s face just took a slow look at her gold ornaments and said, "Look at my father’s being so stingy and dare to take out a few grams of gold."
Han Yiqing is really resistant. Sometimes she really doesn’t know what Leng Ruixi thinks! What do you mean by a few grams …
Don’t children wear a real thing and keep hanging their necks!
Man’s thinking is really unpredictable!
"This somehow is my father sent you how can you say that …"
"It’s not as good as grandpa to ask him to send something valuable later."
Chapter 419 Did she abuse you?
Month feather but his eyebrows "want to squeeze your father so soon? What do you want us to do? "
Leng Ruixi raised his eyebrows. "Mother, don’t worry that you have money and your father has it. You can’t go to my uncle’s house. I’m sure Mucheng will welcome you."
I want to drive them to other places at this time! How bold!