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1 past events
"What? Why did you abandon me? What did I do wrong? Since you don’t want me to live in this world, why should I be born in this world? " The girl’s immature voice is full of hatred for the’ father’ in front of her, and the man in front of her is the girl’s’ father’
But every time the man sees the girl’s purple eyes, which are called’ ominous’, he hates the girl a little more, because the girl will affect his future, and he has been dedicated to him all his life. He must drive the girl away himself.
"You are no longer an Iraqi family. From now on, there will no longer be a snowman named Yiru in the Iraqi family." The man’s ear sounded full of disgust
"Well, since you hate your so-called’ daughter’, I won’t appear in front of your eyes, but one day I will come back and take revenge because you killed my mother and wiped out the last trace of my feelings for this family. Hehe ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" The girl laughed in despair and echoed the luxurious villa. She left her so-called’ home’.
"If you hate me so much, why should you let me live in this world and let me live here for so long?" It was also a 7-year-old girl who stared at her eyes and looked at the man sitting on the sofa and smoking cigars in front of her.
"What? Hum, there’s nothing I’m just playing. If you don’t want to stay here and leave, I won’t stop you. But if you come out of the Yang’s gate, it won’t be the Yang’s daughter anymore. If she is a stranger with me, you won’t want to inherit the Yang’s industry. "The man looked at the girl in front of him and disdained to finish, regardless of her being his daughter.
"If you don’t say so, I won’t stay here. I have no affection at home. Here, I will become a cold-blooded animal like you. I won’t ask you for half a penny, but you must remember that a girl named Yang Kefei will come back for revenge in one year and that person is me." After that, the girl will never leave her head and have no attachment.
"Get out of here and don’t let me see you again." The premises are full of vase fragments. In the middle of a man’s house, there is a smiling girl opposite him.
It is this smile that makes men hate her even more. Once again, she picked up the vase and smashed it in front of the girl. The girl kept smiling without fear.
"Well, my horse won’t leave until then. I have to do one thing," the girl said quietly, crouching slowly.
"If you don’t, you can take half a penny from Mijia. I won’t let you take what belongs to me," the man said arrogantly
"I don’t want anything from you. I just want to do things," the girl said, picking up the vase fragments and cutting her fingers. "The blood drops are very beautiful." The blood drops swear to cut off everything from you and I will come back for revenge in a year. "After the girl finished speaking, she threw the vase fragments with her blood in front of the man and left with a smile.
Three girls came to the airport with hatred and booked air tickets to England. After studying there for one year, they came back for revenge.
The plane three girls met together and met.
"Where are you going? Can we be together? " Seven-year-old Mi Xinrui smiled and asked Yi Ruxue and Yang Kefei as if they had known each other for a long time.
"My so-called’ father’ abandoned me. I’m going to study in Hell College for one year and then come back for revenge."
"My so-called’ father’ abandoned me and I’m going to study in Hell College for one year and then come back for revenge," the girl replied at the same time.
"You have the same experience as me, let’s go together" is still the same sweet voice of smile.
"Well, from now on, we will be sisters and take revenge together forever" firmly echoed. No one in the airport knew that the three of them would meet someone soon, which would make them not only have brilliant achievements in the underworld but also in the white road one year later and get married.
Aircraft flying to England
"What are your names? How old are you? Where are you going? " An old man came over and asked these three little girls. When he was at the airport, he saw that these three girls had extraordinary temperament and would definitely make great achievements in the future, so he followed them here [he is the three people to meet]
"My name is Yi Ruxue. I’m 7 years old. We’re going to study in Hell College for one year and then go back for revenge."
"My name is Yang Kefei. I’m 7 years old. We’re going to study in Hell College for one year and then go back for revenge."
"My name is Mi Xinrui, and I am 7 years old. We are going to study in Hell College for one year and then go back for revenge." The three girls said at the same time.