"Good" Yan Liang agreed to give it to Qi Yueyi Zou Qitai, who would be sad when he heard this.

Officials from ten cities in Guzhong gathered in the capital to celebrate the wedding of King Weijun.
At one time, all kinds of vehicles came and went in the capital, and nine of the ten cars were filled with officials from various cities.
However, it is true that there has been no happy event in Guzhong for a long time, and it will be happy again after the disappearance of the old king of Wei County.
How can the wedding of the king of Weijun not be lively now? The people alone are looking forward to this big wedding, which must be very grand and lively.
The wedding dress was made and sent to Yan Liang for a look. Although Yan Liang didn’t ask for this, he was still surprised that it was so long.
Before and after the maid, four people will hold up the wedding dress, and the end is very long. If they wear it, they will surely be dragged out for a long time.
Real gems inlaid with skirts, cuffs and skirts are thick and can be easily held up.reads;

Ning Xiaoyue turned around the wedding dress several times and then nodded repeatedly. "King Weijun is really willing to give up such a precious gem. It’s all right to make it into a pendant for you, so that you can wear it all day." The wedding dress was put away after being worn on the wedding day.
"Do you think I’ll wear that?" Yan Liangshen never wears those valuable things. If she uses force to exert her influence, if she loses it, she will feel distressed and have to go back to look for it.
"That’s the king of Weijun who knows you. This rockhopper is really good. The pearls are all the same full size, but what I like most is that this huge opal is so big and the color is so good, but it is rare and hard to see." Ningxiaoyue made no secret of her covetousness for the opal. She has never seen such a big one.
"Do you like it?" Yan Liang looked at her and looked cool.
Hearing this, Ning Xiaoyue raised her eyebrows and smiled at Yan Liang. "Send me?"
"Don’t send!" Cruel refusal provoked Ning Xiaoyue to cold hum.
"I don’t want you to send me. If the king of Weijun knows, I won’t want to stay in the solid." Although this is a decorative rockhopper, it has another meaning, which means the king of Weijun.
"It’s good to know, but you can go to Liu Tianzhao to ask his family for money. What treasures can’t be bought?" Liu Tianzhao’s family is extremely rich, but it has been pretending to be low-key. Perhaps their family is really digging. It seems to be an ordinary rich family, but the Ministry of Physical Punishment can sometimes check the tax situation of each family, and it can be inferred how much money their family earns a year through tax.
"Farewell, it’s more hopeful for me to earn money to buy it myself." Ning Xiaoyue didn’t want to say much. Even though the emperor agreed to their marriage, their family still had opinions
It is a fact that everyone has difficulty in chanting sutras, and he doesn’t want to discuss it with her.
Wedding rockhopper put away a column of red clothes, from clothes to coats, one layer after another, putting up to nine pieces together.
Yan Liang has never been married, although she has seen others get married, but she doesn’t know how much the bride wears. Now she knows that she has to wear so many layers.
It’s no wonder that the bride, who can’t be delicate in martial arts, looks weak and wears so many layers on her wedding day. It would be strange if she can still walk as fast as she can.
Six days after the wedding day approaches, people from all over the country have arrived, except Xiao Li, who just sent a post a few days ago but has disappeared today.
He arrived three days before posting, and when he sent someone to deliver the post, he already said that he had passed Dayankou. Even if he was slow, it would be impossible for him to arrive in Guzhong for three days.
He will enter the solid boundary and someone will report it, but nothing has happened today.
Yan Liangxin was inexplicably uneasy. Xiao Li was deceitful, but not necessarily deceitful. This woman is not simple.
Besides, he killed so many Lizhi people in Guzhong again, and this hatred seems to be over.
"I have sent someone to meet, but I can’t presume that Xiaoli is cunning. Who knows what he did?" Weiyuan naturally also consciously associates with it over there, but everything remains to be verified.
"I say so, but I always feel insecure" or maybe it is because of the wedding date that she is a little nervous? After living for two generations and getting married for the first time, she had some expectations.
"At this time, it is better to worry about others than to worry about me? You worry too much about others, "so he was a little unhappy.
"It’s not worry but conditioned speculation". If there is any doubt, she will naturally go to Li Zhao’s brother and sister to think that the root is out of control.
"Your conditioned reflex also makes me very unhappy.reads;

"Weiyuan looked at her and still dissatisfied.