"Your majesty. This matter must not be done. I think that Terran is also a big family. If I kill the Terran, I will lose my virtue in heaven, but the fate of the Terran will be lost at this time. My demon race is in danger in the future. " Kun Peng was convinced by many big demons in heaven, and when this statement came out, many big demons began to agree with Kun Peng.

Upon hearing this, Di Jun and Dong Huang Tai-tai saw the opinions of Kun Peng, a large demon in heaven. At ordinary times, they just couldn’t see that Kun Peng was powerful. Now this opportunity comes, how can they let it go?
The Eastern Emperor was furious and said, "Why did the demon master say that? I think that Terran is just the food of our demon family. Is it wrong for our demon family to use Terran refining device against the witch family now? Or the demon master has ulterior motives, and he doesn’t want me to be better than the witch family. I can’t get rid of this with the illusory fate. I think the demon master has long since stopped treating himself as a member of my demon family. "
Kunpeng shook his head and sighed: "Since I entered the Heaven, Kunpeng has been deeply loved by two Majesties and enjoyed the position of a demon teacher. Kunpeng has worked hard in his position for many years, and I dare not delay. I don’t want your Majesties today to listen to Kun Peng’s words and want to do something that will harm the demon race’s luck. I, Kun Peng, have the suspicion of two Your Majesties, so I will give up my position as a demon teacher today. I’d better go back to my North Sea and be a happy fairy. "
Kun Peng wanted to resign and leave, and all the demons in heaven immediately stepped forward to dissuade him. Then Di Jun and the East Emperor are overjoyed. Di Jun said, "Since the demon master wants to go back to Beihai to be a free and unfettered fairy, I won’t stand in the way of heaven. Go by yourself."
The Ten Demon Saints and all the demons heard Di Jun’s words and all stepped forward to dissuade them. Taiyi, the Emperor of the East, shouted, "You don’t have to say that since the demon master doesn’t want to be a demon master, we don’t have to. Please help yourself."
Kunpeng listened, turned into a Dapeng and went to the wild. A voice came from a distance: "Peng’s migration to Nanming, the water hit three thousand miles, and those who soared up nine Wan Li, went to rest in June."
But it was Kunpeng who became Kunpeng again. Since then, there has been no demon teacher in heaven.
The top ten demon saints in heaven and other big demons were sad when they saw Kun Peng’s departure. All of you were big demons who had worked together for many years. The demon master took photos of all of you here. Now, the demon master was forced away by two demon emperors, and some big demons with positive values were inevitably dissatisfied with the two demon emperors. As soon as I arrived, many big demons left heaven in the future and went to the North Sea to take refuge in Kunpeng. To let the demon race many forces preserved a lot.
Besides, the sage Nu Wa, after learning that the demon master Kun Peng had left the heaven, sighed, "Di Jun was too much, but the demon family lost Kun Peng, but it was dangerous."
Di Jun and Emperor Taiyi drove Kun Peng away. Instead of repenting, they were happy for Kun Peng’s departure. The two men continued to discuss with the big demons about the Terran.
It is said that Kunpeng came to the Terran to meet the gourd Taoist. "Sir, now Kun Peng has left heaven, and Kun Peng has been entrusted by his master."
Taoist Hulu said, "This is your blessing. If you don’t leave now, you will inevitably be involved in the cause and effect of the lich in the future, and you will end up in ashes. Since you have come to see me, I have to help you find a chance. You will stay here and educate the Terran. If the lich comes to kill the Terran, you will leave, and I will resolve this matter myself. "
Kun Peng got the decree to stay in Terran and help Terran develop and earn a lot of merits.

Chapter 26 Killing millions of people
For the Terran, Zhang Wen still has feelings, otherwise he would not use the three lights to create people when he created them. Now that the Terran is in great trouble, Zhang Wen also wants to help the Terran, but the Terran is too peaceful now, and the lich slaughter is also an evolution. Zhang Wen won’t stop it, but it doesn’t mean he will let the lich kill too many people.
The demon army marched towards the Terran, leaving no Terran behind. That Terran is really the darling of heaven and earth. People can use it to refine utensils, and the dead body can be used as food for the demon family. Murder can also be used to cultivate ghosts for the witch family. These two lich families have carried out the policy of "three lights" on the Terran, which is to die, eat up and collect all the souls.
The population of Terran has been greatly reduced. In just a hundred years, the original tens of billions of Terrans have disappeared, and half of them have died. In the center of the Terran, Mount Tai was guarded by road flyovers of Hulu, but was not killed by the demon clan and the witch clan. This Taoist Gourd and the Lich are all aware of it, and they dare not kill people in front of Taoist Gourd if they are given the courage. It’s just that after the first half of the murder, the demon clan and the witch clan found that the road flyover Hulu didn’t respond, so the lich clan began to boldly kill the central place where the Terran gathered.
There are also some terrans who cling to the five-village view and seek refuge. The nice guy Zhenyuanzi, unable to see that this Terran was killed by the two lich families in this way, went out to protect 100,000 Terrans near Wuzhuangguan.
The Terran population was killed by the Lich clan, and was forced to migrate to the place where the Taoist Hulu lived. Kong Xuan and Jin Peng arranged for the migrating Terrans, and Road flyover Hulu looked at these remaining Terrans and could not help sighing: "Even the Nanjing Massacre was not as cruel as they were, and this billion Terrans left is enough. It’s time to go out and stop this big robbery. "
When the demon clan and the witch clan were killed near the Wuzhuangguan, the Wuzhuangguan was sheltered by Zhenyuanzi, and the armies of the two ethnic groups were not right. Before attacking Wuzhuangguan, the people of the two ethnic groups began to fight.
Witch clan’s ghost banners are really fierce, only those great wizards control one ghost banner, and the world is dark and haunting, and countless ghosts rush towards the demon clan. The spectre in this ghost banner, because the person who died unjustly was ingested into this ghost banner, suffered from that rage every day, and each became extremely cruel. In addition, those spectres were all killing countless people, and this spectre became only murderous.
This witch clan is also considered to be a mighty generation, and every wizard can use it after it is sacrificed and refined, so this demon clan has suffered a great loss. The vanguard troops of the demon clan were all killed by the witch clan with ten thousand ghost banners.
Taiyi, the East Emperor, is the person who presided over the killing refining device. When he learned that this witch family killed an army of demon families outside Wuzhuangguan, it was a war. Emperor Taiyi immediately led a great army to attack Wuzhuangguan, and the witch family killed an army of demon families all the way. The ancestral witch immediately came to Wuzhuangguan to wait for the revenge of the demon family.
When the two tribes met, they immediately started a big war, which was fought at the door of Zhenyuanzi’s house. As the saying goes, the fire at the city gate has affected the fish in the pond. The Wuzhuangguan is protected by Zhenyuanzi’s underground book, and the large array continuously absorbs the power of Fiona Fang’s thousands of miles to protect the large array. The large array formed by this underground book is a tortoise shell, and the two families have not been damaged after fighting for several months.
The two lich families fought for several months, and the manpower of both sides kept increasing. Finally, the top ten ancestors and Di Jun came. The two sides are preparing to make a showdown this time, and I don’t want anyone to dislike it.
Zhenyuanzi shouted at Wuzhuangguan: "Why are you fighting here? Is it necessary to exterminate this Terran? "
Zhenyuanzi’s words also stopped the two lich families. Di Jun stepped forward and said, "We didn’t kill the race with love, and the witch family killed our race. We must avenge this."
Di Jiang said, "You demon people can kill my witch people, and my witch people can’t kill your demon people. There is no reason in the world. "
When Zhenyuanzi saw that the two clans were going to fight again, he said quickly, "You two clans are going to fight. Why don’t you go back and prepare for another battle? Why bother fighting now?"
Zhenyuanzi is trying to draw this disaster away, so as not to suffer from his view of five villages. The people of the two ethnic groups thought that it was not the time for a decisive battle, and there were saints watching behind both sides, but it was not good to kill them now, and the two ethnic groups finally withdrew.
After the lich clan retreated, they went after the Terran, but there was nowhere to vent their anger outside Wuzhuangguan. Now they have come to settle accounts with the Terran.
Most of the Terrans were forced around Mount Tai, and the two lich families met again, but this time they didn’t go to war.
Terrans watched the arrival of the lich’s two armies and bowed down to Mount Tai. "Master Gourd, help me."
A gourd on Mount Tai flew into the sky with the bow of the Terran, and the mouth of the gourd was facing the Lich clan. Taoist Hulu came to the lich clan and said, "Don’t you still want to kill them? Go back. "
The Lich clan Di Jun and Di Jiang look at each other, and they seem to see something from each other’s eyes. Then Di Jun said, "Taoist Hulu, don’t worry about the Terran. I advise you to leave as soon as possible so as not to lose your life."
Road flyover Hulu said with a smile, "The boy has a big breath, even that old boy Hongjun dare not boast so much."
Taoist Hulu looked at Di Jiang again and said, "Do you witches also want to be my enemy?"
Di Jiang said, "Elder Hulu, this Terran is just us, but we can’t give up."
After hearing this, Taoist Hulu said with a smile, "In that case, I’ll see what you can do to make me leave."
The gourd in the sky sent out a suction force, and the people of the two lich families were all taken in without the power to resist. Taoist Hulu said, "You boys have seen it. What, do you want to practice with my old man? "
After listening to Taoist Hulu’s words, the saints who were watching couldn’t see the lower bound, and they were surprised at how deep Taoist Hulu was.
Taoist gourd shook the gourd and said, "You are descendants of Pangu, but I can’t handle you well. I’ll let you go today. Don’t think about this Terran again in the future. Go. "
The gourd was thrown into the sky, and its mouth spit out two golden lights and flew to the land of the witch family and heaven respectively. For a moment, all the people of the two ethnic groups returned to their own territory, and everyone marveled at the great power of this gourd, but they could not fight it. In this way, the people of the two ethnic groups will no longer bother the Terran.
The Taoist Hulu saved the Terran and was worshipped by the Terran. The temple of Taoist Hulu was built in the Terran tribe, which was flush with the temple of the Holy Father and Notre Dame. That Zhenyuanzi saved hundreds of thousands of Terrans and was worshipped by Terrans. Like Kong Xuan and others, he got a lot of incense in Terrans.
The demon tribe killed billions of Terrans and forged a witch-slaying sword that can kill the ancestors. And the witch family charged countless souls and refined countless ghosts and banners, but the strength of the two ethnic groups was that the witch family had the advantage, but the lich family dared not go to war, and the two ethnic groups began to restore the previous small-scale situation.

Chapter 27 Too much about the East China Sea Sage’s magical power
There are countless casualties among Terrans. The Lich clan used Terrans to refine magic weapons, and the blood sea Styx learned Nuwa to create human beings, and injected powerful murders with their own blood sons to create the Asura clan. After Styx created the Asura clan, it descended from heaven, and Styx achieved its quasi-holy peak, only one line away from that saint. After the birth of the Shura clan, they worshipped Styx as their father. The people of Asura clan were created by ghosts and spectres. The men were ugly, but the women were beautiful. The women Asura was naturally lewd, but if she was emotional, she would be chaste. It’s just that the Shura clan is easy to kill after its birth, and the Asura clan can’t reproduce, so Styx has to constantly absorb spectres and become a powerful Shura clan.
The Sixth Road is the territory of Been Been Been, and there is Fengdu Emperor in the underworld. Both Styx dare not offend, so this ghost is hard to find. But Styx is also a generation of fierce, even thought of the lich two families. When the Terran suffered numerous casualties, the Styx also collected a lot of souls, but most of them were collected by the witch family. When the ghost came out, it directly killed people and collected souls. This Styx has a crush on all the ghosts of the witch family, and all the demon teachers have got it. The Shura family in the blood sea can immediately increase countless people. With such a big temptation, Styx is enchanted.
Now it is too difficult for the two lich families to fight, after all, both families have concerns. The Styx is not easy to do, so we can only wait for the opportunity quietly.
Besides, the demon clan began to think of recovering the forces of the wild after practicing the sword of killing Wu. In this vast land, there are witches and Terrans, and Terrans are completely out of the consideration of the demon family, so this demon family values the aquarium. The aquarium was also a celestial power before, but after several wars, the aquarium didn’t send troops to help. Di Jun and the East Emperor couldn’t see the past for a long time, but they were previously held back and couldn’t recover. Now that everything has calmed down again, the two of them thought of the power of the aquarium.
Although the strength of this aquarium is not so good, it can be used as cannon fodder. Di Jun and the East Emperor Taiyi discussed it, and then the East Emperor Taiyi went to the East China Sea to recover the aquarium.
The Eastern Emperor Taiyi came to the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea and said, "Aoguang, come and see the driver as soon as possible."
This East Emperor Taiyi personally came to the East China Sea, and this Aoguang also knew that he was doomed this time. However, this old loach has lived for so many years, and people have been sent to Penglai for help here to stall East Emperor Taiyi.
Aoguang said, "Your Majesty, it’s not that my Shui people don’t respect your will. It’s just that my aquarium people are not good at land warfare. After the flood, their strength has retreated greatly, and even ordinary witches can’t win. How can I show my aquarium? "
Dong Huang Taiyi also knows that the aquarium is just cannon fodder, but more cannon fodder can also be of great use. Therefore, he was unhappy with the aquarium’s defense: "Aoguang, you’d better go and recruit the other Three Sea Dragon Kings. The Lich clan is the enemy of life and death. If your aquarium doesn’t respect orders, heaven will send an army to wipe out your four seas."
Aoguang was helpless and had to obey. In his heart, he hoped that Penglai would come quickly to solve the threat of heaven.
On Penglai Island, Zhang Wen and Xuanqing are sitting in the main hall of the Floating Cloud Palace. "This aquarium used to have the idea of using Penglai for me. Now that the East Emperor Taiyi has come to recover the four seas, you don’t have to wait for the arrival of the Dragon King of the Four Seas. You can go again later."
Xuanqing said, "What the teacher said is right. This time, my Penglai can completely recover this aquarium. "
Baiyun came to ask for help with the aquarium messenger for a moment, and Xuanqing waited for a while before going to the East China Sea with the aquarium messenger. On the way, Xuanqing calculated the time, and when the Dragon King of the Four Seas arrived, he left Penglai and slowly left for the East China Sea.
The Dragon King of the Four Seas went to the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea, and four people, Aoguang, stood on the top of the hall to see the East Emperor Taiyi.
"You four seas also belong to a demon family. Now the lich two families are facing each other, and the aquarium cannot escape. Swear here today so that I can feel at ease. " The East Emperor Taiyi looked at the aggressive way of four people.
Four people, look at me. I look at you, but I don’t know what to do. Aoguang’s heart is in a hurry. I only hope that people from Penglai will immediately appear in the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea to help themselves out of the disaster.
"Demon emperor, what a big prestige, he even played my idea of the four seas." Xuanqing walked slowly into the hall and looked at the East Emperor Tai Yi on the first seat. "The demon emperor should return to heaven earlier, but I can’t afford you as a great god in this world."
When Tai Yi, the Emperor of the East, saw Xuanqing coming here, he stepped forward and said, "So it was a saint who came here. It’s just that the four seas aquarium is a demon clan. I don’t know when it became a subordinate of the saint."