Most of what the saints say is recognized by heaven. Now the second sage has promised to suppress the fate of Buddhism with the twelve golden lotus, and the whole fate of Buddhism will be injected into the twelve golden lotus.

The number of days has changed because of the decision of Buddhism. That Buddhism has these twelve kinds of golden lotus to suppress the fate of Buddhism, and its fate is long and prosperous immediately, which is greatly improved compared with the previous disasters. Even though there are countless disasters, the fate of this Buddhism will increase by one point after each disaster. Such a good thing will be cited and mentioned, but it is happy to see this.
Then, let’s take the twelve golden lotus as the treasure of Buddhism, but they don’t know the function of this innate treasure. After all, saints only know what the fate is, but they can’t fully understand the root of it. In this world, only Zhang Wen and Hong both know that fate comes from the escaping one and also from the avenue. This fate is the vitality left by the avenue for the common people. If the saints understand the root of fate, they can join hands.
The fate of western Buddhism changed in Sanqing, and I naturally knew that the fate of this western country was long, and I understood that this Tathagata was completely a Buddhist. That Buddhism was helped by these twelve kinds of golden lotus, and its fate was long, and Daxing was destined to become the largest religion in the three realms in the future. It was difficult to deal with it, but it was also a defeat for the four religions to work together. Laozi sighed: "I only hope that the teacher will not make my east completely occupied by the west in the future."
Zhang Wen and Hong both sat opposite each other in Zixiao Palace again, and there was a chess game in front of them, which was full of chess pieces of the same color, but it was chaotic, and they simply couldn’t understand how this chess game was. Zhang Wen said with a smile: "Previously, you calculated that I wanted me to fall short. Unfortunately, now I have won a game, but the fate of the West has to be planned for Penglai."
Mr. Zhang said that a piece of chess pieces on the chessboard would be taken away directly, and a part of the chessboard would be vacated. Hong Jun said, "Buddhism is flourishing, and all your disciples of ten thousand immortals belong to Buddhism, but it is not safe to rob these disciples in the future." Hong Jun said, "Take away a piece of chess on the chessboard, and the chessboard will be empty again.".
Zhang Wendao said, "They are my abandoned sons, and it is useless to keep them. In the future, your disciples will not be able to keep much, and most of them will have to be reincarnated." Then take some pieces and throw them to Hongjun.
Hong Jun said, "Confucianism is doomed to great losses against Buddhism, but your Confucian disciples can’t stay much, and there will be great disasters in the future. The 3,000 Confucian disciples can only stay for more than ten people." After that, Hong Jun took away some pieces on the chessboard and gave them to Zhang Wen.
Zhang Wendao said, "Under the spell-sealing and robbing saints, there is only one left above the true fairy, and it is time for these people to go back to life. Or turned into fly ash. "
Hongjun and Zhang Wen each took most of the pieces, leaving more than ten pieces on the chessboard. Hung-chun said, "The sons left by you and me are even, but you can’t win this game. When the big robbery is known in the future, it is necessary to follow the general trend of heaven. "
Zhang Wendao: "So this chess game is a tie, but you will be surprised at that time. The general trend of heaven is simply not as good as the small trend. This theory has already been confirmed before. Since I can change the general trend once, I can’t change it the second time. "
Hongjun’s face changed slightly, saying, "Taoist friends should not go against the sky. If you change this general trend of heaven, it will be difficult for you and me."
Zhang Wendao: "I mastered the laws of this world long before I joined the Tao. It was just that the Tao was better than me that day. I couldn’t go against the sky too much, so I never did it. Now that I joined the Tao, I can’t take it. Do you think I will give up this great opportunity?"
Hong Jun said, "It’s against heaven for Taoist friends to act like this, and heaven can’t allow it. Although heaven can’t take Taoist friends, being poor can’t let Taoist friends mess around and mess up the general trend of heaven."
Mr. Zhang said with a smile, "You want to have a fight with me, and that’s right. It’s really fate for me to do that. Although Heaven can’t deal with me, you can." You and I still have to have a fight. "
Hong Jun said, "What Taoist friends have done is too against the sky. This cannot be done, nor can it be a precedent. Once this precedent is set, there will be no majesty in the future, and the general trend of that day cannot be changed."
Zhang Wen said with a smile, "This wilderness is so boring. How can I let this boredom continue? It’s better to add something to this wilderness with more variables. Since the saints in this heaven like to control everything, I’ll play with this feeling of changing everything. Don’t you think it’s better?"
Hung Jun said, "Don’t go too far, Taoist friends. The general trend of heaven is the way to balance heaven. If Taoist friends change this general trend indiscriminately, I’m afraid that the infinite robbery is not far away, and the big robbery we are all going to enter will inevitably be quiet."
Zhang Wendao: "Infinite robbery won’t come. Although I changed the general trend of heaven, the greatest robbery will be added to the next robbery at most. Although the next robbery is infinite robbery, it won’t reopen this world. You can rest assured. "
Hong Jun said, "Even if you are so poor, you can’t let Taoist friends mess around. After all, no one can control the future. It would be ugly to advance the big robbery."
Zhang Wendao: "Let it be, you and I have done it once, and then you will naturally stop me." Zhang Wen said that the incarnation time rushed into the chaos, and Hongjun followed Zhang Wen into the depths of the chaos.

Chapter 18 The number of days fixed in World War I
Both Zhang Wen and Hong are opposed to each other in the depths of chaos, and the violent chaos is roaring around them again, but they can’t get close to the first half of them. Zhang Wendao: "Hongjun, this chaos may not be able to stop the first world war between you and me. Don’t blame me if you destroy heaven and earth then."
Hung Jun said, "Taoist friends don’t have to worry. This is the depths of chaos, and the battle between you and me will definitely not affect the celestial world. If being poor wins half the battle, I hope that my friends will stop going against the sky and change the general trend of heaven. "
Zhang Wendao: "Well, it’s a deal. If I win today, you can’t stop me from changing this number of days. If I lose, I won’t change the general trend of these days. Let heaven run on its own. "
Hong Jun said, "Great goodness, if you and I make rules, we can’t change them in the future, otherwise heaven and earth will not allow it."
Zhang Wendao: "It’s a good thing that you are trying to plot against me. I won’t change the general trend of heaven, but I can’t agree to your request with small potential energy. I can only promise you to change the general trend directly without making moves. If the small potential changes the general trend, it’s none of my business."
Hung Jun said, "Taoist friends are determined to change these days. Being poor has to be stopped. Taoist friends please." Hong Jun said, "The jade dish on his head is holding a wooden staff and calling Zhang Wen.".
Mr. Zhang casually took out a wooden staff and hit Hongjun. Both of them were on the state of being in harmony. Every move in the fight had the potential to open a heaven. This chaos was constantly broken between two people fighting each other, turning into a clear and turbid gas, just like opening a sky, but this clear and turbid gas soon disappeared again, but it was hit by the aftermath of the two people and returned to chaos. This chaos kept going back and forth between the points and the close, and the two people fought each other for dozens.
That Mr. Zhang wants to change this trend of heaven, naturally he won’t get the help of heaven. That Hong Jun is to maintain the existence of heaven. This time, it is also to prevent Mr. Zhang from changing the situation, so that Hong Jun will get the help of this heaven. Even if he plays against Mr. Zhang, he can win or lose. At this moment, Hong Jun is like being in harmony with heaven. What Mr. Zhang faces is no longer Hong Jun but heaven. It is precisely because of this that Zhang Wen and Hong Jun have been fighting for half a day, and they are just winning or losing. If Hong Jun and Zhang Wen are opposed to each other, I am afraid that they have already lost. After all, as long as it is a thin line, the state above this Taoist path is like the gap between saints and quasi-saints. Even if it is closer, the distance is always an insurmountable gap. It is precisely because of this that Hongjun can dare to challenge Zhang Wen, otherwise how could Zhang Wen come to this Zixiao Palace to play chess with Hongjun?
Without the existence of the same realm, we can’t grasp the overall situation. It is precisely because this Hongjun is a representative of Heaven, so Hongjun represents Heaven, and he can confront Zhang Wen.
Zhang Wen and Hong both jumped off the battlefield and looked at each other. Zhang Wen said, "Hong Jun, you have heaven’s help this time. Although I can’t beat you easily, it is difficult for you to win me. This game is an entangled game, and you and I are doomed to be inseparable. If you don’t try your best to fight for me, I am afraid that today you and I are inseparable, and this general trend of heaven will be changed by me sooner or later. "
Hung Jun said, "Taoist friends have always been stubborn, even after joining the Tao, but this time being original has to stop you."
Hong Jun reached out and pointed to the jade dish on his head, and under a clear air flow, it merged into Hong Jun’s body. Hong Jun held a wooden stick and sent a call from Zhang Wen. Zhang Wen saw that Hong Jun was like this, and both of them fought. I didn’t want to fight this time. When their wooden sticks crossed, Zhang Wen was beaten back three steps by Hong Jun, and Zhang Wen retreated three steps. Every step was hundreds of millions of miles away. When these three steps retreated, Zhang Wen was then.
Hong Jun went forward three steps and laid it with a stick. These three steps and a walk happened to be in front of Mr. Zhang. The wooden stick hit Mr. Zhang, and Mr. Zhang was stumped. Zhang Wen was furious. Although he practiced the chaotic golden body Mahayana, the sword did not damage, and the robbery did not grind, the strength of the body reached the level of chaotic Lingbao, even if the heavens were destroyed, it could not damage, but it was lost by Hong Jun. Although today’s Hong is a combination of heaven and earth, it is not that Hong has lost Zhang Wen’s face.
Zhang Wen transformed himself into a golden body, turned into a giant and stood in chaos, and the wooden staff in his hand naturally changed into a giant staff. This time, Zhang Wen was furious, but he showed his respect to fight Hongjun.
Nahong saw that Mr. Zhang had turned into a big fellow, and he had grown to the size of Mr. Zhang. He raised his staff and called. Zhang Wen and Hong both fought against each other again, but they fought for half a day, but it was a tie. Every time Hong pushed, he collided with Zhang Wen’s stick, but he couldn’t hit Zhang Wen.
Since the two men were tied for victory or defeat, Mr. Zhang jumped out of the game and opened his mouth to suck, and the chaos was sucked into his mouth like a flood. When Hong saw this, he hit Mr. Zhang again. Zhang Wen suddenly spurted chaotic airflow into Hongjun, and then hit Hongjun with a stick. Hongjun’s head flashed with the clear air of the jade dish, blocking the chaotic airflow. Hongjun’s wooden staff just framed Zhang Wen’s wooden staff, but Zhang Wen’s strength was infinite this time, and Hongjun failed to stop it. The wooden staff directly hit the jade dish.
The jade dish of nature is the treasure of heaven. Even if Zhang Wen’s mana is high, he can’t take this jade dish without proof. I saw that the jade dish flashed, but Mr. Zhang’s stick was bounced off. Hong Jun hit Zhang Wen with a stick, which was just caught by Zhang Wenyi’s hand. After being caught by Zhang Wen, Hong Jun’s wooden stick was just like staying still, and Zhang Wenyi kicked Hong Jun, just touching Hong Jun with one foot. At the same time, Zhang Wenyong’s head directly hit Nahong Jun’s head.
"Bang" chaos was blasted, and Nahong staggered back three steps, his head was hit by a blur, his eyes were full of Venus, and the whole person was as drunk as a fiddler. Although Mr. Zhang has the chaotic golden body Mahayana, he can also hit his eyes with Venus, but the chaotic golden body recovered very quickly, and it only recovered completely in a moment. Mr. Zhang saw Hong’s appearance and stood there laughing. "Hongjun, although you help me with the help of Heaven, you can’t take me. My chaotic golden body has long since reached Mahayana when we are in harmony. Even if you are now in Heaven, you can’t take me, haha."
Hung Jun came to his senses and said, "If Taoist friends and I fight, it is doomed to be a losing game. As long as Taoist friends don’t change the general trend of heaven, being original will naturally not care more about Taoist friends."
Zhang Wendao said, "Hongjun, the general trend of heaven wants all this sentient beings to rob, and all the people under your family will rob in the future. I have changed this general trend to help you save your disciples, so that you will not be reincarnated and break your orthodoxy. "
Hong Jun said, "Heaven has its own destiny, and everything is done according to the general trend of heaven. If my Taoism is doomed to extinction, it will be the general trend of heaven. I have no complaints, so I should act according to the general trend. What’s more, Taoist friends have done it for their own calculations. They have already calculated the West, so why bother to calculate all the saints in the East? Taoist friends don’t need so much luck now. I advise Taoist friends to give up. "
Zhang Wendao: "You and I will win or lose with one move, and then talk about the general trend of heaven." Zhang Wen said, "Raise the staff to hit Hongjun, and Hongjun also raised the staff to hit Zhang Wen. The two wooden staff collided and retreated from each other. After the intersection of the wooden staff, the aftermath exploded around like radiation, and the chaotic world was immediately cut open like Pangu opened the sky, and the turbid air was generated, and heaven and earth were about to form.
With a wave of his hand, both Zhang Wen and Hong rushed out of each other and shot at each other. Then the clear air collided, and the two clear air collided and exploded. This newly appeared clear and turbid gas was immediately scattered and reduced to chaos.
Zhang Wendao: "Since you and I are tied, it’s hard to do this. What do you say? "
Hung Jun said, "The general trend cannot be changed, but the small trend can be changed. There can be no general trend against heaven under heaven. "
Zhang Wendao: "That means I can’t do anything. I can only watch and not intervene. You are really confident. I will not directly change the general trend. If the small trend changes the general trend, it is not my business. "
Hung Jun said, "In this case, it is good for Taoist friends to give the magic list to the poor, otherwise Taoist friends will not be at ease for being poor."