"What? ! The gun is gone! Who his mother let you gun! ? Are our guns aimed at the people? ! If you don’t think about it, I’ll dismiss you! " Liu Ke a listen to immediately scold a way

Choco Yang Gang next to a look at Liu Kezhen anger hurriedly asked "LaoZheng what’s going on let’s county public security bureau is not to discuss all the people they can start work we can’t start work you what’s going on? ! How can the people make decisions when they have guns! ?
"Liu Lao Zheng I brought from the county people didn’t move a finger to stay behind and stand by! But people in Ganshui Town don’t listen to me! I warned them not to do it, but Li Tianlai urged these people to go forward! And that Jiang Yu actually said that he would take the shot from the town Committee instead of me, even if he! " Zheng Dong suppressed the weather for half a day and finally vented it.
"His grandmother! Somebody cuff that bastard Jiang Yu! "Yang Gang listened to what Zheng Dong said and went on the rampage and ordered him to say that finish staring at the red eye of blood and walk to the motionless Jiang Yu. Chapter 174 is simply too rampant!
Yang Gang came to Jiang Yu’s side and kicked him without any reaction. It seems that he really fainted, so he asked the police behind him to cuff him and carry him to the car. Wang Dashuai came and whined. After watching all this, his eyes stopped screaming as if he realized that his end was coming soon.
Compared with Yang Gang, the law enforcer impulse, Choco, the ruler, is much more composed. Liu Ke listened to Zheng Dong’s words and asked anxiously, "Are there any people injured? ! Did the gun hit someone? !”
"Hit people with Liu Ji, but it’s not the common people. It’s the young man who brought people to block a shot for the common people. Jiang Yu is going to hit the old clan …" Zheng Dong replied carefully.
"Mr … that the bullet? Is he all right? " Liu Ke immediately breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that no ordinary people were injured, but then his heart asked
"He was shot in the thigh and has been sent to the county hospital for emergency treatment. I also sent two policemen to follow the convenience …" Zheng Dong replied in detail.
"Well, Zheng Dong, you haven’t panicked about this matter. It’s still rational to handle it with your head. If there is no major bloodshed, you will be grateful. Otherwise, how can I explain it to these folks!" Choco said and held out his hand and gratefully shook Zheng Dong’s hand. Zheng Dong was excited for a while. He suddenly felt that he had relied on him and knew that he insisted that there was nothing wrong with being an official.
Then Liu Kewei smiled and walked quickly towards Brother Gan, and Yang Gang, Zheng Dong and his party’s county leaders followed closely. Brother Gan also smiled and looked at this group of people approaching Hu Debiao’s side and asked in a low voice, "Xiao Gan, do we want to act?"
"Ha ha nothing tiger ye these are old friends …" Brother Gan replied with a smile and then greeted Liu Keda with a smile and held out his hand and said, "Why don’t you tell me when you come back, Mr. Wang? Look at this thing … Ah, all blame me for this county grandfather’s failure to govern well …"
"Ha ha, liu remember don’t say so, Lin so big what birds have how can blame you! It’s good that you can come in person, otherwise I don’t know how to deal with this matter. Except for this police officer, it seems that no one cares about me and no one cares about my folks … "Brother Gan said half-cynically.
"Ahem … hehe, Mr. Wang, don’t worry. Now that I’m here, we must find out the truth. We must give you a statement to the people. Whoever violates the law and discipline should withdraw and will not tolerate it!" Choco embarrassed clap breast guarantee way
"Ha ha, I believe you remember liu! If you had come early, I wouldn’t have bothered so much. To tell the truth, I really want to find someone to make decisions for me. I heard that my old father was beaten and flew from Beijing. I don’t understand why my father was so honest and honest. How could an old man be beaten by others? !” Brother Gan smiled at first, then said it more and more coldly, and asked if his family would always be his lamella. If he moved his family, he would make anyone’s life worse than death. Fortunately, his father had no serious problems, but it was some skin injuries. Otherwise, I’m afraid Wang Dashuai would not be as simple as lying there whining now.
"Mr. Wang, don’t worry, we will give you a satisfactory survey result! But you brought these people? " Choco said and turned to look at a bunch of black men behind the dry elder brother Hu Debiao.
"Ha ha Liu Ji, don’t worry that these people are not mobs or gangsters. They are here to help me and seem to have helped you. Otherwise, you can ask Deputy Director Zheng …" Brother Gan said with a smile and looked up at Zheng Dong.
Zheng Dong suddenly understood the meaning of dry elder brother and quickly reported, "Well, it was this group of people who stopped and controlled the situation when Liu Ji just ordered the township government workers to beat the people, or I can’t imagine what would happen and it was also one of them, the old clan."
"I’m sorry, Mr. Wang, but I didn’t understand the situation …" Choco felt a little guilty at Zheng Dong’s words and said to the elder brother, because this group of people really helped him a lot, or else he really didn’t know how to make a peace account.
"It’s okay, these are all they should do. They are not hooligans. They can’t watch the people being bullied! I advise you to listen to the people. They have been wronged for a long time, Liu Ji … "Brother Gan woke up.
"Right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right." Choco said.
At this time, Zhang Xun is having dinner with her family in a villa in Plain City, because this is the first time that her daughter goes out for half a year to go home for dinner. If it weren’t for the summer vacation, the little girl wouldn’t have come back and I don’t know what happened. Although she is a little selfish, she has arranged a good job for her. Besides, her daughter can win the job. Which parents don’t worry about her children? Although she is a municipal party committee secretary, she is also a father. However, her daughter’s temper is stronger than her own, and she has to go to Juye County No.1 Middle School to
The family is having a "happy" dinner, which is actually an active atmosphere for the old couple. Their baby daughter Zhang Xiaoyan doesn’t know what’s wrong. There is no mind. Zhang Xun kindly said, "After Xiao Yan, my parents don’t object to your going to Juye to teach, but can you come back to see your mother often? You don’t know how much she misses you …"
"I know dad, I also want to come back. I’m afraid you’ll force me to do something I don’t want to do again …" Zhang Xiaoyan pursed her mouth and said.
"Ha ha, girl, after you trust your dad, you will never force you to do what you don’t want to do. You can do whatever you want …" The old woman said excitedly.
"Yes, I want you to come home often to have dinner and chat with your parents. Dad will never force you to be happy again …" Zhang Xun also said with a smile.
"Come on, I remember that you are busy every day and what seems like if I don’t go home for several months today, can you accompany me to dinner sometimes? Not to mention chatting with me! " When Zhang Xiaoyan pouted, she complained that it seemed that since she was very young, she rarely saw her father at home, because her father was always busy, and there were always endless things to do, not to mention chatting with herself. Even if she ate, she mostly ate with her mother.
Zhang Xiaoyan’s words rang before she finished her father’s special line. This was not someone else’s call. Datong, a secret room in Zhang Xun, received a report from Juye County County Committee that a villager and police were confronting each other. Datong knew that today was Zhang Xun’s special time to accompany his daughter. He should not disturb them because he had worked hard with Zhang Xun for so many years. But Choco reflected that the situation was very urgent. After Zhang Xun heard that it was his secret room, he smiled and asked, "What’s the matter with the small room?"
Fang Datong reported the Juye County incident to Zhang Xun again. The more Zhang Xun listened to it, the more serious he looked. When he heard that the police station was taken, he struck a table and scolded "It’s too rampant! It’s too rampant!" Your horse arranged for the driver to come to me and go to Juye! "
"yes! Zhang Ji, my horse will arrive! " Fang Datong hung up and acted quickly. Chapter 175 The Mr. Wang.
Chapter 175 The "Mr. Wang"
While eating, Zhang Xun quickly put on a coat hanger suit and took a sip of water and was about to go outside. At this moment, Zhang Xiaoyan’s mother got up and went to her husband’s side and adjusted Zhang Xun’s collar and tie. She smiled and complained, "Lao Zhang, what are you doing so busy? Isn’t the small room not here yet!"
"Oh, my wife, it’s time to burn my eyebrows. Can I not worry!" Zhang Xun said half jokingly, but his face was not funny, and he looked serious and worried
It is said that young couples have been living together for 30 years, and their husbands don’t understand it. It’s just that the provincial party Committee remembers that the central official has come, and he has never seen him in such a hurry. Is something really wrong? So he looked at her husband and asked, "What happened to Lao Zhang?"
"Just now, the villagers in a village called Dawangzhuang in Juye County are confronting the local police. What is more serious is that a group of social workers took the opportunity to surround and capture the local police station this morning. This is a society ruled by law, and it’s not like bandits are still taking over the mountains! Oh, come on, come on, if I don’t tell you, you’ll be worried … "Zhang Xun said a phone call and then quickly stopped saying that his wife knew that she had to go on a business trip or had something urgent. She must be more worried than herself. Sometimes she was afraid that she would worry, so she wouldn’t tell her, but to tell the truth, she was still warm in her heart and married such a wife. According to her old mother, this was a blessing from their ancestors.
There, eating with her head down, Zhang Xiaoyan was angry with her father. When she heard Dawangzhuang Village, she suddenly came to the spirit. She was used to it. She came from childhood like this. Although she knew that her father loved her, he really didn’t accompany her very much. Sometimes, when a woman grew up, she realized how great her mother was. Her father let go of everything and was willing to be a housewife and clean up the logistics herself. She sometimes felt wronged by her mother, but only when she really understood her honest father did she feel that her father was so great.
Zhang Xiaoyan wiped her mouth with a paper towel and quickly asked, "Dad, did you say that Dawangzhuang Village is Dawangzhuang Village in Ganshui Town, Juye County?"
"I think so. How do you know Xiao Yan?" Zhang Xun asked puzzled.
"I know, of course, I know that a student in my class is in that village and you know the people in that village!" Zhang Xiaoyan said, thinking about the "smelly bastard" ghost spirit who has been dreaming for months.
"I also know? I haven’t even heard of this Dawangzhuang village. How can I know it? " Zhang Xun was more and more confused by his baby daughter.
"Hey, hey, I wake up. Do you remember the young man who was arrested by Juye County Public Security Bureau three months ago? My busy father?" Zhang Xiaoyan continues to sell.
"Young people caught by Juye County Public Security Bureau? Who is it? " It’s not too much for Zhang Xun’s body plain city municipal party committee to keep track of every day. It’s not too much to go to the leadership to inspect or to inspect a city of more than three million by yourself. When can I remember a prisoner who was arrested by the Public Security Bureau?
"You are really magnate forgetful! Remember how Zhao Tianpu in Juye County came to Taiwan? " Zhang Xiaoyan has cursed her father for dozens of times in her heart, but she doesn’t even remember the man she liked and she doesn’t know who teased her daughter a few months ago! So didn’t good the spirit said
Wang Ren Zhang Xun may not know it, but Zhao Tianpu, the deputy magistrate of Juye County, personally supervised himself, but he remembered it clearly. After all, a deputy magistrate, Pingyuan City, was not a small official, and Juye officialdom caused a great earthquake. If Zhao Tianpu hadn’t offended the hand-eye Mr. Wang, I don’t know when the moth would get away with it. Mr. Wang, a young man in wang xing, yes, he was also wrongly arrested. So he looked at his daughter and asked, "You said it wouldn’t be that Mr. Wang?"
"Hey hey yeah that’s him! His brother is our class, and I am his brother’s class leader. He also asked me to take more photos of his brother! " Seeing my father finally remembered, my little girl turned from alacrity to joy.
On hearing this, Mr. Wang turned out to be a native of Juye County, Zhang Xun suddenly felt that he couldn’t do his job properly, and even neglected such a great god. He should visit both public and private, so that people can come from the central government and let the provincial political and legal Committee remember his old classmate Yang Baohua to call and take photos in person. This energy is not available to ordinary people. It’s all plain pride. If you go to the central government to apply for a project to benefit farmers, you may be able to help. That’s not your own. The villagers can ask grandpa to tell grandma.