"But this death is not the United States? How can these twelve people die? The god of death said in his hand that the god of death would not intervene in such a matter. "Mu Lijia asked with a question mark.

Death usually doesn’t care about such things, even if you pay a high price, death won’t take over.
"Is it because these two sisters called death and four security guards that two security guards are fine?" Si Yingting turned her head and said that one person was their hand, and that was the day she told that one person to spoil the two sisters.
But four security guards were called by them to carry them. Why did two security guards have an accident and the other two were fine?
"This is a question worth thinking about. Tingting, you are now asking Ke to investigate one or two other security guards. We left the funeral that day." Mu Lijia felt that it was not simple. If nothing happened, the other two security guards wouldn’t have an accident. They could think that they were called to spoil the other two security guards, and maybe so.
"Good" SiYingTing should be the way to pick up the left hand, right hand and left hand watch according to a few.
It’s the first class.
Mu Lijia and Si Yingting walked out of the classroom and came to the classroom roof.
"Jiajia, as you guessed, the other two security guards will be killed," said Si Yingting according to the report of personal protector Ke.
"If so, how did the two sisters call death?" Mu Lijia is once again in trouble.
Si Yingting shook her head. This god of death is so mysterious that no one can know the whereabouts of death, and it is only in recent years that death has left the world.
Deah13 Pay a high price for death.
Mu Lijia shook her head and thought.
"Jia jia or so …"
"Good Tingting, that’s a good method. You can ask cosette to find out how to connect to death and let cosette talk about it. How much is it to talk to cosette? Want a god of death to return to our department "Mu Lijia thinks this method is very good. If a god of death submits to them, then they can control a god of death.
"There’s another thing that asked Ke not to quote us for help." Mu Lijia woke up that this gang was secretly founded by Mu Chuyou and Meng Minting, and the gang of’ Saint Ke’ also entered the fifth place in the world underworld in just one year.
SiYingTing point to watch according to two people went back to the classroom just arrived at the classroom when the bell rang in the second class.
Mu Lijia watched Huangfuyanhao from class to class, but she didn’t see Huangfuyanhao looking up.
Two classes, three classes, lunch has arrived, four classes have passed, and one class is coming, but I haven’t seen the two sisters come to learn yet.
Huangfuyanhao has been sleeping in front of his classmates. He didn’t sleep. He didn’t close his eyes at his desk just because he didn’t want Mu Lijia to disturb him.
Seeing that the fifth class has arrived means that school will be over in forty minutes.
"Dead woman, you haven’t come to learn for two days. Where the hell have you been?" Huangfuyanhao has been waiting in the college for two whole days and never came to the classroom. He actually waited for Xia Yixiu to learn and fooled her, but she didn’t know that he had already lived in his heart.
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Huangfuyanhao must wait until Xia Yixi comes back to study, and he will not be named Huangfu until she is not whole.
I have a feeling of tightness in my heart. I feel a little uncomfortable not quarreling with Xia Yixi these two days, but he didn’t realize his own mood.
Ouyang Ze has been thinking about Xia Yibing’s cold and beautiful hybrid as if he had lovesickness. These three words are nothing but Xia Yibing.
The school bell rang unconsciously, but it was so harsh to hear Huangfuyanhao’s ear.