"Yes" belongs to respectfully.

Xie Yun Brahman crossed the place where he was, resenting the fact that Ye Liangkai led the domineering forward.
Zhang Xiaojun and his party shrank back to their original positions and let the road watch this group of people in black sunglasses finally go away before they dare to breathe a sigh of relief and ask Ye Liangkai and Xie Yun Brahman what they are and hurried to the box where the investors are located.
The atmosphere of this wine game is quite harmonious. We have long talked about eating and drinking, and the leaves are cool and open, and we can talk with them patiently. When the three sponsors are happy, each of them has added 100,000 more sponsors. Together, it is 300,000 Chen Fen and Zhang Xiaojun secretly happy.
Although the investors hinted in the words that if they would give more money to accompany the night party, Zhang Xiaojun heard that he was afraid of being unhappy, but Ye Liangkai seemed to be familiar with his face and expression and didn’t change his language. He refused the three investors tactfully and didn’t say much. Zhang Xiaojun was relieved.
Lin Han looked at the sponsors, and many topics were answered by him. Their eyes were on Ye Liang’s body and they didn’t pay attention to it. Their hearts were also relaxed, and they looked up at him occasionally and talked like a duck to water.
Lin Han picked up kelp and put it in a bowl, thinking that Ye Liangkai is really not simple. Although he looks gentle and simple on the surface, many things are very powerful.
Ye Liangkai Yu Guang noticed that Lin Han put a few pieces of pig blood in his bowl and put it in her bowl naturally, taking the cold sea away and leaving a sentence "eat less"
Lin Han saw him put kelp in a small Fang Chen sundries disc and put a few pieces of tofu for the director, saying, "Eating more is good for the stomach", and then he praised the entrepreneurial spirit of investors very much, which made people admire. Nothing in the words made people feel like spring breeze.
Lin Han couldn’t help but bend up the corners of his mouth and pick up the pig’s blood, which he didn’t touch at ordinary times, to think that it seemed not so unacceptable.
Rao is a cool leaf to control drinking, but drinking for Zhang Xiaojun and Lin Han is too much for some. This meal has been drunk for seven or seven out of the box, or Chen Fen and Zhang Xiaojun held it and didn’t fall.
As soon as they got out of the hotel gate, a tall and straight man dressed in a posture stopped them and politely said to the director and his wife, "My family told me to take Mr. Liangkai home."
Zhang Xiaojun and his wife looked at each other and thought of Xie Yun Brahman’s horror. He had drunk Ye Liangkai in his hand, and the three of them watched Ye Liangkai being taken away in situ. They all sighed in their hearts. It’s a pity that the New Year’s Eve dinner is estimated to be missing him.
At this time, drunk Ye Liangkai was lying in the back seat of the car and consciously stretched out his hand and dug some tight shirts, not knowing what would happen next.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-three What the hell is this place?
Lonely and confusing moonlight, black long Rolls Royce Phantom luxury car was walking around the city in a coquettish way. At that time, it was bought by millions, but the price of this car was the second lowest, the cheapest and the most expensive one among the seven luxury cars of Van Gogh in Xie Yun. At that time, when it was bought, Xie Yun Van Gogh also personally opened it once and then lost it in the garage.
Ye Liangkai was lying across the car from a chair to a flat bed and suddenly sat up, muttering vaguely, "I feel sick."
Tu Xiao Kun’s expression was stupefied when he heard this. The line of sight was withdrawn from the traffic jam picture displayed in front of the navigator. He turned around and said nervously, "Hold back", and then decided to drive the car to the other side of the road to cool the drunken body and get out of the car.
Tu Xiao Kun glanced at his eyes, and Ye Liangkai pointed to the green belt next to him and said, "Spit this."
"Where?" Ye Liangkai’s head turned around like a blind man, just don’t look at him. He said that the local butcher Xiao Qiang sighed and pointed to the ground and said, "You can vomit casually." I don’t know this sentence. As soon as Ye Liangkai turned around, he vomited on his body. Tu Xiao Qiang was scared to hide back, but he moved slowly because Ye Liangkai grabbed his arm and rushed.
Tu Xiao-Kun saw that the world in front of him was turning over a hundred degrees, and the surrounding buildings became twisted monsters in his sight, but the leaves were cool and his face became clearer. His beautiful eyes turned into colorful gems against the neon lights on both sides, and he smiled and drunk the whole world.
In the world where Tu Xiao Qiang was still immersed in those eyes, wait for a while was in a daze for a few seconds. The leaves were cool and opened in lightning, and his clothes were pulled open, and he vomited bitterly and then buried his face in his vomit with satisfaction.
Tu Xiao Qiang felt a heat flow quickly seeping into his shirt, and then the sour smell quickly spread to the tip of his nose. He bit his teeth and sat up with his head buried in his chest. After sitting up, he saw that his face was full of vomit and even clean hair was contaminated, and he couldn’t help but have a headache.
Tu Xiao Qiang put the leaves cool and leaned against the roadside lamppost. He first took off the outside and then took off the shirt inside. He was naked and strong, and he didn’t feel uncomfortable in the five-degree gas.
Tu Xiao took a clean white shirt and casually wiped it on his chest. He opened the car door and took out the paper towel. He squatted on the ground and looked at the face with a mess. Ye Liang was happy to think that drunkards were the most annoying species.
Leaves cool open silly looking at him giggle slaughter Xiao Yan nai to catch a big tuo paper towel is gently wipe his face stolen goods which know this drunkard unexpectedly surprise attack again.
Tu Xiao Kun was on guard this time and didn’t suffer from him, but Ye Liangkai suffered from himself and vomited himself all over Tu Xiao Kun. I really want to grab him and ask, "Are you stupid?" Either spit on others or spit on yourself! "
Tu Xiao wiped his underwear stained with filthy vomit before he blackened his face, but even after cleaning it, it was filled with a sour smell.
Although he said he was not a neat freak, he couldn’t stand it. When he looked up and saw a public bathhouse across the street, he suddenly felt that God was kind to him.
Tu Xiao Kun left his car in a nearby parking space, thinking that he was a star, so he covered Xixi tightly in his face and hugged Ye Liang across the street and entered the public bathhouse.
Standing at the counter, a middle-aged old man saw him come in naked, and his eyes immediately lit up and greeted him warmly, "It’s your first time."
Tu Xiao Kun didn’t want to keep his eyelids open, so he casually replied with a pair of cool leaves and pressed his face against his chest and said, "Well, how much is it?"
"Sixty members are fifty," said the old man at the front desk. His hot eyes were attached to Tu Xiao’s body and he couldn’t wait to chew a piece.
Tu Xiao Qiang bowed his head and took out two pieces of 100 from his pocket and said coldly, "No member". But when he just reached out and was held by people, he frowned and pulled out his hand. His eyes glanced at him slightly angrily. The middle-aged man was shocked when he met him and ate people. He dared not look at it again. Honestly, he handed him the wardrobe key and two pairs of slippers and said, "Bathing on the second floor."
Tu Xiao was unlucky enough to meet an old pervert. In the military school, some people took such a warm look at him and made him unable to eat. Finally, they gave him a good beating before they stopped.
Tu Xiao Kun opened the building with leaves cool and passed a hall. Six or seven men sat on a red sofa or a trip. There were five or six men drinking in front of the bar. The LCD on the wall showed an old film.
When he stepped into this area, his eyes came from all directions and he was anxious. It felt like a hungry wolf eating and biting his hungry and hot eyes on you. He frowned and glanced around sharply, and the wolves immediately got excited.
Those people were sitting on high feet, and the man turned around and whistled at him and invited him to say, "Handsome guy brings his boyfriend to the public bathhouse. Take me!"
He seems to be vaguely aware that he has strayed somewhere.
At this moment, from a door, a man with a uniform figure and a medium age of about twenty-five came out. He wore a white bath towel around his hip and saw his eyes immediately lit up. He stroked his shoulder vaguely and warmly invited, "Come on, handsome guy, or you choose."
Tu Xiao’s face turned suddenly gloomy and warned coldly, "If you touch me again, I’ll let you go to the hospital tonight."
When the man met him, his eyes were startled and he caressed his little dream and said, "Oh, why are you so fierce?" Ok, you and your man go inside. "
Tu Xiao’s face was ugly and he followed his finger into a room. The light in this room was broken and it was dark, but there seemed to be a lot of people inside. He vaguely heard heavy breathing. He was about to go out when suddenly his waist was hugged tightly, and three or four people clung to his shoulder and kissed him. Someone was shameless to take off his pants.
Tu Xiao’s face sank, his knees were raised, and he slammed into the man in his crotch. The man "Ouch" fell to the ground and said "How do you hit people?"
Tu Xiao Qiang didn’t say anything. He held a boxing in his left hand and forced the man to retreat. Then he quickly lifted his leg and kicked the knee behind him. He was about to leave with Ye Liang. Suddenly he felt that Ye Liang’s legs were tightly pulled. He suddenly became confused and said, "Don’t."
People in the public bathhouse heard this seductive sound rustle and moved here. It’s not good for them to lift their feet and kick them away instantly. People grabbed Ye Liang and picked him up and ran out behind them, touching their hands and feet and swearing.