At this moment, he found that the elves and Australian sacrifices there could resist the spiritual impact of the inferno through some kind of life magic and natural inferno.

Reese’s eyes lit up, and he shouted, "Wolf Terran, Cyclops, Yanhuang, each sent troops to replace the Elves and Australia. All Elves and Australian Sacrifices, enter all wars separately, and resist the mental attack of the inferno, quickly! "
That is, in the blink of an eye, more than 5,000 practitioners have been beheaded, and the loss is unimaginable.
At the same time, under the command of Reese, a group of young people dressed in white gowns appeared from nowhere, ranging from distracted period to fit period. Their dresses are almost identical, and their temperament and manners are somewhat similar to those of Reese. Without talking, they directly took out a guqin plate and sat in the void.
"Devils, do you think that only you can understand mental attacks?"
Li Si cracked his eyes and drank loudly. With a wave of his right hand, he said, "I’m going to have a real confrontation with you today. Try the Tianyinwei that I secretly cultivated and never used for thousands of years. Give me a special attack on a certain inferno and break it down one by one!"
Dragon and eight tones!
In ancient times, a sect that was wiped out by Daqin had a strange method, which was specially trained by a team from Lisi. Over the years, they have never been used as the son of Daqin’s dark chess. Even Ling Yuzong and the Oriental Family did not know that there was such an Indiana Jones under Daqin.
Chapter 220 Jinge Iron Horse 2
Thousands of elves and sacrifices were distributed in various wars, which blessed all practitioners who participated in the war with extremely similar life magic and natural magic, and the situation of being eroded by magic energy was alleviated in a blink of an eye.
At this time, no one will have a secret, and children of several years old will understand the truth. Millions of other middle and low-level practitioners are also fighting for their respective camps, delivering powerful energy after the essence of the circle as a support for continuous fighting.
At least, in terms of sustained combat capability, the Coalition forces far exceed these four thousand demons.
A total of five hundred white fix true person sitting on the vanity, five hundred pieces of the lowest have the level of the product spirit, the strongest guqin reached the level of the best spirit, stirring out ripples like water waves.
The soft, sweet, but stirring sound of the piano suddenly turned into a blood-boiling melody. Reese also took out an ancient piano, which had no real element and the power of the Yuan God. He shouted in a cold voice, "Ling Yuzong, 8,000 meters away from the southeast, fought in the war, and took the strongest one of the two demons, the dragon and the eight tones-killing the soul!"
Originally, the sound waves that didn’t have the attack power were scattered in ripples. Suddenly, with the sound waves played by Li Si’s fairy guqin as the core, they gathered into a transparent beam of sound waves and stirred away.
Different from ordinary attacks, sound waves are not like a shock wave, but endless as if they were endless.
There, two inferno masters are in a stalemate with Ling Yuzong’s war, and no one can do anything for a while.
The strongest inferno that is infinitely close to the middle of Mahayana has not only the magic weapon of fairy-level attack, but also a fairy protego. With his own cultivation, plus the fairy with both offensive and defensive abilities, Ling Yuzong simply couldn’t take him. In turn, as long as he found a flaw, this war would be in jeopardy.
All of a sudden, a ray of transparent sound beam came flying through the war, and the inferno master turned cold and took a purple palm.
Originally thought that this inexplicable attack could be easily torn apart in his hands, but the palm print actually passed through the sound beam without any effort. Before he thought of something drastic, the sound beam whizzed into his eyebrows, until now he realized that it was a kind of sound wave that the real yuan could not be destroyed and was attacked by the same yuan God.
"Wandering friends, kill quickly!"
When Reese launched the Dragon Eight Tones, he had already issued an order to the master of the main array of this war, the four elders of Ling Yuzong, Liu Yunzi.
Cloud son suddenly shine at the moment, obviously see the inferno, whose strength is strong and defense is amazing. His eyes are dull as if he were possessed, and he is still in the void.
That’s right!
Although even Reese is no match for him, as a member of the inferno, he is proficient in this kind of attack, but it was a joint blow of 500 people. In addition, Lisi takes the fairy piano as a guide, and the eight tones of Tianlong are enough to make him pause for a moment. To put it bluntly, the soul source is temporarily stagnant.
"The heavenly sword is mysterious, and the five elements belong to Yuan … Ling Xu beheaded!"
Hundreds of Ling Yuzong’s masters roared loudly, and no sword turned into a silver giant sword, and the head of the pocket blasted at the inferno who was injured by Tianlong Bayin.
Another inferno’s face changed greatly. He knew that once his companion was killed, his result was not much better, and he was greeted resolutely regardless of his own self-cultivation.
Noise accompanied by energy ripples stirred up, LingYuZong war intact, but the inferno KuangPen blood, was the sword fell from the sky into the ground hundreds of meters, obviously suffered a very heavy injury.
At this time, the inferno who was boarded by Tianlong Bayin woke up and screamed and killed: "Wu Lie, I will never forget the kindness of helping you, just wait for me to kill these bastards and avenge you!"
"Dragon Eight Tones-Reminding the Heart!"
Reese’s cold voice, full of pitfalls, seemed to echo in everyone’s ear, and another sound beam nullified the inferno master who had just started.
Yuan God seems to have been severely hit by a hammer, and the big blood gushed out from the mouth of the inferno, and the blood was also left in the 7 th. Just as his attack was inevitably weakened, the clouds roared into the clouds, and the war once again condensed into a sword without a horse, and it fell from the sky to the other side.
The inferno barely managed to drive an attack that was obviously more than twice as weak, spewing out a share of effort to meet the lightsaber, and was finally driven into the ground for dozens of meters, and when it jumped out from the inside, it sprayed blood again.
After all, they are good at Yuan God’s attacks, and their own state is also extremely high. Even if these inferno masters are separated by war, some gnosis can still penetrate outside the array to get in touch. Reese borrowed Tianlong Bayin to counterattack and killed more than a dozen inferno elites in a few minutes. The news quickly reached Mundus, who was also besieged by the war.
With a blow, he drove back countless masters of Ying Zheng United Daqin, and the unparalleled sword light that came from the head-on attack crushed a piece of black jade.
"Dragon Eight Tones-Breaking Yuan!"
The transparent sound beam was transmitted ten miles away, and the cheers of Reese echoed in the battle of the Holy See: "Pope Peter Ronsa, kill that inferno master!"
Here, it is completely composed of knights and priests of the Holy See, plus the amazing large array of western dragon fusion, which fully besieged nine elite infernos, but the two sides have been in a stalemate.
One of the inferno masters was suddenly livid, and the sound beam was sweeping into the body. Yuan Ying in the abdomen cracked a small hole on the spot. At this moment, his magic energy suffered great trauma, and his fighting capacity dropped several times. As long as a big move hits, he can make come to a bad end.
With a scepter of light in one hand and a sword in the stone of fairy grade in the other, Peter Lonza, who constantly guided the big attack, suddenly flashed a purple light in his eyes.
"Take the atmosphere as a bow, light as an arrow, and bear the power of my will …"
More than 300 priests with the lowest fitting period came to an end, and Peter Longsa locked the spirit of the besieged inferno and suddenly moved to another place: "Glory Heaven! Saints of the Holy See, the day of welcoming the Lord has come, kill! "
"Your Majesty, look out!"
"The Holy See of Light has rebelled!"
"Damn it!"
"They have long been controlled by demons!"
Pentagram array from Peter Ronsa and others’ heads, as if teleporting appeared above the war hosted by Ying Zheng, and a huge amount of hundreds of meters of aurora spears poured down, with the lowest initial attack power in Du Jie. The rebellion of the bright Vatican surprised everyone.
That’s right!
This is exactly the pawn that Mundus planted in the coalition. Fortunately, Chen Han’s plan is only known by Reese and Melkins, otherwise all his efforts will be a joke.