What’s a goal then?

That’s much easier!
It is Zhang Tiehan’s hope to score goals and score more goals. At the same time, he also hopes that he can score goals to drive the team’s performance better. Deryl is anxious about the team’s performance, and Zhang Tiehan is equally anxious about Deryl’s work, but Zhang Tiehan came to Rome as a champion.
What are you doing here without a champion?
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Chapter one hundred and fifty-two Lying shot
The day before the game, various media began to interview.
Before that, many players in Rome and Lazio had joined the saliva war, and the players from both teams came out to yell at their opponents. This is the saliva of the players, and every player interviewed is the same, just as if they had a deep hatred with their opponents.
Every Roman derby has this link, which seems to have become a routine.
One of the most noticeable is the dialogue between the core players of the two teams. Lazio captain Di Canio and Roma captain Totti crossed the bridge in the derby last year. Before Christmas last year, they said they didn’t know each other and didn’t want to know each other.
Before the derby, Di Canio publicly attacked Totti. "The player who is called the’ team symbol’ actually said that if he was dissatisfied with the team’s strength, he would leave the team. I think this would annoy Roman fans." Di Canio did not name names, but everyone knew that he meant Totti.
After switching from Charlton to Lazio, Di Canio’s annual salary has been reduced by half, but he believes that although he lost money, he got the happiness he wanted. "I have never asked the club for anything. Even if Lazio is demoted and bankrupt, I am still loyal to my team. Its effectiveness is the most wonderful thing in the world for me."
Di Canio also said that although Lazio’s performance is not satisfactory now, he is confident that he will do well in the next game. "I am not like some players who don’t want to know at all and ask the club to buy someone."
If you can stay calm after being said that, it’s not Totti.
Totti did threaten the club that if Roma didn’t strengthen the team, he would consider leaving. Later, he explained that it was out of love for the club that the team wanted to remain competitive.
Didier Di Canio doubted his loyalty to Rome, and Totti countered through the media the next day. "Didier Di Canio always talks about what players should represent their club like flags. Has he forgotten that many years ago, it was better to be a Juventus key ring than a Lazio flag?"
Totti dug up the old scores of Di Canio. Although the latter claimed to be a Lazio fan since childhood and wore a Lazio shirt when he debuted, he resolutely joined Juventus in 1999. Although he didn’t play for Juve for a long time, what he said in that period is now the handle for Totti to attack him.
Then other players came to scold each other.
"They are no match!"
"Poor Lazio people, they just went bankrupt!"
"Rome is going bankrupt …"
"Lazio has revived, and Rome is going uphill."
"Now Lazio are second-rate in Serie A and they are not competitive."
"Rome is in the top ten in the league …"
"I don’t know how long moral Lille can stay in Rome. It’s estimated that in a few days, they have changed three coaches, and Capello has abandoned Rome."
"Lazio still owes the government 200 million euros, and I don’t know if it will be repaid until …"
The two sides accused each other of exposing each other’s wounds, and in the end, they almost began to argue and scold each other. This was even more intense when the players of the two teams went to the fans of the two teams. In the interview, they almost pointed at each other’s noses and swore, just fighting directly in front of the camera.
Many fans still talked about the strength of the two teams. For example, Roman fans talked about the temporary crisis of Lazio. "All their good players have left, and the rest are too young or too old. This Lazio is hard to be a Roman opponent anymore. I think there will be no suspense after the Rome derby."
That’s very gentle
In front of the camera, it was replaced by Lazio fans. "Everyone knows that Rome bought a person in the summer or was a parallel product. Capello left their core defender and even left the frontcourt. After that, the Rome derby will not be in suspense, but the winner will be Lazio."
Speak very politely …
When Zhang Tiehan knew the news, he swore angrily. He was really lying down and was shot!
Many Roma players were interviewed, and Totti swore at Lazio players before, but these were nothing else. He didn’t do that. He felt that he didn’t have any hatred with Lazio. He didn’t know any Lazio players, but now even if he didn’t come out, Lazio would scold him.
"! It’s rare for an old man to do nothing. You are forcing him to be old! "
Zhang Tiehan was angry.
After the afternoon training, Zhang man of iron was interviewed by a reporter. This is the first time that Zhou Zhang man of iron appeared in front of the camera. His face was smiling as if he were so friendly. Even several reporters next to him thought that Zhang Tiehan was gentle and caused them to sigh and think about it. After all, Zhang Tiehan came to Rome and was unfamiliar with the Roman derby.
I guess I can’t say anything.
Zhang Tiehan said, "Now Rome is like an explosive barrel, which is very dangerous, but it all comes from the day competition. I think Rome should strengthen its protection of the stadium to prevent the discovery of fan riots, which is what the government should do."
Reporters also nodded with focus.
Is this guy afraid of the day derby war before clamoring for strengthening protection? It should be, otherwise, this follower should be a Roman police station instead of a player before the game.
Zhang Tiehan ignored the reporter’s attitude and asked, "I heard that the Rome Derby was forced to stop because of the riots of fans six months ago?"
Several reporters nodded.
On the way to the Rome derby in the season, three Roman fans crossed the isolation belt and spread the rumor that a child was killed by a police car outside the stadium, which caused a big riot among the fans.
The derby was finally terminated temporarily.
However, the riots were not effectively controlled. In the end, more than 17 people, including the police, were injured in this conflict and the game was forced to stop.
That was just a thing of the past, and many people still remember it clearly.
When I heard the reporter explain that Zhang Tiehan nodded seriously, "So I said that we should strengthen the protection force, especially in this game!"
"Now Lazio is definitely not our opponent. If we win too many goals in the game, such as five, six or more Lazio fans will definitely make trouble and the game will be suspended …"
Zhang Tiehan said a pity.
Many reporters rolled their eyes. When they came to return Zhang man of iron, they couldn’t say anything. I didn’t expect him to come to a big turning point. The reporters immediately beamed, just like Yao Jie got a reward.
The news appeared in the report that night.
In the interview with many players, Zhang Tiehan’s interview was not very conspicuous, but his words were a little irritating. What do you mean,’ We won too many goals in the game, such as five or six …’? Is this because Rome has come out to announce the victory and is still worried about the victory?
Lazio fans are angry!
In particular, Zhang Tiehan’s solemn expression in an interview seemed to be stating something that was bound to happen. If it weren’t for his words, many fans would have believed what he said was true, which made them even more angry.
Some people who read the report were also surprised. "This guy can win an Oscar!"
As a result, I don’t know how many Lazio fans cursed Zhang Tiehan from late to early the next day. When the game was about to start, some extreme Lazio fans even put forward the banner declaration of "kicking his leg"
This banner is specially marked with the name’ Zhang’!
If you look at the banner carefully, everyone will know who Lazio fans are talking about. Some Roman players still don’t know what happened yesterday, so they immediately asked, "Zhang, how did you annoy them?"
Zhang Tiehan Gu shrugged his shoulders. "I am worried about the protection of the stadium. These Lazio fans are too violent."
"Yes, if only there were Roman fans," Cassano admitted.
Everyone else rolled their eyes.
If there are Roman fans, is it still a derby?
In this atmosphere, the players of the two teams entered the Olympic stadium and experienced a boring warm-up. They returned to the locker room and changed their jerseys, waiting for the game to start.
At this time, the Rome Olympic Stadium is full!