This is expected, and Wu Chi was not surprised. He immediately conducted a three-dimensional search on the top of the wall and the ground, and lifted the corals to the sky. "Bang ~" is endless. These exquisite and gorgeous arts are thrown casually by the little demon raccoons. Fortunately, they are fairy things, otherwise they will be destroyed.

These beautifully carved fairy bird designs are lifelike. If they are put into reality, they will certainly sell a lot of money. Unfortunately, this is a game. These objects have no offensive attributes. For players, the whole thing is rubbish and less valuable than the lowest Dan medicine.
After littering the house for a long time, Wu Chi was so tired that he gasped. This is a hard work, and it is really tiring for a small demon who is obese and not in the water.
Adult demon players behind the monster in Wuchi don’t need to find food to maintain their life and physical strength like the low-level monster NPC, but they still have a physiological desire to eat and a good appetite. Since eating some fish and worms raw, they have found that the taste is really good. In recent days, they have really eaten a lot of raw fish slices and are much fatter than before.
Now his belly is so big that he occupies a third of his body, floating in the water and not walking on land, which is more difficult and unsightly. Every step of the way, his fat belly always touches the ground, which makes Wu Chi feel uncomfortable. Now he has decided to lose weight.
There isn’t a magic weapon left. This house was thoroughly swept by Ying Long. Grandma Wu Chi was disappointed. When she left the door of Xuan Ji Pavilion, she pulled out one or more stools. The demon raccoon was wide and fat, and her strength was also great. After a few pulls, she flew to the top and smashed the violet floating wave lamp, but she dropped something.
Wu Chi turned around and ran to pick it up, and found that it was a bronze earring. The pendant ornament was a winding snake. It was a bit like a dragon snake, but there were nine special ornaments called "Yu Snake Ring". There were no offensive properties to capture animals in it.
Aha, isn’t this a criminal detention device? My little mermaid can always be with me now. When I go out one day, I will take my little slave in, and then I will often be trained. However, this thing needs a person to wear the little slave. It is a problem that I can’t admit the owner now.
Wu Chi shakes his head and doesn’t think about it for the time being. Anyway, after the utensils are available, there must be something to collect the little slave. It’s a matter of time before the little demon raccoon dog is happy to go out. There is still harvest and it’s not garbage, which makes him satisfied.
Now that I have found the abode of fairies and immortals, should I report to half of the old nun? Wu Chi went back to the sapphire pedestal and pondered that now he has real estate and it is still very valuable. It is really necessary to think about it and analyze the gains and losses before making a decision.
Lord of Fairy Mansion, who owns real estate in the game now or demon fairy’s legacy Pang Daxian Mansion? The value of this fairy mansion is immeasurable. Can Wudang’s broken sect reward be compared with this fairy mansion?
Besides, this fairy house is actually a super enemy defense fortress. Regardless of the three forbidden laws, it is shocking and awesome. However, the fairy house body protection array is super awesome. According to Wu Chi’s estimation, the defense force of those big protection arrays is indestructible even if the players are put together.
What am I afraid of when I have this fairy house is to let the first man Simon blow the blood of birds to kill me that day, and I have thought that when he comes here, it will be a bad day, and the first man will be the first ghost all day, and he can also go to the big league to get bonuses. Wu Chi thinks more and more rationally. Considering the importance of the fairy house, he decided not to report to the old nun
What nonsense reward is there to reward his grandmother at the beginning of the game? I’ll settle this fairy house and say nothing to the old nun. I don’t know if I know it, but I won’t give you merit compensation if I can’t finish it. Just brush it yourself.
Mm-hmm. That’s settled.
Wu Chiding plans to start the general plan of the array method and prepare to find out the operation rules of various array methods in the government. As soon as he presses the third white jade screen at the top of Qibao Linglong Tower, he demonstrates the array method of Xianfu Department.
That white jade screen is called "Zhou Tianshen looking in the mirror", and the special array host checks the enemy’s tracks. In fact, it is a monitoring center just like the altar of worshipping heaven in Wudang Xuandu Temple, but it is much smaller and the monitoring objects are different.
The monitoring of the altar of offering sacrifices to heaven is the guardianship of my brothers and sisters. Zhou Tianshen’s mirror monitoring means that the intruder wants the intruder to reach the water eye, which belongs to the monitored range. Every move of the intruder will be displayed on Zhou Tianshen’s mirror.
Wu Chi demon raccoon dog looked at it for a long time, and finally made it clear that the name of the fairy house protector is strong. It can’t be said that the super enemy protection fortress is coming to kill the ghosts and monsters to kill the demons and cut off the demons-then there will be a field that will be blown to slag.
Jiuyao Fairy Mansion, due to the convergence of the three-legged sun and the twenty stars in the town house, makes the three forbidden laws of the Jade Emperor become the outermost protective circle of Fairy Mansion, and the array of the twenty stars on Sunday is the main one of the three forbidden laws, and the other two forbidden laws are the auxiliary ones, and the magic weapon becomes the nine-legged sun, so the three forbidden laws are conditionally controlled by the owner of Fairy Mansion.
There are three forbidden laws in front of the Jade Emperor, namely, the array of twenty stars on Sunday, the array of magic spells, the array of magic spells, the array of evil spirits and fires, and the array of limited methods.
Sheltered at the top of the black rock, the three-law, Sunday and twenty-star array is now the Sunday, September, Yao and twenty-star array; Zhenhe Shenzhu controls the Xuanguang Mantra to refine the array of gods. Now the Zhenhe Shenzhu has been pulled out, and the power of the Xuanguang Refined Array has been greatly reduced. The Taoist Six Wonderful Xuanguang Array is the most rubbish among the three forbidden laws. There is also a large array of mysterious and sinister fires hidden in the five-color sacred stone of the Emperor. Once it is instigated, the underground fire will make room for the ground to form a soul-burning fire than the evil spirit.
If an intruder wants to break into the fairy mansion, he can avoid the spontaneous attack of the three forbidden laws if he chooses to speak at noon, but it is impossible to break into the fairy mansion directly in this way. There is a real fire around the fairy mansion to protect the mansion.
The true fire in Dreadwind is much stronger than the three forbidden laws. If you want to forcibly drive out the suspected true fire in daydreaming, the strongest and most prosperous place is the top of the mansion, while the true fire in the five gates is relatively rare. If the intruder has a discerning eye, he can attack these five directions.
After breaking the five-door protection, the true fire will also destroy the five-door forbidden five-line array, so as to enter the fairy house, the East, the Yimu, the South, the Geng Jin, the North, the Renshui and the South, and the C Fire. These five arrays were set by Yan Hong in ancient demon fairy, and it is by no means easy to break them.
Therefore, if Wu Chi wants to hide in the Nine Obsidian Fairy House, then he will be worried for a long time in the game. "Ha ha ha ~" Wu Chi lifted his demon head and laughed three times.
I have a house in my hand. God, I do!
Sbsb, I’ll hit you for the thirteenth time
Fairy House is really big. If people walk around for at least half a day, Wu Chi’s demon raccoon can’t climb the clouds, so the speed will be even slower. Because he is crawling and walking, his chubby belly is really a burden, which strengthens the idea of the little demon raccoon to lose weight.
Like losing weight in the game?
Wu Chi himself has no answer to this question, and he has to wait for the line to ask the guest.
Although the implementation efficiency of the sightseeing fairy house plan is extremely low, the witch and raccoon in Wuchi really have nothing to do and can’t get out. Now it’s the time when the dark fire is raging outside. If you run out, it will surely become the first sacrifice of the three forbidden laws after the fairy house changes its master.
Isn’t it funny that the owner of Fairy House was hung up by his own fairy house protection array? Therefore, Wu Chi still dragged his fat body and struggled to move for the first time.
After shopping for a long time, Wu Chi suddenly remembered that it was the monthly rent collection day. I almost forgot to meet the tenant No.3023. Since I can go there, I’ll go online and wait until noon, and then I’ll train in Xianfu.
At present, the three forbidden laws are running at seven hours each, and they stop running at noon. For example, if the person in charge of the government law does not urge the three forbidden laws, they will rest for three hours and wait until noon before running.
Yinshi is the array of nine Yao and twenty stars on Sunday, Yinshi is the array of evil spirits and fire, and Yinshi is the array of six wonderful mysterious lights of Taoism. This is the specific operation period of the forbidden method of Yuhuang in the periphery of Xianfu.