The queen mother shook her head. "It doesn’t matter if people are old." She smiled, and the two of them seemed to have returned to the original time. Nothing happened in that way. Still, the mother was kind and filial. "It’s time for dinner now, and it’s nothing here. Go home."

The weak voice makes Jun Moying’s eyebrows more and more locked.
"Mother used to say that she wanted me to come to see you. Aren’t you happy that I’m here now?"
I didn’t expect him to say that. The queen mother stared blankly for a while and quickly passed a complicated look.
"It’s natural to be happy that the emperor can remember to mourn for his family, but it’s not necessary to mourn for his family’s most important thing or what the emperor’s body has done. After so much has happened to you and my mother, I don’t want the emperor to recognize me as the queen mother did before, so I’ll be satisfied to know that the emperor is mourning for his family now."
"Mother …" Jun Mo Ying sat by her bed. "Don’t say such things."
He stared at the light and deposited a lot of things. At the end of the tunnel, he said seriously, "I know you want to compensate for the pity of sunseeker, but she is now in the past, and the consequences are that if she started it herself, I would still be what my mother used to think."
The queen mother’s pupil suddenly dilated and an incredible light flashed inside. "Is the emperor really willing to be like before after what Ai Jia has done?"
She hesitated for a moment before she asked with some difficulty, "So … there’s one thing I want to ask the emperor … 9. Chapter 9. Everything is impossible."
"Mother" Jun Moying interrupted her lightly, but his former meaning was already very white in that sentence just now-let bygones be bygones. "You don’t want to take good care of yourself now. It’s only at this time that your mother’s heart is tied too much that she will get better soon after overwork. She needs to take good care of her according to the instructions of the doctor too much, and your grandson is still waiting for you to hug him in the future."
"Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good."
"Don’t worry, Emperor, the mourning family will be fine." She closed her eyes and her eyes were reddish. "It will be fine."
It’s impossible to say it. This is her son who has been raised for more than 20 years. What a deep feeling! It’s no worse than her own.
At this moment, how she wishes that she could really make up with him, and how she hopes that all the time can go back to a year ago when everyone was still fine.
Unfortunately, Sunseeker is dead, and everything is impossible.
Feng Shao not only robbed her son, but also made her bear grudges against her in every way. Finally, she even took her daughter’s life with her.
None of this would have happened if it hadn’t been for Feng Shao’s appearance.
How can she pretend that nothing happened now?
I want her to bury the hatchet, unless she comes back from the dead, unless the phoenix appears immediately, and everything in hell can start all over again …
The queen mother hid her hands in the bedding and held them slightly. She looked at the picture in front of her, which was cold but somewhat cut. After making this decision, she and her son really could never go back to the past.
If you let him know that she is worried now, she won’t have another chance.
"The emperor’s house of mourning has just invoked …"
With a hint of inquiry, the words sounded and Jun Moying frowned. "What does mother want to say to me?"
One thing … Is there anything the queen mother wants him to do?
"There is no credible person around Ai Jia now." The Queen Mother’s low voice was mixed with a sigh. "Although Yan Xi is similar in age to Ai Jia, people are also well served and do their best. After all, it is shorter when I am with Ai Jia …" She looked up at Jun Moying carefully and prayed for a tunnel. "I wonder if the emperor can let Lian Re come back to spend time with Ai Jia?"
She was uneasy because what happened before was still vivid in her mind, and she was afraid that the emperor would not agree to her request
Although pity is just a slave, it is not worth it if a slave falls out with her.
But the emperor’s mind has always been elusive. Who knows what his attitude towards pity is?
Isn’t that what happened at the beginning? Just take pity from her. If pity comes, it’s her girl …
"Mother, you are in poor health now. I know."
He slowly got out of bed, his eyes were a little lighter than before, his face was calm and his lips were lightly opened.