Both sides have fallen so badly that they have to confront each other again.

Just then, I heard a crowd of shouts and footsteps, and then a group of people rushed in. There were so many people, about sixty or seventy people, that the Peng family had to give way to the exit.
Then Peng Qin came in with the rest of the dozen Peng Jiadi studio security support.
People who came in immediately saw the boxes piled up in the base, but the most striking thing was a pile of gold ingots piled in the middle of the base. Just now, this pile of gold ingots was hidden behind Tian Jiawei, and Xie Cunguan didn’t see it when he rushed in. At this time, Tian Jiawei chased Peng Jiadi and moved the local gold ingots, which was exposed.
At that time, a few bold people rushed to the gold ingot.
"kill!" Gao Qiao Spring City coldly ordered five or six Tian Jiawei to greet the knife light flashing and rush out. Several people screamed and died instantly. These ordinary thugs of various forces competed with Tian Jiawei.
Jiang Enxin, Ran Qiu, Chen Liang and Peng Shan looked at all this coldly without saying a word, and made eye contact with the secret base. Once the Peng family was exposed, all their efforts were in vain.
At present, there are nearly 50 Tian Jiawei in the field, and there are more than 20 others, and 60 or 70 of them have to keep secrets with the Japanese!
Chen Liang looked at Jiang Enxin and nodded gently.
Jiang Enxin sighed, although he hated these Japanese people very much in his heart, but now Peng Jiali had to temporarily close his eyes and look across the crowd to Gao Qiao Spring City.
"Kill all these people first and then solve our problems!" Gao Qiao Spring City immediately understood his meaning and said first.
"good!" Jiang enxin promised one and then called one "kill!"
Take Peng Jiadi and kill him.
"kill!" Gao Qiao Spring City also shouted that Tian Jiawei came from the other side.
At that time, I screamed at the sky.
These people still want to resist, but Uzbekistan is a well-trained samurai opponent, and the defeat is like a mountain, and it falls into pieces and rushes straight down the passage.
But these people rushed out a few steps and cried and rushed back because a group of Japanese armed with Japanese knives rushed in from the opening of the passage. This rush actually dispersed Peng Gudi and Tian Jiawei’s joint potential and directly spread to all parts of the base.
At the end, a dozen Japanese with long knives rushed in.
"Yoshida Shinichi!" Gao Qiao Spring City can’t help but exclaim.
"Don’t come to Gao Qiao!" Should lead a Japanese about forty years old replied.
"Your Yamaguchi group also came to fish in troubled waters!" Gao Qiao Spring City gnashes her teeth.
"Not only did our Yamaguchi group come, but the Inagawa Club and the Kyrgyzstan Club also came!" Yoshida Shinichi smiled very gracefully.
As his voice came in from the outside, two waves of people came in, and there were more than a dozen people in each wave. It was Inagawa Association and people stationed in Kyrgyzstan.
"Marijun, this Tian Shengji is so ridiculous! With so much wealth, the black dragon wants a family to take it all and is not afraid of bulging! " A short but solid Japanese greedily looked at the base boxes and said
Ran Qiu, who came with an arm injury, was cut open by Ma Li with a knife.
Peng Shanwu and Chen Liang had better he and Peng Qin savagely resisted Kimura’s efforts to send Chen Liang into the passage and then rigidly stood in front of the passage until he was cut off by two Japanese long knives, and finally he was supported. Yoshida Shinji cut his throat and Peng Qin screamed and was dismembered by several Japanese people.
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Chapter 12 Waiting for the opportunity
The moon reflects the sea and the night is like water.
A large fishing boat is quietly moored on the surface of the water, and several hovercraft for detection are cruising around the fishing boat. In the ship’s cabin, Xie Cunguan stares gravely at several mercenaries who are busy with knives.
And a few people at this time regardless of don’t talk to eyes kept staring at the radar.
There was a side where Li Mochi sat in front of his head and chewed gum carelessly.
It’s past five o’clock in the morning, and Wang Qiang can’t help but look at Xie Cunguan’s face with a puzzled expression of gratitude. "Wait a minute!"
According to Xie Cunguan’s judgment, when the secret base is exposed by himself, the Japanese will use submarines to transport the most important things out of the base as soon as possible in an emergency. They may not wait until the next day, because when the news is released to various forces in Taiwan Province, it is very likely that the officials will find out that the people sent by Tian Shengji can make a time difference.
Of course, it can’t be completely ruled out that the Japanese were wiped out by Peng Jia and other forces.