"But the house is heavily guarded, it is difficult for outsiders to get in, and they should not go out alone at night. How can outsiders hurt her?" Ruan Li is thoughtful.

"In the evening, there will be some doctors and nurses stationed at home to take care of the evening, and this matter is arranged by me. My father and uncle are busy keeping things, and they will not notice the medical staff …"
"I don’t understand this matter, just leave it to me."
At 7 o’clock in the evening, a nurse wearing a mask brought a miscarriage medicine to Xixi and drank it without thinking. She didn’t notice that the nurse’s eyes were shining with evil light. Chapter 211 Painful decision
In the middle of the night, a wisp of elegant and light flowers lingered in every corner of the house, which seemed to melt into the trace of sadness, but let everyone sleep peacefully.
Everyone fell asleep and went home in silence.
A black extended Lincoln entered the house like a human being, and the car was slender and quite dark. The body was like a reborn shura with a blazing flame from hell, which made people feel afraid and frightened!
When Zhan Ze’s black eyes saw bodyguards lying around in the courtyard, there emerged a frightening soul. It was really … taking me as a thief, but no one could stop me from coming!
He came alone tonight without an attendant, because this is his own business and no one needs to intervene.
It is almost forced to jump into the evening room without waiting for a leap.
There was an extra single bed in the room. Xia Xue slept soundly on the pillow. There was a carpet beside the bed and one bit a few apples.
And that Zhang greatly was lying on the evening side of the main bed, curled up with eyebrows and holding her abdomen gently. What would she worry about if she didn’t spill "baby sleep" in the garden? What’s with the frown? Trouble sleeping?
A deep heartache rippled from my heart and spread to my limbs, brewing a sour taste. I approached and pulled the thin silk quilt to cover her hot palm, gently caressed her slightly wrinkled eyebrows, and my thumb repeatedly dawdled to calm her eyebrows …
Gradually, her eyebrows stretched out and she slept peacefully. She was like a beautiful moonlight fairy. The moonlight shone and exuded a peaceful atmosphere. Her long eyelashes were curved and her eyes were cast in a row of curved shadows. Her delicate lips were lightly sipped with a touch of sadness.
King Zun leaned over his lips and kissed him. This fresh, elegant and charming breath was like a demagogic drug, which made him let go of how much he wanted to keep her and stay with her forever from the first attempt … never to be separated again.
It’s a pity that they are like day and night, and they can’t have sex forever!
The scorching palm slowly moved straight from the evening shoulder to the flat lower abdomen. King Zun suddenly put his evening lips up and stared at her. There was no sign for the time being. The lower abdomen palm gently covered his face and his lips involuntarily bloomed with a happy smile!
This is a natural talent, and my father can ripple this happiness and joy from the bottom of my heart without impurities and spotless.
There is a seed sprouting here, which is the crystallization of our love. You cherish his testimony so much that you have always had me in your heart.
It was lost in a flash, and then those words came back to my mind …
"King Zombie Tears are planted the day after tomorrow, but your toxin will not be left to the fetus, but it has dissolved into every drop of blood in your body. Your essence is toxic, which is likely to cause fetal malformation or congenital deficiency due to placental dysplasia."
"What are the chances?"
"The probability is … 8%!"
"So I’m doomed … not to have children?"
"It’s not absolute, but there is a 20% chance to take risks. If Wang insists on keeping children, he can wait until the placenta grows up before making a decision. When the fetus is seven months old, we can see whether the fetus is completely normal through high-end B-ultrasound color photos. If it is abnormal, then we will decide not to, but it will do great harm to pregnant women."
"Wang Shi, we are very happy that you can have an heir. You are the most powerful leader in the history of the dark night. We hope to have a child with your excellent system to inherit your mantle and lead the dark night to continue to carry forward the dark night!
Over the years, we, the first floor, have been expecting you to choose a woman to be your host, but you seem to be indifferent to all the waitresses in the dark, and you will let them take birth control pills every time they finish, but only this evening has a special liking.
Now that she is pregnant with your heir, this is a very good opportunity. We can try it according to the method of seven instructors. First, we will take the woman to the headquarters and wait for her to be pregnant in July. We will make repeated decisions. If the child is normal, we will leave it abnormal and then do it. "
This remark was made by a ghost. When he said this, he looked more reverent than respectful, but respected the king, which aroused waves in his heart.
Immediately, the statue of the king stared at the ghost with a terrifying eye, which seemed to want to smash the ghost to pieces with a strong murderous look.
"The king is …"
Before the ghost explained his throat, he was strangled by the statue of the king, and the strength was bound to kill the ghost. If it weren’t for Ye Xiong, Lengqin and all the servants kneeling down to beg for the statue of the king, it would kill the ghost.
Later, when Zun Wang calmed down, he made a decision.
This child can’t stay!