Ginger smile in accordance with the face finally smile is disdain more.
"I don’t know whether this is God’s will or not. I know why I want to do that. It’s not good for me to save you, and even if you don’t destroy the present structure of the seal array, it’s impossible for you to escape without disturbing others. What’s the difference between this and destroying this white jade plate by myself? "
"Since I say so, of course, there is a way to deceive them. What makes you and me do this-giggle! Ah Xiao, if I can tell you the reason for the crack expansion of the crystal wall barrier? "
White woman shallow smile turned his head and looked at the purple boy eyes "just listen to you talk to others in the medical building about this matter, I think you also worry about this matter? Do you think it’s okay if I exchange this news for laughter? "
Ginger smile in accordance with the pupil when the white woman is light but smiled and continued, "remember as early as four years ago when the incident ended, you seem to specialize in investigating my origin, so I believe you should also remember that I was not personally sealed by your ancestors, right? Ah Xiao, the autumn leaf reality in your door is to transfer the force of sealing my magic circle to Bai Yupan, a failed artifact. When I was really sealed, it should have been ten thousand years ago, but Ah Xiao, there is one thing you must have missed, right? In fact, the last thing I did before I was sealed was the same thing as what you want to investigate now! "
"Laugh, do you want to know what the purpose of those people is to destroy barriers? Over the past tens of thousands of years, what is the out-of-body experience power of the Yuan God among the practitioners and monsters? And who are those people? "
"Do you know all these things?" Ginger smile in tightly clutched fists suddenly shook and loose again.
"I know a little, but I’m not too clear, but I believe I know something about this for you." The woman in white nodded with a lonely look.
"But you have to think about it. It is because you know that I will be sealed here and they can’t kill me for ten thousand years, so I can be trapped. But if it were you, I should directly erase you."
"This is none of your business!"
A cold hum interrupted each other’s words. Jiang Xiaoyi carefully recalled the structure of a seal array and frowned slightly. "Let’s get this straight. What’s your solution?"
"Why? Interested? " The woman in white laughed and glanced at the purple boy with colorful eyes.
"In fact, it’s not a way to pull. It’s just a loophole in your human thinking."
"Now, several S-level experts in this law school are not interested in sealing the front situation. All I know is that the town demon tower has completely suppressed me because of the method of sealing the power of the array. Every day, there is a demon force that permeates the outside world, but once your new array method is completed, the power of those dozens of Ju Mang array columns alone is enough to weigh me down."
"What I want is to prepare an illusion that can last for a period of time before the transformation of the array is completed, and I can deceive them for a few days after it is completed. What you have to do is to come here with that artifact ten days later and suck my body out of the array. This method doesn’t need you to be outside. Even if they think I’m gone, I don’t think I will doubt your head at that time. What do you think, A Xiao?"
Is it good for inertial thinking? Jiang Xiao rubbed the bar with his fingers, lost in thought.
It’s true that once Lin Tongzhen and several other law school masters were deceived in a few days after the law reform was completed, most of these people were impatient. Every day, God knows how to find out the situation of the demon tower in the town. As far as he knows, Lin Tongzhen is the actual guardian of the law school, but he hasn’t been in charge of the situation of the demon front in the town since the incident in the college three years ago. Even the suppression was given to the two nephews and Luo Yi.
It’s really a feasible and good way to deceive everyone’s perception. There’s 99% certainty that you can deceive Lin Tongzhen, the tired and lazy old guy.
But what about energy? A small part of the energy in Tao Law School is extracted from this demon king, and once the other party escapes-
Shook his head. Ginger smiled and smiled. More than a dozen Ju Mang array columns joined forces to form a dreamlike array. All the energy that the Lich King could generate was different from that of Haoyue compared with Firefly. Who would really care if he lost such a little energy supplement source at that time?
The woman in white couldn’t help but slightly bend her lips. "Laugh at your smile-can I take it as a yes?"
"well! I will come here again in ten days! " Mouth should be a ginger smile in accordance with the look weird looking at cold xuan eyes.
"But one thing I think is that the artifact in my hand can really help you first, but once you enter it, no matter how noble your former identity is, you should be prepared to be a slave for me! Just like the Kyubi no Youko fox in your previous hand now, and it is likely that you will have to back up the demon family-I will come back to listen to your reply in ten days. "
Without nostalgia, I will touch the law hub in my hand, and Yulong Hanxuan will enter his knowledge of the sea. At this moment, I will completely repel Jiang Xiaoyi and frown at the town demon tower.
In fact, even without those messages, he is actually ready to help each other if he can-
Chapter three hundred and thirty elopement
While Jiang Xiaoyi was away from the town demon tower, a huge body twisted a shape in the dark sky in Taki Square.
This is a white scaly dragon-shaped creature with a hundred feet of snow. Even in this shining place, it is still so striking and holy. Its head has two beautiful poles, and its abdomen has five short feet in the same snow color. Its eyes are half closed, and its eyes are as bright as jasper.
Strange to say, this white dragon-shaped creature has a huge body.
But it look like a very slender and beautiful feeling.
And with the seal circle combined with consciousness, a semi-transparent girl’s body appeared in the dragon’s head, floating in the middle. It was in Jiang Xiao’s knowledge that her body appeared, curled up with sad eyes and lost in thought while stroking the scales of the foot dragon.
So it is! Did he really not die in the month?
So I’m afraid he’s working for that kid now?
If there is nothing wrong with her guess, then the artifact in the child’s hand is afraid that besides being able to absorb the demon race, there should be power to control the demon race.
Having been together in this place for 900 years, the little fox is the only person she likes here.
I’m afraid no one in this world can know this Kyubi no Youko fox better than her.
Although he is kind-hearted and doesn’t like fighting, his heart is actually an extremely proud plan
If that kid doesn’t have any special control measures, it’s impossible for Fox to work for him-
There are four years ago that day he absorbed so many demon race afraid is also up to no good!
I can’t believe that there are such artifacts in this world.
The corners of the mouth pulled up a hint of meaning that the girl didn’t smile. She looked up at this piece of dark ink and couldn’t see a glimmer of light.
Just around the white dragon-shaped body of her feet, there are many monster beast bodies. The total number is almost thousands, from the highest S-class to the lowest B-class. Together, it is almost equivalent to a large demon clan.