"What?" Liu Yunfei’s eyebrows can’t help but be filled with anger. "You didn’t plan to refine Dan medicine for my mother from the beginning. Is it good for me?"

Xue Siru sneered, "It is a silly woman like you who will believe that the stunned body can still be saved."
"I killed you!" Liu Yunfei was furious and was about to take out a whip to smash Xue Siru to pieces, but she found that her body was frozen and even the abdomen could not operate!
Liu Yunfei can hold on to her sister Liu Yunping, but she plops down and falls unconscious.
"You …" Liu Yunfei glared at Xue Siru in the same place.
"Ha ha" Xue Siru laughing face upwards "what are you doing here with so many medicine stoves? I am waiting for you to come back! "
Liu Yunfei knew that Xue Siru was not closed until he knew that he had got the medicine, so he arranged the pit and waited for himself to jump.
"What … why do you want to do this?" Liu Yunfei’s teeth are about to grind, and she can’t imagine that her friends who have been dating for thousands of years would benefit herself and deal with herself.
Xue Siru snorted. "You probably don’t know that you are now offering a reward to the mainland? The patriarch of the sword Sect of Ryukyu Heart promised to give you to him, and he would make me the first pharmacist of the sword Sect of Ryukyu Heart. If I can kill you, of course, he will give me two-thirds of the promised benefits. "
Liuyunfei bitterly said, "Are these things really that important? Can’t our friendship for thousands of years compare with these things? "
Xue Siru caught a glimpse of Liu Yunfei like looking at an idiot. "People will change. Who still believes in friendship these days? My friend is coming to sell the house. I have a bright future. My good friend, you should be a captive of Ryukyu sword Sect. 55 Witch.
Liu Yunfei regretted not listening to Lin Yu’s advice when he saw his friend who had been friends for many years.
Although Lin Yu is young, he has unique insights and profound understanding of the world and human nature.
Otherwise, he would never be able to compete with the Yuan clan for so many years.
It is rare for Lin Yu to advise himself, but he insists on not listening to it, which is simply a cocoon.
But what’s the regret?
It’s not that Liu Yunfei doesn’t want to doubt, but that she can’t doubt.
Ouyang Xiu is right. Once Liu Yunfei suspects Xue Siru, that means she suspects that her mother is hopeless.
She can never doubt Xue Siru unless she can see her friend’s betrayal with her own eyes.
In order to save her mother, Liu Yunfei became blind and stubborn, which not only hurt her but also hurt her sister.
Liu Yunfei is not afraid of death, but she is afraid that she can’t save her mother and her sister.
"I have been dating you for many years, so I let my sister go. Anyway, she can’t pose a threat to you." Liu Yunfei said with a heavy heart
Xue Siru’s face gave me a grimace of a grin. "Don’t you understand the truth of extermination?" Besides, since I sold you, is it still your so-called friendship? "
Liu Yunfei was livid, and she wanted to vomit, but she didn’t even have the strength to vomit blood because of the efficacy.
Xue Siru walked beside Liu Yunfei, hey hey smiled. "Well, it’s time for us to join the Ryukyu sword clan …"
Just as Xue Siru was triumphant, her face suddenly changed. Her ruddy face turned black and green.
"Damn it, there is poison in this medicine!" Xue Siru immediately fed himself a pill tray and sat on the ground trying to eliminate the body gas.
If it weren’t for Xue Siru, who was a wonderful doctor, who could control the poison pills at the first time, others would have been finished.
Even though Xue Siru has the name of imperial doctor in the mainland of the sky, she is stretched thin when she faces the poison carefully prepared by Lin Yu.
Lin Yu’s poison is made by mixing the poison of Liwandu Yuanzhu with his poison. Although the toxicity is not as severe as that of pure Wanwanzhu, it is better than concealment.
If pure poison is sure to hide from Xue Siru, Lin Yu has spent some time to reduce the toxicity of poison and mix it with ten kinds of heaven and earth elixirs.
First, heaven and earth elixir medicine gas masked the smell of Lin Yu’s prepared poison, and second, Xue Siru didn’t expect that Liu Yunfei would give her toxic medicinal materials and accidentally took the road.
"This is …" See Xue Siru LiuYunFei this picture briefly become speechless and then thought of the reason.
I feel ashamed when I think of Liu Yunfei, the man who argued with me: "Lin Yu, he even left me a hand …"
"Xiaolian brings me Liu Yunping!" Xue Siru can’t move, can talk or can.
The little girl who looked innocent and evil immediately changed her evil face and took out a swinging knife.
"Liu Yunfei, if you don’t take out the antidote, I’ll let Xiaolian kill your sister!" Xue Siru ruthlessly threatened.
Liu Yunfei said urgently, "This poison is not mine, but I have a way to get the antidote. If you kill my sister, you won’t get the antidote!"
"Give me the antidote first!"
"Let people go first!"
"Give me the antidote first!"
"Let my sister go first!"
When the two men argued, the situation suddenly changed!