"I have donated it. You should go to the auction organizer!" Gao He answered Huang Tian’s jewelry boss with a calm tone after deciding in his heart. It seems that donating it is really an ordinary pendant, and that 5 billion is just a number in his eyes.

At present, when Gao He took out the pendant, it was out of his control. Even if he could take back the pendant, the trouble would certainly continue. It is better to let it go. Anyway, there is no loss for himself.
Brown estimates that he has returned to normal. He thinks that this attempt to crack down on Gaohe has failed completely. Then this sky-high chalcedony is also a good opportunity to promote his industry to the outside world. An excellent businessman is an excellent businessman. Although he was impulsive just now, he still grasped the opportunity accurately after the impulse.
It seems that I promised Gaohe that if no one bids, I will buy it at a hundred times the price. I hope that the old guys who have never known the jewels are also scrambling to buy it. How can there be no buyers and no bids?
"It’s an exciting time for all the distinguished guests to thank Major Camel for his generosity. I reiterate that all the money from the auction will be donated to the Women and Children Protection Association through the company. Now I personally preside over this pendant auction to thank Major Camel." Soon, Mr. Brown jumped off the stage and played the role of host.
"Who is interested in bidding for the reserve price of 500 billion?" Brown, a businessman, is in high spirits. With this chalcedony, this ordinary charity reception will also create an auction history.
Chapter one hundred and thirty Anything goes wrong ()
Like a wise man, Gao He has been watching a scene of rich people in the luxurious hall of the hotel carefully. Just now, he was indifferent to an unknown pendant, waiting for the host to make a small move to advance step by step. After he finished, he was a spectator. Now he learned that the value of jade pendant immediately changed from spectator to insider, but Gao He became a spectator.
Chalcedony can make people crazy, not to mention ordinary people. Even these people are used to all kinds of big scenes and rare things, so are the rich.
Miss Rose is also like Gao He at the moment. She knows more about these people’s faces than Gao He, but it seems that she is much more used to it than Gao He and even watches this scene with a smile.
"Make sure that the camel wore this necklace before joining the army, but it must be his personal property." Parents don’t know where to check a lot and finally determine the source of the Gaohe necklace. "Did we intercept this thing? General! "
"For the time being, I don’t think it’s convenient for me to bring that old guy Richard in front of him. The best outcome is that both parties have it at the same time." The general looked at the scene and didn’t adopt the parents’ practice. "Don’t worry, Gao He still has a piece hanging on his neck. When he comes back, he wants the medical team to participate in the rapid study. I believe you and I can still borrow it and let it be auctioned, but the buyer is strictly monitored. If the buyer has made progress in the research of this thing, let me know as soon as possible."
Gao He knows that General Zhao Qi has sent a fleet to surround the hotel, but he is not sure whether it is because of chalcedony. It seems that the white-haired general at the entrance of the hotel doesn’t know where he has gone, and there is no figure around him. It is estimated that he was protected by Hess in front of the school because of his special status.
Taiwan is still frantically bidding for such a short time, and the auction price of kung fu has exceeded 10 billion. Everyone knows that this small pendant is a gem mountain. If it has its hands, 10 billion is nothing, and another 10 billion can be smashed in and recovered. The price has exceeded 10 billion, but the competition on this line has become more intense. Except for a few people who are not rich enough, they have already left their eyes red.
Taiwan Brown has laughed and his eyes are closing. How can he raise his family to find such a good thing with the help of his rival? The harder they bid, the more attention the audience will pay to the news, and those who don’t watch the live broadcast will be attracted to watch it.
When the time comes, the brand of your family company will also be played out, and the charity aura will also cover your head. You can further promote the security industry of your own flag company. That’s because the army experts have given guidance, and several senior consultants have come, that is, the army retired and was placed in your family by General Richard.
Yu Gaohe, a soldier, will never show his face or spread his name everywhere. Camel? Is that a name? People remember that it will be a charity reception hosted by the Brown family, and the responders will not only have Miss Rose, the super queen, but also such a rare treasure. Isn’t it a word to hold it again?
Besides, the Gaohe took out such a good thing without knowing the instructions, and he didn’t know what kind of cold reception he would get when he went back. It’s almost conceivable that he didn’t have to argue with Miss Rose in front of Gaohe for a while, and sometimes he came to see this guy’s misery. Think about his stupid arrangement just now, and now Brown feels a little naive, but if it weren’t for that arrangement, could he force this good thing out?
On the surface, it is still a normal charity reception auction, but behind it is a frenzy. One can see all the situations in the room. Just white-haired Richard is sitting around, and there is a circle of school officials, all of whom have just come to the hotel with him.
"General, we can’t transfer the troops to this star field for a while." A field officer is reporting to the general. "And General Zhao Qi has sent a small fleet over there to surround the whole hotel. Will it be bad for you? I suggest you evacuate! "
"It’s okay, he’s not ready to turn against me. Besides, he doesn’t care about our strength. He wants us not to provoke him. He has no reason to deal with us." Richard is quite a general now. "The front part is live broadcast. He won’t take drastic action because of this. Wait and see!"
"Don’t we just let that thing go?" Another senior colonel is in a hurry to interrupt. It seems that it is not the rich, and even these soldiers who seem to have been in high positions are not lucky.
"Isn’t it just a valuable piece of jewelry?" Behind a lieutenant colonel is obviously not white chalcedony precious simply treat chalcedony as jewelry.
"Didn’t you hear the expert at the back?" Just interrupted the senior colonel and took a dissatisfied look at the lieutenant colonel. "If the general wears that thing, it is very good for the health." This flattery is just right. Even the general Richard listens behind him and secretly nods in his heart.
"But that’s just a guess. I haven’t seen its real effect yet. There’s no need for this conclusion!" Lieutenant colonel may not know the situation yet, and he is arguing that this level of lieutenant colonel is really not limited. It is normal not to know the secrets of Gaohe.
Senior colonel is general Richard’s personal secret. Of course, he knows a lot of scenes, but this situation can’t be said to be hard and hard. The lieutenant colonel turned to ask for instructions. "General, what do you think?"
"Wait and see!" General Richa doesn’t seem to be in a hurry. "Let them auction that thing to see what Zhao Qi and others really want to do." The senior colonel next to him was just about to say something. The general seemed to know it. He waved his hand. "There is a necklace on the camel’s body that looks more delicate than this. Go and arrange it and see if it is possible for people here to get it from him!"
Everyone in the hall had no idea that they were crazy and there was such a dark tide, and they were still fiercely competing for everyone to try the bottom line of others. At this point, the price increase was not so terrible.
Gao He doesn’t know what, but he always feels vaguely that something is wrong. This isn’t just a feeling. He just felt that soon, although he didn’t know what was wrong, there was always a trace of discomfort. It happened that Gao He went over and secretly told him that there was something wrong and asked him to step up his guard.
Professor Hess is well aware of Gao He’s ability to predict danger. When he heard Gao He warning, he did not hesitate to arrange Gao He to return to Miss Rose’s side, secretly fighting with his arms and waiting for the development of the situation.
"Bang!" The hall suddenly turned into darkness, and all the lights were cut off at the same time. The sudden darkness made the hall scream.
With a scream, there seems to be another man screaming in pain, which sounds like Mr. Brown. Gao He has found a person moving fast at the scene, but so many people dare not casually shoot. He quickly took Miss Rose aside and said softly, "Be careful and don’t move!" Alone in the middle of the hall.
I don’t know how many people hit the road. Although the hall was too crowded, Gao He didn’t dare to speed up. I’m afraid these people are too delicate and expensive to stand up to other forces. I have heard someone fall to the ground and seen the slight flash marks when the troops launched their special weapons.
It must have been the chalcedony that came to Taiwan, otherwise there wouldn’t have been an accident. Everything happened in the dark. It should have been a temporary idea. It was not long before the chalcedony was taken out, and no one would know beforehand.
Someone ran with a slight pitch, and the crane reached out and grabbed it in that direction. There was a very sensitive energy response, and it seemed that there was still some familiarity with the truth. Is it a yogi?
The speed of Gao He’s hand is far from that of the former recruits’ training. Here, the hand has almost reached the show, and he has held a hand. The man seems to have never expected such a change, and he was shocked by the crazy force of holding his hand to retreat.
How is it possible for him to escape from Gao He’s hand like this? A miserable cry across the strength of consciousness. The whole hand holding Gao He’s hand has been crushed into a ball of broken bones by Gao He.
I didn’t expect this. As a result, Gao He never estimated that his hand strength was so great, and his left hand was slightly surprised. In such a short time, people there had already reacted from the severe pain and pulled their hands away. Gao He once again left a pool of ground meat, but then there was a hard thing in his hand that looked like a hilt or hilt.
The light was bright again, and everyone closed their eyes slightly. In the dark, they were used to the eye method to adapt to the sudden strong light. By the time everyone could see clearly, the scene had changed greatly.
Mr. Taiwan Brown was covered in blood, and several security guards and army members around him were covered in blood. There was no complete figure. There was blood in his left hand at the edge of Gaohetai, and it seemed that some flesh and blood were still holding a sword with cold light in their hands, scanning around.
Screaming more violently came from all over the world, and even the rich were no exception. With so many fresh bodies, no one could keep calm.
It was not until his troops and security guards calmed everyone’s mood that everyone was surprised to find that Taiwan’s priceless chalcedony had disappeared.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-nine New ability ()
Although Gao He’s hands were covered with blood, no one in the military would believe that these things were done by Gao He. Hess School didn’t believe that Gao He had just given a warning, and such a thing happened. I’m sure he found something, and it is possible for anyone to kill someone. Only Gao He won’t be the owner of chalcedony because of Gao He.
There is another unbeliever who is Miss Rose. Gao He didn’t jump out until she was arranged. He is not the murderer, but it seems that others don’t think so. Wherever Gao He goes, there will be people scattered far away like avoiding the plague. There is no denying that he is a bit scary now.
Something like this happened inside. General Zhao Qi arranged troops outside and rushed in immediately. When he saw so many armed men suddenly appear, there were still many female guests screaming again. But this time, the military guests were not attending the cocktail party, and those senior generals were polite. They had no place to be, but they could simply summarize their state.
No matter the guests or the workers, everyone is given two soldiers on average. Of course, these rich people are not without status. They also want to show their superiority in front of them, but soon the gun will be fired at any time if they don’t cooperate, so that everyone will be honest.
Only a few people who received courtesy were officers, and the soldiers politely saluted them, and then politely asked them to help investigate the completely different treatment, which made those rich people who just laughed at the soldiers for having no money and no status envious.
Everyone was taken to a room alone, that is, the hotel didn’t arrange guests at all because of the reception, which was just a good place. Everyone was asked to tell their behavior in the dark, and everyone was suspected and needed to be checked one by one.
What happened was not that General Richa was very angry, but even General Zhao Qi was not angry. It is better to know who bought the chalcedony for the military, but there is a way to deal with it afterwards. However, it was forcibly taken away in the middle of the auction and it was still in full view, which made people unbearable.
Gaohe’s status seems to be the highest among the soldiers. None of the soldiers bothered by Gaohe’s blood and sword in his hand. He seems to have been photographed. Gaohe turned around for a while and found no trace of the escaped guy. He could go to Miss Rose with the sword first.
The star is the star, but she still got a mild courtesy. Miss Rose is the idol of several young people, and the position among the soldiers is not inferior to that found by the commander. This petite girl in the curled corner is Miss Rose, the last two soldiers. Not only is it not difficult, but she is very polite. If it is not the current executive army, it is estimated that these two soldiers will ask for autographs on the spot.
With the high crane field to ensure that Miss Rose has nothing to do, two soldiers saluting him arranged Miss Rose in a safe house and Gao He went straight to the scene commander.
The commander is a lieutenant colonel. Gao He has never met him, but the other side obviously knows himself. "What happened just now, Major?" Gao He also regrets that such a thing happened, and recounted what he just felt and himself.
Lieutenant Colonel looked at Gaohe’s sword and then at Gaohe’s bloody hand. He was injured. The horse arranged a military doctor, but the military doctor didn’t come here to dress the wound for Gaohe. There was no wound at the root of Gaohe’s hand. After the flesh and blood were collected, he looked for the murderer’s credentials
After careful counting, four security guards died at the scene, and six members of the army died. In addition, seven people were seriously injured and seven were slightly injured. Two Browns seemed to be lucky this time. The killer didn’t kill him, but he woke up after simple treatment.
Brown was in direct contact with the murderer and was left at the scene, but when he knew what had happened, he let out a scream that was even more horrible than seeing the dead man and immediately fainted again.
It’s not up to him not to faint. This auction shows the scale of the Brown family business. Hotel security guards are all Brown family flag companies, and short-term insurance is also arranged by the Brown family. Simply put, if he loses his things, he will lose millions or tens of millions of dollars. The Brown family hasn’t seen it yet, but now the most valuable thing is the one that seems to have finally bid for about 15 billion chalcedony, and this price is not the final price.
Whether from the perspective of security or insurance, if the chalcedony is not found back, the Brown family will lose more than 15 billion yuan. These things have been done by Brown from beginning to end, and it is not unconditional for the family to let him lead. However, because of his personal feelings and blood impulses, the family has suffered so much, even his own relatives will not let him go easily.
There seems to be no better way for Brown to get rid of this nightmare that was just heaven and then hell.