"Must go and have a look!" Suddenly it spread its wings and the dwarf watched and flew with the jellyfish.

….. at the same time, on the other side.
"I hope you remember how to fight. We are going to face the creator enemy. These things have been harassing us recently, but now we have to end it! Are you ready? "
"honk! ! !”
A white army has been formed in the sea of clouds. General Haas is leading the army in front of a penetrating creature.
This creature is called’ Yunbuchong’. It is five meters long, and its pace and body are as soft as clouds.
"Report!" A white skeleton dragon came running ahead and said, "Scouts report that a large number of monsters like scorpions have gathered in the front college, and there are many eggs around them!"
"An egg?" The general thought, "Ga! They lay eggs there! Move forward quickly! The Chinese troops directly attacked! "
The head of the White Skeleton Dragon Army rang and roared, and a large number of silver ships flew over their heads.
"You heard the general Haas said! Military exhibition attack! "
The whole ship’s troops sped up. In the sky, they can already see the tall college building in the sea of clouds in the distance and a large number of scorpions on their faces.
"The first unit followed me to attack and don’t be surrounded!" The captain commanded the ship’s troops to disperse quickly, while one unit followed the captain and flew forward.
Each ship has two white skeleton dragons, and they can operate all kinds of equipment on board, especially the crossbows in the ship.
Seeing the distant ships approaching the scorpion, they also spread their wings.
"shoot!" At the moment of approaching the target, a number of arrows rained down from the sky, and a large number of scorpions were suddenly passed through by arrows.
Some scorpions fell down and more scorpions spread their wings and rushed to the sky!
"Here they come! Troops on both sides! "
White skeleton dragon has a long-distance communication way to disperse troops on both sides, and immediately they have to aim their penetration at the flying scorpion and shoot arrows again like rain …
A large number of scorpions fell from the sound of silver penetrating the carapace, but some flew to the front of the white skeleton dragon boat
"Ga!" A scream, the white skeleton dragon captain’s head whirled and flew out. It took the spaceship and fell uncontrollably at the same time.
These flying scorpions are not the same as before. Their forelimbs are not pliers, but sickle folded together.
When the sickle crossed the neck of the white skeleton dragon, their heads also fell with it.
Although some of them were shot, the remaining scorpions were close to the white skeleton dragon center team, and they slaughtered the ship white skeleton dragon exhibition.
When the blood splashes, the white skeleton dragons on both sides are difficult to shoot for fear of hurting their companions. They can make close combat methods to help the battle.
But close to the time, the white skeleton dragon is hardly a scorpion opponent …
"They have already fought over there!"
The white skeleton dragon army on land saw the battle in the distance, and General Haas shouted, "The army is ready to charge with the crossbow! Shoot those who can fly! "
"Ga!" The white skeleton dragon army excitedly called them to hold up the crossbow and rush forward with the general. Compared with the Chinese army, their ground troops are much larger, and soon the scorpion will be attacked by more horrible arrows and rain.
Unless …
A group of white skeleton dragons suddenly exploded in the sea of clouds, and a jellyfish with a length of more than 20 meters rushed out of it from the sea of clouds, and all the white skeleton dragons were suddenly knocked out.
"What’s that?" General Haas looked back and saw that the troops behind him were bumped into the huge jellyfish in the middle uplift sea of clouds and then flew out in three places.
They fly to high places and then dive, and the huge tentacles beat the white skeleton dragon of the sea of clouds to fly them to the big hole where they flew out.
Many white skeleton dragons screamed and fell into the hole, and many of them were trying to shoot with arrows. The whole scene was out of control and they could not reinforce the Chinese troops.
"Are those monsters that attacked our village before! General! " A white skeleton dragon said, "They are out in groups! What should we do? General? "
"In this case …" General Haas hesitated for a moment and said, "The Storm Wizard has been sent out."
Chapter two hundred and nine Encounters
Storm wizard is a mysterious profession.
Lin has heard of it, too. It is said that they will appear on the battlefield, and they will summon a strong storm to attack the creatures who dare to fight against the creators.
But that means don’t say summoning storm Lin Yunhai has never seen an ordinary storm.
But there must be expectations for their appearance …
"Ga!" The battlefield white skeleton dragon is now in a inferior stage, in which the army is besieged by scorpions and the army is attacked by jellyfish.
Dozens of jellyfish flew low in the sea of clouds, and their huge bodies knocked the white skeleton dragons flying. Although the sea of clouds could almost avoid falling injuries, these white skeleton dragons were seriously injured the moment they were hit by jellyfish.
Some jellyfish have inserted a lot of arrows into their skin, but they seem to have no intention of continuing the rampage of the sea of clouds
"Let the storm wizard get together! What about the storm wizard? " General Haas rode the cloud walker to the edge of the relatively safe team, and at the same time he shouted as if the storm wizards had to get together to exert their power
"Hey!" And a jellyfish seems to have heard the general call and rushed over here.
General, although the cloud walker can run, it can’t fly, and it’s impossible to avoid jellyfish impact.
General Haas didn’t want to avoid it. He took out a silver alloy rod 30 centimeters long and shook it vigorously. The rod suddenly stretched out and became a silver spear with a sharp head one meter long.