It looks a lot like the propeller of the Ershimin warship. They put it behind the algae and … started it.

Lin saw that they were assembled with a lot of things that looked like stones, but they could move like real propellers.
A burst of burning quail algae was pushed out and left the fog cotton department along the complicated pipeline to re-enter the … thick fog outside.
After flying for a long distance … the algae’ speak’
"no! Leave! Must leave! Low-level sad! "
It seem to give an angry cry.
Lin found that these signals can be translated into many vicious words, but it can also stay here.
And Lin still has some fog and cotton departments of various arms to continue to observe its situation …
The huge picture showing the bus meeting area has not been closed because of the dark algae. It continues to show there and can continue to look at the situation inside.
Lin has been here to know … how it monitors there.
Wu Mian may have some plans for the Star Bus Council … Lin thinks that if we continue to look here, we will know.
At the same time, Lin also pays attention to … The bus there.
This is … near the green world.
Green world hasn’t launched any attacks yet, but the co-captain and the battleship Ershmin are already in a state of tension.
Not long ago, they could find all the green dyes … and all kinds of green things that can synthesize green dyes, making the tenth area of the warship green.
They decided to get green because they didn’t think it was enough.
But the co-captain obviously didn’t want the green fungus inside to pollute the warship, so they found another way.
"quick! Catch that snail! "
The exploration team is moving quickly.
They’re chasing the green creatures here … mutating into giant snails.
These snails used to be called’ brown cloud agate snails’. They were originally’ big’ and could only be as big as 20 cm.
But now … they have grown to be two meters long, all because of the fungi here.
Of course, it is important that this snail secretes green mucus, which can withstand high temperatures and does not change color.
So they decided to collect this mucus and take it back to the painted warship.
The reason was that when they were reading the diary of the manager, the snail in the manager’s room suddenly crawled towards them, so a team member used a flame radiator.
After they got rid of the snails, they found the snail mucus … left it, and all the microorganisms in it were burned to death, but the color did not change.
They also thought of this … it seems very unreliable method.
But there is also a way to get more green.
But it’s too late for them to do anything now, and it’s still so troublesome
The green world is about to launch when it hits Tianshan Mountain.
Chapter two thousand one hundred and thirty-five Have appeared in the world
"Our world is so beautiful …"
"But there are invaders who want to destroy it. They once appeared in the sky and their dazzling brilliance burned our world."
"That’s why we’re here."
"We pray that we … turn our will into strength! We made them angry with us! "
"Our strength! Destroy them! "
Green aborigines
This creature, which looks like half a human body, usually lives in the green world’ moss layer’ near the top position.
Their body structure … is not complicated. They mainly absorb nutrients through the soles of their feet. When they step on the position where there are nutrients, their tiny’ mouths’ will suck food into their bodies.
Relying on the rich nutrients in the moss layer, every walk is a meal for them
But even this simple creature knows how to worship.