Counting the rise of the Pirate King of ghost captain, which enemy is more powerful than him?

But in the end, all the enemies who stood in front of him either became a messenger or got a lunch, which was like feeding an experienced monster, but it made the other side’s strength expand rapidly!
You have a card in his hand, and as soon as he turns it out, one pair of your family has a pair, and as a result, they just throw bombs …
If you want to beat this guy with endless cards, you must never refuel. You must directly send BOSS to crush it with absolute strength!
He has made up his mind to suggest that the Erhuang Temple should put out this pirate force at all costs immediately after returning!
He had a hunch that once he let this guy develop, I’m afraid he would become a menace to the second emperor …
However, his idea is doomed to be realized.
A shadow has quietly appeared. Cloross is almost parallel to the crypt lord, but Cloross doesn’t feel it …
Assassin’s top skills ….. go hand in hand!
For a moment, when crypt lord’s radar alarm sounded mournfully, Cloros felt his scalp explode.
And then … there was no …
Lacquered black dagger pierced the cab of crypt lord!
Cloross, he lived, then he ran away, and then he died …
Field was severely shocked by this scene.
See beheading again, especially when assassins are dispatched …
"Goo ~" Red Dragon swallowed.
"Ghost brother, are you sure … that’s a high imitation?"
Crystallization shield also forget the Shadow stealth system. That’s a unique secret skill. Can it be imitated?
"Of course, the organization must be fine. If you can see the truth, what is the high imitation?" Yun Nie saw fit to force the organization to brush.
"Then … how about copying a arthur king for me?" Red dragon licked his face.
Yun Nie "…"
Arthur king said that the strongest mecha of the Zhongxing Cross Knights has always been the strongest commander of the Knights, so that he can take a plane. For thousands of years, the imperial royal family has made great achievements.
It is said that the same thousand years ago, with the last batch of Star Cross Knights disappearing into the long river of history.
How can you imitate such an old antique without even touching it?
Don’t brag for a second and cowhide will be punctured by these two leng?
"but! According to your current feat accumulation speed, you can work hard for the organization for three years and almost ask the organization to copy one for you. "Yun Nie squints at the price.
Red dragon "…"
You bought a mecha and worked hard for 3 years?
I’ve heard of house slaves. Isn’t this a "machine slave"?
Chapter seven hundred and forty-two Who is for who is against it
I’m stunned to see you sing, and I’ll appear on the scene to assassinate the pirates of the alliance.
"hey! You said that one shadow went to assassinate the pirate king, and when he turned his head, another shadow went to assassinate Cloros. Which one is true? "
"I don’t know. I can’t tell anyway."
"This is not nonsense? Of course, our side is the real thing! The assassination of the pirate king must be a fake! "
"Hey? As if … That’s right. "
"well! It’s worthy of being the first strange assassin in our broken star. Shadow Lord is terrible! "
"Shadow adults terrible …"
"Shadow adults terrible …"
On the other side of the battlefield, the figure was hidden, and the shadow stared at the distant scene.
You just killed Cloross, an impostor yourself? !
But ….. It can also sneak?
The original shadow is the same as others. It was the ghost captain who disguised himself and deliberately copied a strange mecha. However, reality told him that the mecha was the same as himself …!
I am invisible, but the royal secret can come up with the same paragraph …
Are there really other emperors behind each other?
The shadow thinking in front of copying ninja "writing rotifer" is gradually changing.
When problems occur, people are always used to looking for reasons from others instead of themselves.
"No, I have to pass the news to the temple quickly!"
Ghost captain is likely to be behind the mechanical family and the mysterious emperor at the same time, and now he has got a terrible vector engine, and the threat is greatly increased!
This information is very important!
He looked at the place where Cloross was killed.
It’s a pity that the temple still values it. He wants to be released for two years and then he never expected to die in a place like this …
Shadow sighed and just wanted to leave quietly when he heard a burst of cheers from the public channel.
"The shadow adults are mighty!" "Shadow adults terrible …"
Shadow? ? ?”