There must be a certain distance, which can make this place just unaffected. If it is too close, it can’t be blown up.

The general is ready to start the launch sequence …
Tick-tock!’ Suddenly, the general saw the picture showing that he had received a letter from a distance, which came from …
"Six sigma beach? What? There’s a sudden signal coming … What? Is this a distress signal? "
When the general was wondering, there was panic at the same time.
"11 area is damaged! Sector 12 is damaged! There’s a gas leak in area 5! There’s a fire in area 15! There’s a civil quarrel in area 5! Everything is normal in sector 7! Other areas are probably normal! "
"damn it! Hurry up and close the connection doors in those areas! "
This is the main control area of Sigma Beach, and the controller has been busy since just now.
Originally, the work here was very idle, and the work here was empty and democratic. If we slept and played all day, that was a hundred seconds ago.
Just now, all kinds of alarms kept ringing there. They saw that many places on the surface were bombed, so they hurriedly closed all the gas leakage areas.
However, the air leaked here, but the people’s hearing didn’t stop for a while. There was a lot of call information here, and many people kept calling here to ask what was going on.
"I also want to know what is going on!" Here, the main controller looks at a huge image in the hall, showing the situation outside, and sees a hockey puck and a hockey puck flying outside the square when the square attacks.
And when the cube hides, it attacks, and it is very likely to hit …
Boom! ! !’ Suddenly, the virtual people felt that the alarm sounded at the same time. "There are two areas damaged!"
"Ahhh! What the hell is that!" It immediately closed the passage in that area, although it would make little loss, but it would definitely not work like this
"Leave it to me here." Suddenly, an old virtual citizen appeared at the door of the control room.
"You are …!" A virtual citizen here said in surprise, "That famous commander!"
"Yes, I am the famous commander," said Lao Xumin, walking to the front of the control video. "I’m in charge of the command now."
There are many people in Six Sigma Beach who are retired, and so is this commander.
"It seems that those two strange things are making trouble outside?" The commander looked at the picture and said, "Where did they come from?"
I don’t know! Suddenly appear! " A virtual citizen replied, "Are we going to attack? They seem to be fighting each other, so we are affected by the wave … "
"Well …" The commander thought, "The base is all that ice hockey-like thing attacking that square to avoid it. It may mean fighting or waiting for a counterattack, so we are going to attack that ice hockey."
"But …" Another virtual citizen said, "That square sample is like invading us before …"
"Shut up! I am the commander! " Old Xu Min said, "Attack that ice hockey!"
"It’s …"
Meanwhile, outside
After another attack, the ice hockey attack stopped, and it floated in the distance and seemed to stare at the square closely.
The square didn’t stop moving. It kept swinging around as if to lure it to attack.
But the ice hockey didn’t continue to attack, but stood still as if waiting for something, so the square stopped moving
But its position hasn’t changed, and it’s still very close to the position, and it’s still there.
At this time, there was a change. Suddenly, there were many holes in the side, and there was a dazzling light inside the entourage. A large number of missiles flew out of it and turned to the ice hockey.
When the ice hockey saw it, it immediately flew away, and all the missiles followed it and turned to chase it. They followed the ice hockey closely.
Therefore, the ice hockey flashed slightly, and a missile appeared to chase it. Before the missile group collided with each other, fireworks bloomed again in the virtual space.
Almost at the same time, the square seems to have spotted this opportunity. It flashes in an instant, and a light mass is several times faster than it is and goes straight to the ice hockey.
This time, the ice hockey didn’t avoid being directly hit by the light mass. Its shell suddenly disintegrated like ice, and after the shining light passed, there were some ice fragments left in the position of the ice hockey.
"We helped it destroy the ice hockey!" The commander of the control room said, "So the square should know and thank us. Although we don’t know where they come from, but …"
"The eleventh district is damaged again! There is a foreign body breaking in. Repeat, there is a foreign body breaking in! "
"It … what is it doing!" The commander and the virtual people here are surprised to stare at the picture and see the square sticker, and several metal’ arms’ are stretched out from its surface. These arms directly drill into a position that was bombed by a missile just now and hit the emergency gate inside.
However, this arm blocked the passage by itself, and no gas leaked out, but at its end, it sprayed a lot of dust and fog into the passage.
These dust and fog quickly drifted into them and stuck to a virtual body. Suddenly, the virtual body gave a very piercing scream.
"It puts a virus!" A virtual people frightened, "attack it quickly! Attack it! "
Just when they panicked, there was a flash of light outside, and a missile with special signs suddenly appeared there.
The missile flew to the square and flew past at an extremely fast speed …
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-five Collapse place
"Uh-oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! ! !”
This is a gray day in the virtual world, and a large group of creatures are rushing in the streets.
This group of creatures is completely white. If you look closely, you can see that this layer of white is actually composed of dense silk threads, which is the concrete composition of these creatures.
They are therefore called fungal organisms.
Although there are various forms, one of them is quite conspicuous, that is, fungi and virtual people, but they are different from virtual people except for their appearance.
They move their six limbs, add some tiny barbs to their hands and feet, and they can jump and run on the walls of buildings, and some of them can even stick to hyphae and swing around, just like those’ heroes’ with special abilities in the shadow of virtual people
Nowadays, these’ heroes’ have killed the imaginary people against each other, and their number may be tens of millions or more. Now their brains are full of hyphae, and all they want is how to kill the normal imaginary people and turn them into their own.