"Oh, it turns out that it was you who borrowed Joe’s body to talk to me." Yang Ye nodded. "I still have a question …"

Yang didn’t finish his night talk. Mu Mingfeng closed his eyes and smiled and waved his hand. "Okay, okay, Master Yang, I can roughly guess what questions you have. I’ll explain them to you." Then Mu Mingfeng went to the window and slowly turned around. "Let’s say that Master Qiao Sanyang must remember that you met him in the Stone Islands, and not only beat him up, but also said that he was a Mu family member and wanted to frame things for my Mu family, didn’t he?"
Yang night nodded with a smile. Nan Rong Phantom turned around and looked at Yang night. He didn’t know these things.
"Joe three later recognized Mr. Yang. You caught you in front of the cold sunset, but the cold sunset didn’t believe him. He scolded him and ran away. Hehe, Joe three wisely came to me and told me that Mr. Yang’s gentleman was going to frame our Mu family." Mu Mingfeng took a few steps forward and walked to the small bed. "I thought Joe three was a good man at that time. He could betray his original owner so easily. When I trained him for a while, he became my person."
"Is it your tool?" Yang night sneer at a.
Mu Mingfeng held a cup hand and made a finger at Yang Ye. "Well, you can say that. Hehe, everything is my tool for me, including those pregnant women and babies whose lives are mine." Talking, Mu Mingfeng laughed wildly. "Ha ha ha ha ha, young gentleman, you hit Joe three twice. I won’t say it for the first time. When Joe three told me, I didn’t believe it at all, because according to my previous knowledge, the young family gentleman was just a cynical playboy, but the second time I believed in Joe three’s body. I believe what I know. Although I don’t know how you became a thoroughly remould oneself, you are really different. Joe San is already a killing machine. Ordinary people can never be his opponents, but you killed him, so I know that Master Yang is very powerful now. "
"You’re welcome. Did you guess it was me who broke in?" Yang night smile embrace the fuels.
"Well, the warehouse was not killed and so many bodyguards can kill me. It’s easy to defeat the evil Fupengtian, and there are you, Master Yang, among the people I know." Mu Mingfeng smiled and raised my hand to guide the glory illusion. "I really guessed that I was Yang Xu, the second young master of Yang’s family, but my figure was not like it, but it was more like what I knew. Besides, after Master Yang Zhen died, I heard that Master Nan Rong had been with Yang’s family, so I wanted to be able to be loyal and courageous enough to accompany Master Yang to my mu.
Nan Rong Magic curled his lips and stared at Mu Mingfeng mercilessly. "I’m flattered if you don’t praise me."
"But I’m curious, when did Nanrong’s gentleman have such a powerful kung fu?" Mu Mingfeng squinted at Nan Rong Magic. "Since Mr. Yang can know that Joe No.3 Middle School is a mastermind robbery, I think Yang’s family or Nan Rong’s family must also have a master of witchcraft, right? Don’t the two gentlemen also practice witchcraft? "
"No, no!" Yang night waved his hand and smiled. "The two of us haven’t reached the realm of Mr. Mu yet."
"Mu Mingfeng, is it because of my father’s witchcraft that you are a ghost?" South glory magic in the previous step suddenly shouted
"Don’t you believe me now?" Mu Mingfeng raised an eyebrow. "Hehe, let’s just say I did it, including Master Yang Zhenkui’s whole thing, okay?"
"Don’t you just want to get so many babies’ baby blood? This is my father’s witchcraft. "Yang Ye also smiled meaningfully." But this witchcraft is too low-level, hehe. "
"This all know that I really look down upon Yang gentleman ha ha.
Oh, yes! "Muming wind leaned slightly toward Yang night." I couldn’t go to Mr. Yang when your father died. I’m sorry for your loss, by the way. "
"Thank you" Yang night nodded "and what is Bai Jingjing’s witchcraft? I hope that Mr. Mu will also explain it together. "
Bai Jingjing?’ Mu Mingfeng was one leng and then Ma laughed. "I’d like to explain, but … you know there’s no need to do too much, and we really don’t know about it. Of course, you can count me in."
Yang night startled a MuMingFeng said don’t know? Is he lying? But he has said so many things. Is it necessary to hide this one? Is it really not him? Shit! Is there anyone else?
South glory magic clenched his fist and shook his neck around and said with a smile, "Are you finished with Muming wind gentleman?" Are there any last words? "
Mu Mingfeng burst out laughing. "Ha ha ha ha ha Nanrong Gentleman, don’t be so impulsive. One more thing, I’ll tell you about it. Do you remember that Mr. Yang was kidnapped and Miss Nanrong was kidnapped? That’s why I sent someone to do it. I didn’t expect Mr. Yang to be so great at that time that he could accept those people I paid to leave safely. "
"We know this. Is there anything else to say?" Yang night eyes also fierce.
Mu Mingfeng took a step back with a smile. "I know, I know that the two gentlemen must really want to kill me now, right?"
Nan Rong magic gnashed his teeth and stared at Mu Mingfeng. "Hehe, you still know this, but I won’t be so cheap. You won’t let you die so happily!"
"Hehe, Nanrong Gentleman, I didn’t kill your father once, and I will try not to miss the second time." I also raised my thumb with the other hand and then pushed a pair of glasses, and my eyes became gloomy. "Hehe, there are two gentlemen who know why I will tell you so many things?"
Yang night and south glory magic looked at each other and looked at Muming wind at the same time.
"Because you won’t have a chance to tell these things to others, hahaha." Mu Mingfeng slowly picked up the cup with a smile. "Two gentlemen are very happy that you will be my witnesses of Mu Mingfeng’s rebirth. I will leave you a corpse and send it back to your respective families."
Mumingfeng said, taking the cup to his mouth and gulping it down, spilling some milky liquid around his mouth.
Yang night one leng, the in the mind a vibration up hastily glanced at the bed, the little girl is still in a coma, but it seems that the clothes haven’t been put away! Did this Mu Mingfeng actually do something to the little boy while we were fighting with Peng Tian just now? What’s that milky liquid? Don’t you just hear in the small garden of Mu Mingfeng’s bedroom that "little girl’s milk burst" means … means little girl’s * * …? Are you kidding?
Mu Mingfeng raised his hand after drinking a few mouthfuls, but his fingernails and forehead hummed and drew a wound. Blood immediately flowed from the wound to Mu Mingfeng’s eyebrows, and his eyes soon filled his whole face. The bloody Mu Mingfeng looked more ferocious than smiling at Yang Ye and Nan Rong Magic. He raised his hand and poured the remaining milky liquid down the head wound.
Moment MuMingFeng forehead wound blood splashed out violently, the wound was also along the sides of the forehead to both sides of the cheek bursting to bursting parts pull bloody veins stood out staggered.
Yang night and Nan Rong were stunned. wait for a while looked at what was happening in front of him. How could the Muming wind change like this? Is this a kind of witchcraft? Mu Mingfeng actually practiced witchcraft himself?
Incredibly, Mu Mingfeng has torn the whole face from raw flesh, and the skin root can’t see the bloody facial features clearly, and the blood-spattered wound has cracked to the shoulder and is still splitting along his arms! At the crack, the flesh is sticky with mucus, revealing the muscles and tendons that are bleeding inside. Just at the crack, the muscles are pink and white, but they are instantly immersed in oozing blood.
The whole room is a quiet night and the southern glory illusion can clearly hear the sound of Mu Mingfeng’s body being raw and cracked, and with a skin crack and blood popping out from the crack, a light thin blood fog has formed around Mu Mingfeng’s body at close range …
"Not quite right! Nanrong Magic Hands-on! " Yang night tightly frowning bass said has a dashed past punches.
The terrible thing is that Yang Ye’s punch is as soft as hitting an airbag, and his strength is completely digested!
South glory illusion has also rushed to the two people’s fists and feet, and they are constantly cracking. The whole body is like a metamorphosis, but it has no effect except that the fists and feet are covered with blood.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ….." Muming wind suddenly burst out laughing, which was very strange. Yang night hesitated to pull Nan Rong Magic back one by one.
Mu Mingfeng’s blood fog around his body gradually dissipated, and the whole person’s skin has been completely cracked. It looks like the whole skin label has been cut off by dissection. From the head to the whole body, muscles, tendons and blood vessels are exposed outside.
"Did the two gentlemen scare you?" The whole face is bloody and the eyeballs are bare outside. Mu Mingfeng can still speak without his lips, mouth and teeth. The whole row looks ugly, disgusting and horrible.
"Try again!" Yang night said two people at the same time to MuMingFeng jump to kick up.
This is definitely a fist-to-fist feeling. Mu Mingfeng was beaten and lost, and he kept going backwards and slamming back and forth.
Yang night and Nan Rong illusion are impatient to try their best to attack and put the normal to Mu Mingfeng, so that ordinary people have already been beaten out and died, but in front of them, Mu Mingfeng has no idea how to attack without falling to the ground, and is pushed back by the hitting force.
But surprisingly,
Yang night and Nan Rong’s illusion saw Mu Mingfeng’s eyes flashing and sharp with sarcasm. Although his face could not see the expression, it was Mu Mingfeng who smiled!
And being beaten backwards, Mu Mingfeng faintly seems to have grown new skin from his face! Yang Ye and Nan Rong Phantom got a fright at the same time. It’s not an illusion to look carefully! Really grow new skin, just like baby skin, pink and tender with moist juice.
"What’s the matter! Can’t kill him! " South glory illusion has been playing more and more impatient, desperately waving fists and shouting.
Mu Mingfeng’s eyes changed from contempt to fierceness. Yang night saw the in the mind and suddenly hugged Nan Rong’s illusion, but Mu Mingfeng had already made a move. It was a slap! ?
This slap captured the strength of Nan Rong’s magic shoulder, which made Nan Rong’s magic stumble and fall out together with Yang Ye.