For a moment, Su Ling’s nose suddenly jumped into the faint Long Xianxiang flavor. This is also the first time that she and Huang Yin’s dust are so close. Because this fellow actually leaned over in front of her with bare arms, Toshiko and she were almost close at hand!

And those powerful long arms also instantly buckled the handrails on both sides of Su Ling! Yo, ho, ya. Still hot? !
No matter Su Ling’s heart scoffed at the burning dust, his eyes were as deep and dark as those of an ancient well, and he couldn’t see the edge. With the two men looking at each other, Su Ling felt that he couldn’t see anything in his eyes except a sharp one!
"Are you really dying in the palace today?" Burn assumed dust Su Ling cheek close at this time, he seems to be gathered before playing tricks on Su Ling mind instead of a serious look at her eyes deep pupil thin lips spit out breath and spray Su Ling cheek.
Su Ling eyes moment not instantaneous looking at the burn assumed the dust slightly sip lip Angle eyes turned and said "is the so-called ignorance of sin! Burn assumed the dust I don’t know Gulan … "
"Wang said it wasn’t her!"
Su Ling’s words are not finished yet, but Huang Yin’s dust is directly interrupted! There seems to be signs of recovery in the calm and faint tone!
See, why can’t you talk properly? Do this every time when she’s scared!
"What do you say? You can’t even say it. How dare you say it? You have a long mouth? " Su Ling’s sex must be smooth and smooth, and she may be able to talk well with each other.
But burn Yin dust must be as cold as a stone in the face of women and never know tenderness is a thing! This is not two or three sentences together with Su Ling’s stubbornness, and both of them have been ignited and have not stabbed each other, even if it is peaceful!
"Su Ling put your teeth sharp mouth! If you want to live in this world for a few more days, don’t try to fight against Xiao Cong. You can’t afford to lose! "
Yes! Here we go again!
Su Ling lowered her eyes and listened to the words of Huang Yin’s dust, sighing secretly, and then her brow quickly crossed a bit tired! I don’t want to say anything!
A stubborn man will always cling to his own ideas!
Why don’t you want to think about when she Su Ling took the initiative to harm others? Or did she deliberately stir up trouble?
Hector even jinse looking for her trouble is not because of his calf? !
And now she’s being rude to her, but she won’t listen!
"Report to the third master that the soup is stewed!"
Jade appeared to break the silence deadlock for two people almost again. Burn three-dimensional dust straightened up and looked askance at the door of jade carrying soup, and then looked at Su Ling’s slight silence. This just said, "Order people to wait on the princess to bathe and change clothes! This soup is for you to watch the princess drink! "
Before the door of the cave came back, I felt a strong wind blowing by my side, and I looked carefully at the flat-chested third master and disappeared!
It’s almost time for Su Ling to sit in the chair and look at the night outside! Does she deserve this tonight? !
Finally opportunistic, this road has gone further and further!
Su Ling, however, showed a soft acupuncture point when Huang Yin’s dust left the room, and it was also solved by leaving Huang Yin’s dust in the middle of the night!
This fellow is really an exhibitionist!
"Princess, are you all right!"
The breeze carries the soup door, but this time he has learned his lesson! Listen to Su Ling’s light call from the ear with eyes closed, and let him ask unexpectedly!
Su Ling took a casual look at the jade breeze, feeling sticky and wet, which made her feel uncomfortable and didn’t want to say much. She rubbed her sour hemp arm and dragged her skirt with moisture and said, "I’m not a princess in the jade breeze, so just call me Su Ling, and you can drink that king soup!"
Lin Feng was surprised, "Does Wang Hao say this?" Even if you are in doubt, you must close your eyes!
Su Ling walked to the door with a faint self-deprecation on her lips and teeth. "I’m your prince’s side princess now. I can’t afford it!"
Smell speech in the breeze body that this time is accurately blocked Su Ling is about to leave, eyes closed, but solemnly said, "The princess must have been unaware of the imperial decree made by the Empress of the Palace in the afternoon. That imperial decree was not carried out. It was Third Master who asked the Empress to take it back! The princess is still a princess! "
Su Ling "…"
She left the palace after she left the palace in the afternoon. She didn’t know that she had been killed as a princess. I never imagined that it was her with the darkest heart!
She was happy that she had been cut off from the princess, and then he came and made her feel worse? ! No wonder he said something about the palace just now, referring to the situation of her Phoenix Palace! I don’t really doubt how he grew up!
Today, after updating the chapter, one hundred people will meet with Cliff Mountain!
After returning to Xiyuan from the room, Su Ling retired at this time, and the clothes were cool. Sitting in the bath bucket, she was finally able to wash off the smell of Long Xianxiang.
If she is in such a mess now and returns to Xiangfu in time for this, she may scare her mother and father and have to bow her head this time!
But burn assumed dust your ya also don’t satisfied this time!
Ya heart is too dark!
But is this fellow really an exhibitionist when he runs out naked in the middle of the night?