Ji Zhong hurriedly waved Ma Li to let everyone retire and wait for him. This bear followed Bai Qin to listen to the bamboo porch

Compared with Anguo Houfu, the Qutai Palace in the Happy Palace is a mess.
Many things in the hall of Qutai Palace were destroyed, and Buddhist Yan Qin smashed everything in the hall.
Both Qutai Palace Handmen and Eunuchs are their own lords. This is because they are beaten. This is because they have been pecked blind by eagles. His generation thinks that they are not only proficient in the five-element hexagrams, but also good at making poison martial arts.
All this makes him very conceited. He always insists on thinking for himself that everything will come naturally.
But now he didn’t expect to destroy a little girl’s hand.
Of course, he believes that he can’t go wrong when he sees that the little girl will make the princess create her own skills. Cha didn’t go deep into it. At that time, he tried to seduce the girl and didn’t even explore her life.
Now that he thinks about it, he hates to beat his head. If he probes, he will find out the truth.
I want to slap myself with a big ear and scratch a bitch when I think that I have an expression on a servant girl. What does he show?
Yan Qin at the thought of this hand is a palm boom out of the hall on one side of the chair is destroyed.
The eunuch and others outside the temple dare not say anything.
Just then, a maid-in-waiting rushed over to respect and guard the door eunuch and said, "Princess Zhu was sent back and her ass was spent."
This is still the eunuch who saw that the Buddhist was a red man in front of the emperor, or he would have smashed his ass.
But even without a heavy fight, it was badly hurt.
And Zhuinfanta is crying and screaming to see Buddhist adults.
Yan Yunluo and Qutai Imperial Secretary didn’t know that Yan Qin had discovered the truth, but only when Yunluo was loved by the Buddhist cousin would she come to leave.
The eunuch guarding the temple gate also dare not make the decision and dare to report to the outside that "the Buddhist adult Princess Zhu was sent back and she wants to see you."
Buddhist Yan Qin’s charming face is dense with a smile that can’t be bloody. She wants to see him. Hehe, wake him up. How stupid is he? Does he regard a bitch as a treasure?
She had the face to see his Buddhist blood red, and her eyes strode all the way out of the hall.
When he walked out of the door of the temple, the eunuch breathed a sigh of relief, but when he looked up, he was shocked to see the Buddhist again.
Although Buddhist adults have always been evil, they have never been so horrible. They are all dressed in Shaqi and red with a pair of pupil eyes as if they were monsters.
No one dared to look up, but Buddhist Yan Qin walked all the way out to the Piandian.
Yun Luo was knocked unconscious before, and then she was carried back to the bed and touched her wound. She was so painful that she sweated and woke up.
When she woke up, she cried first, then thought of Hui Wang Xiao Qing Qing and cried again. Finally, she thought of the Buddhist adult who loved her dearly, so she couldn’t help but feel wronged. She was beaten and injured. This cousin hasn’t come to see her yet.
So she asked the maid-in-waiting to invite Yan Qin to come over.
Now her only hope is the Buddhist temple. He was so protective of her in the previous hall that he would definitely find a way to clean up Su Wan for her.
Cloud rose thought of Sue wan whole face some twisted fingers severely pinched bed bedding.
Now she can’t say how sorry she is. She knew why she should be so kind to her when she killed that woman. If she agreed to marry Huiwangdian, she wouldn’t betray her, and there wouldn’t be so many things.
Yun Luo was thinking about the foreign teacher Yan Qin coming in. As soon as she came in, she ordered the ladies-in-waiting behind her to "wait far outside the temple"
Maid-in-waiting paused, and then withdrew spontaneously. There was still a look of leisure in her face. Buddhist adults won’t start work on this little cousin, will they?
However, the ladies-in-waiting have some regrets. Buddhist tastes are really bad. This Pearl Princess is really not an excellent woman.
Although it’s ok to dress up and look at it, you can put it in your daughter group, which is really a unique person.
Look at the beauty of the monarch in Linyang, just like a peony in full bloom.
Look at the Qingling County Master, who is not only beautiful but also soft and cute. When he smiles, he can really melt people’s hearts.
In addition to these two outstanding women, there are also many outstanding women in Kyoto, the place of western Chu. If the Buddhist adult wants what kind of woman, why does he prefer such a woman?
Of course, maids dare to whisper in their hearts and dare not say much.
At the sight of Yan Qin coming in, Yunluo burst into tears. She saw Yan Qin’s red eyes, and she didn’t doubt that he was still Yan Qin. This was because she loved her dearly.
Cry more sadly.
She just slapped her face and slapped her hard.
Playing Yunluo with stars, a mouthful of blood mixed with blood at the same time, and two teeth show that Yan Qin is a malicious hand
What do you mean, Yunluo was stunned? She looked at Yan Qin stupidly.
At the moment, she feels that the brain root is not in charge.
Poisoned when you come, and then you’re still poisoned 116 Xiaoxiang fans carnival, about the great god, grab the gift!
Then I was beaten twenty times, and now I’m slapped, even my teeth are knocked out.
Yunluo felt that she had a feeling that life was worse than death.
"Shut up. You scream again and I’ll sew your mouth."