"Who is not as good as you!" Xie Cunguan was angry. Although they didn’t fight, Xie Cunguan was sure that you lost to him.

"Are you sure you are better than me? Now compare with me? " Guo tread Lu stared at his shoulder with malicious intent.
"You-"Xie Cunguan depressed to vomiting blood double arm swelling pain this guy is pure fall.
"Ha ha! Happy! " Guo Mouren laughed at the sky and became a hero in the Jianghu. It is "the enemy is also a kind of loneliness …"
Xie Cunguan really wants to vomit blood!
There’s nothing to say in the afternoon after class. It’s really easier to be a freshman. Xie Cunguan went to the school library to check the information. Today, he checked things about guns, but all of them are gun performance data, but none of them are similar to shooting tutorials. But think about it, it’s also the national gun control. How can there be shooting tutorials? If there are, they will be in the military academy and will not be put in the National Library.
But when it comes to guns, he thinks of listening to Huang Shihong tell some Jianghu stories.
Huang Shihong is a native of Chaoyi, Shaanxi Province. Chaoyi used to be a county, and later the country was revised to build Sanmenxia Reservoir. The reservoir area of this place was planned to be removed from the county and the rural immigrants merged Chaoyi into Dayi County. Huayin and Huaxian County were adjacent to each other. During the past Republic of China, Erhua area was famous for bandits’ nests, and there were many stories.
Everyone doesn’t think much of bandits, but in fact, everyone who started a tie rod is a local artist.
These talented people naturally have their own advantages! Huang Shihong once told Xie Cunguan that in the past, the bandit leader’s favorite gun was a German-made 20-gun mauser pistol, which was commonly known by locals as a mirror box with a large amount of ammunition, but these bandits’ guns were different from those of regular troops.
The bandits’ leaders take 20 shots, and the first thing to do is to file the sight flat, because most of them put their guns in their waists, and it is easy to hang on their belts when they draw a gun. They are all eating with their heads dry, and there is a fast word for everything. Many times, if you draw a gun slowly, you can lie on the ground and enjoy the fire. The sight files flat and draws a gun much faster.
But a gun files the sight. How to aim?
Don’t worry, these bandits don’t aim at them at all. They don’t like to aim at them with guns. It’s too slow to aim again! They like to fling their guns! Is to draw a gun and hit the target in the course of the round.
According to regular troops and gun experts, it is impossible! Aiming at the cause of uneven strength, such as recoil, breathing and pulling the trigger, you can’t know the situation. You take turns to fight, but it’s amazing that these bandits are all good at throwing guns.
It’s quite famous that Ma Zhenwu, a big bandit in Chaoyi, Dali, Weinan, was nicknamed Ma Laojiu, and he was good at throwing a gun. It was said that Ma Laojiu had gone out with a good friend to walk his horse outside the south gate of Chaoyi. It was the farmer who went to the city in the morning market. Ma told his friend that I could call this person fuck so far, let him squat, let him get up, let him run and let him stop.
The friend didn’t believe me. "Do you have that loud voice?"
Ma Zhenwu pulled out his waist and said, "Look, I’ll make him stop!" A shot of cutting hit the man in the original leng. It turned out that Ma Zhenwu shot past the head and the bullets burned the man’s hair.
"I let him squat!" Mazhenwu added, two shots passed over the man’s head again.
The man squatted down in fear.
"I told him to get up!" Ma Zhenwu and two bullets from people’s ass will burn pants.
The man was frightened and hurried up.
"I let him run!" Mazhenwu and two bullets were pasted on the man’s neck and passed by.
Scared, the man trotted forward. Ma Zhenwu shot twice again, and the man was almost there.
Then Ma Zhenwu said, "I told him to stop!" Three shots in a row passed over the tip of the man’s nose, and he was too scared to move. He cried and shit, and he looked around and didn’t know how to play.
Ma Zhenwu laughed and took out five pieces of ocean to make Ma Bian around him take it to scare the man.
Although it is a story, it is also said that at that time, the bandits threw their guns. According to Huang Shihong, throwing guns is actually the same as darting. But in the past, many people in Wushu were able to hit the wall with ten darts, which was a process of familiarity.
The same is true for throwing a gun. The throwing force, the direction and the timing of the gun form a conditioned reflex with the target. The energy bomb hits the target in a joint effort that has been tempered for thousands of times, but this force is the driving force of gunpowder on the bullet, which is the result of several bombs.
At that time, when Huang Shihong told this story, Xie Cunguan said to listen, because he had no idea that he would touch a gun one day, but now being a gun has to become his skill. At that time, Xie Cunguan thought of this. If he can play a good hand and throw a gun, isn’t it awesome! Of course, this is definitely an idea of burning money, but it is that kind of idea that when it comes out, it will burn like a fire. It’s hard to learn more every year! Anyway, there’s Mr. Worm’s money to make a bottom.
Of course, it is better to practice guns before the May 4th Movement. After all, I heard that this bullet is cheap.
Moreover, he has the basic skills of training darts by Huang Shihong, who should be able to practice faster. Besides teaching Xie Cunguan martial arts, Huang Shihong really trained him a lot of tricks in the Jianghu. Thought of this, Xie Cunguan returned all his gun records. This is a physical activity like martial arts and how much knowledge he has in his brain.
When learning to drive, it must be Saturday and Sunday. Usually, Guan Xie arranges to practice gun and mind boxing for an hour. Naturally, he also practices it every day, and he has added long-distance running every morning and evening. Because Yan Pei listed a training list for him, there is a long-distance running. Although he can’t finish what Bai Yan Pei’s organization will let him do now, he feels that these things are all martial arts, guns and sharp weapons, and guns must be the sharpest one. Practicing them well is definitely the most secure for his own future.
So in the shooting club, there is one more person who makes many gun practitioners look crazy.
In particular, the female coach assigned to Xie Cunguan repeatedly asked Xie Cunguan to come according to the rules and standards, but Xie Cunguan refused to listen to him. He always raised his hand and then fired a gun, so he didn’t know where to fly. After several times, the female coach said that it didn’t matter how much money you had. Anyway, it was cheap for you to burn the May Fourth bullet at will, even if it was here, it would cost five yuan to give this goods a membership price, and you would have to throw it at will.
Xie Cunguan’s heart is in tears every time he throws a gun! Two and a half dollars! Throw another shot for five bucks! Every night, I have to throw a few 250 s, but there is still progress for almost a month. After I don’t know how many 250 s, I finally achieved the gun target. But the target is the first step of the Long March. Because the more accurate I am, the more I pay. It is as easy as the exam is 60, but the harder it is, especially when it is 90, every step forward is very difficult. Then, at this time, it is very difficult to get the goal.
Xie Cunguan has been busy with his own training recently and has no heart for other things.
Ye Zhun-xing came here this time to feel that he can fight with Sun Jianan, but it’s hard for him to be at a loss. He wanted to beat Sun Jianan in the past, but now he hesitates to beat Sun Jianan.
When Sun Jianan finally left, she told him to get the divorce papers ready, and she signed them at any time.
Ye Zhun-xing didn’t send it to her, and she didn’t ask it again, but she didn’t even ask a question for nearly two months. In the past, Ye Zhun-xing wanted a divorce, but the real Sun Jianan didn’t pester him. Moreover, he realized that Sun Jianan still loved himself. Otherwise, so many people in the capital were chasing her, actively entering the family and being good at martial arts. It was not without it, but Sun Jianan couldn’t win him. Ye Zhun-xing was fine.
But Sun Jianan finally chose her, and Sun Jianan is indeed a leaf star, and he managed to catch up with her.
So at this time, if he is in trouble, how can he lose and win? It is said that there is really no one who has a positive idea in the matter. What’s worse, there is another one who has been with him for several years. He manages the veteran bar Tangya.
Chapter 69 Divorce is also a ceremony?
Sun Jianan sat stupefied in front of the coffee table in the living room with an opening letter, which was not sent by the post office but brought back by his sister Sun Shengnan. The writer was Ye Zhun-xing, and a photo of Ye Zhun-xing and her was also in the middle. It was a photo of life. Ye Zhun-xing was dressed in casual clothes and smiled sweetly.
That’s a picture of two people going on an outing together when they were just married.
How close they were at that time, but now Ye Zhun-xing wants to say something to her, but it’s a letter. Sometimes lovers will express special things by note or letter, which is a romantic feeling, but now this letter from her husband is telling her the fact that their marriage has broken down.
The letter is simple: ask her to go through the divorce formalities one day and compete with her in martial arts.
When Sun Jianan looked at the letter, he felt ridiculous to the extreme. Is this still the Ye Zhun Star who lost himself from a promising civilian cadre to the most difficult Yunnan border and almost lost his life? Is this still the Ye Zhun-xing who expressed her affection for her generation after her wedding? Not only does he have a woman outside, but he is determined to divorce himself! Now even after the divorce, I have to be proud of my martial arts and crush myself.
Sun Shengnan accompanied Ye Zhun-xing to practice, and she knew that because the two sisters were not talking about each other.
And Ye Zhun-xing’s progress, she also knows that she can feel Ye Zhun-xing’s amazing progress from her sister’s description, but her sister vowed that Ye Zhun-xing would resume her marriage if she won, and she could secretly smile! What a silly girl who was sold by others and helped count the money.
Now it seems that divorce first, then fighting and recovery? What a joke!
However, she was sad and didn’t have much hatred for Ye Zhun-xing, because at this moment, the sharp pain in her heart made her really understand her feelings, that is, she never admitted that she really loved Ye Zhun-xing, not because she sympathized with him. Of course, sympathy is also part of their love, but it is not a department.
It turns out that the person who has always looked down on Ye Zhun-sight has been somewhat romantic and divorced from reality, and some childish people have been deeply branded into their hearts without realizing it. At one point, she attributed her reluctance to lose face to Ye Zhun-sight, but when today’s day is doomed to lose face, she didn’t lose face at all. Instead, she worried about how to lose that person and regretted the pain.
She is no longer the arrogant Tigress in Beijing and Kowloon, but a poor woman who knows her feelings after she knows them.
They have never had children since their marriage. Yezhun has asked for a child again and again. She doesn’t want to have a child to hold her career back. In her past, she felt that it was a gift to marry Yezhun herself. It is also appropriate for him to make some sacrifices. But today she wishes she could have a child, a child with Yezhun herself.
It is only today that she understands that the value of both men and women in love lies in each other’s love for you.
You are a fairy or an angel when the other person loves you! But when the other person doesn’t love you anymore, you are nothing!
Sun Jianan didn’t go to receive the letter, but it was just on the coffee table after reading it. She got up and went upstairs the next day, and she had to have an image that would make him leave a good impression! It’s also a tournament day. She once respected every opponent who competed with her, so she also respected her former husband that day.
But when Ye Zhun-xing and two men appeared at the gate of the Civil Affairs Bureau early the next day, Sun Jianan’s hands trembled slightly, and she felt a sense of help for the first time.
However, she soon suppressed the image of Sun Jianan, who was abandoned by people, but not weak. She was still the man in Beijing and Kowloon who was afraid of tigress and the chief instructor of the Secret Service.
When Ye Zhun-xing saw Sun Jianan, he was in a trance for a while, as if he had returned to that year, but he was one of her many suitors in those years, but today he is her legal husband, and of course he will not be soon! He nodded with her, and both of them involuntarily glanced at the gate of the Civil Affairs Bureau next to them. It was here that their marriage certificate was processed, but today they still want to separate here.
Two people are waiting at the gate of the Civil Affairs Bureau, and they have already gone through the divorce formalities inside. They are lawyers of both sides.
Of course, this is also the best thing for these two lawyers to handle divorce proceedings. Because both husband and wife are indisputable about the property, the other party claims to be accurate. This is the best thing for them to handle divorce cases. After discussing the principle of equal division, the two lawyers divided the property equally according to their wishes.
Aside, Sun Shengnan’s eyes are red. If her big eyes can really get angry, they will definitely burn Ye Zhun-xing’s side. The little one who pretends to deceive herself is the novel. She took the initiative to practice for Ye Zhun-xing for a month and a half and sold all her sister’s unique styles.