Macro was expelled from Yun Guan, and the Dan room was also changed, but Qinchuan’s public alchemy showed his talent and he was still free to enter and leave the certificate. The Shi senior said hello to Qinchuan and entered the Dan room himself.

This nine-flower Yulu Dan is made from nine kinds of exotic flowers and morning dew, and then mixed with herbs. The furnace temperature is too high, so it is necessary to relieve its heat and mix its dew drops in proportion before adding herbs to make Dan.
It’s so complicated and extremely difficult that it’s hard to find this nine flowers and high curative value.
"The refining process is so complicated that Dan medicine should not have this effect."
Qinchuan thought it was good that the elders prepared enough materials, and besides refining to worship, they could also leave some in case there would be a place in the future.
Sit-in, pranayama, real yuan
Qinchuan set fire to Nadan furnace and first simulated the refining process in his mind.
At this time, there are nine jade bottles in front of him, each containing nine kinds of exotic flowers and morning dew, which add up to less than half a glass, but it is extremely hard to come by. These nine kinds of exotic flowers are rare in the world, although they are taken from their flower dew, they are not so random. I think the elders must have spent a lot of energy searching.
Therefore, Qinchuan has to be cautious. After all, there will be no refining failure.
However, fortunately, according to Qinchuan’s past life, he has been dealing with Zhenyuan for most of his life. This time, Zhenyuan manipulated the Dan furnace and adjusted the proportion of flower dew. This process is also easy to refine, and the probability of success is also greatly high. Because this is the biggest difficulty in refining Jiuhua Yulu Dan.
Stay that Dan fire strong Qin Chuanchang took a deep breath but sat cross-legged.
Daoyin’s mind was triggered, and then the spiritual nucleus in the abdomen suddenly flowed out like being stimulated, and the mysterious cyan true element spread to nine jade bottles through the Qinchuan pulse gate, and then gently lifted the nine jade bottles like Qinchuan’s "tentacles"
Imperial objects!
A person who cultivates the truth must obey the object, and the spirit will also be imaged by people. This object is the first requirement of cultivating the truth and the biggest difference between the person who cultivates the truth and ordinary people.
At this time, Qinchuan has officially stepped into the door of fixing truth.
I think that the nine bottles of flower dew have been poured into the Dan furnace by Qinchuan, and immediately the burning flame suddenly fluttered, but they were all blocked by Zhenyuan, and there was a faint residual temperature soaking into the flower dew, but there was a faint fragrance floating out slowly.
So wonderful!
Qinchuan’s mastery of the real yuan is naturally more skillful than before, and he has studied the prescription with great concentration, so at this time, the temperature control is just right.
If the score is lower, the flower dew method will be used to melt refining;
A higher score will burn all the dew.
Zhen Yuan, who runs back and forth in Nadan furnace, is as light and comfortable as a pair of skillful hands in high temperature. At this time, Qin Chuan’s mind is more calm, and nine kinds of flower dew are blended in proportion, and the herbs already prepared are put into the furnace for final refining.
When the medicinal incense is mixed into the vanilla, then the cinnabar is burned and the Dan can be completed.
Chapter 17 Fulfilling Commitments
Sweat dripped. At this time, Qinchuan was already sweating.
The refining of Jiuhua Yulu Dan is really not something that ordinary people can do. Not only is there a high demand for mental strength, but there is also a demand for less foundation in the middle period. Qin Chuanlai is not very proficient in alchemy, and there are still some gaps. This alchemy is indeed a bit brave.
But he still gritted his teeth and insisted.
"The hardships to be experienced in the way of monasticism are more than these. If you can’t even bear this mental suffering, talk about a firm path."
Time goes by little by little, but I don’t know how long it has passed.
The herb was gradually removed, the dregs were burned, and the medicinal properties of the white ointment, together with the floral dew that had just been melted, melted into it a little bit. As the fire gradually weakened, it was gradually mixed in Qinchuan Zhenyuan and became a Dan shape, and soon it was refined into a nine-flowered jade dew Dan.
That’s it. Nothing is impossible to persist.
Qinchuan thought so, if you haven’t set a limit for yourself yet, you will never go beyond this limit and you will never get promoted.
"I never believed in limits."
Qinchuan slightly raise your smile.
Finally, after the flame was completely extinguished, Qinchuan breathed a sigh of relief and drove Zhenyuan to send the refined Dan medicine to his palm, but there were only three pills.
The Dan body is round and almond-sized, and its color is bright and white. The fragrance of Dan is also rich and different from that of ordinary Dan medicine and herbs, but it is a wonderful floral fragrance. Occasionally, a ray of true elements passes by and flashes blue light, which is a faint Taoist breath.
"This folk prescription doesn’t know that the elders came here."
Qinchuan muttered a faint thought that this nine flowers and high curative value Dan was unusual, but it was a pity that he was not so proficient in this Dan principle and could see the tricks.
Put the three pills of Dan medicine into a jade bottle, and Qinchuan cleaned it up. When he left the Dan room, he found that it was already late at night.
Because of last night’s tragedy, Yun Guan is not as noisy as it used to be. My brothers all stay in their rooms, and the promenade garden is usually quite lively, and there is no figure.
After a few steps, Qinchuan touched into the mourning hall.
The body of Liu Chong, the elder, was put into the coffin at noon after being examined by Gu Changfeng. At this moment, it is being buried in the Guanling Hall for a certain time, probably for fear that the thief will come back. At this time, the mourning hall is also guarded by people, which saves Qinchuan a lot of trouble.
Qin Chuan’s coming here this time to talk about worship and secondly to bury the refined Nine Flowers and Jade Dew Dan with the elders is an unfulfilled promise.
"The elder killed you because the senior brother of Guigu couldn’t blade the thief yesterday, but he promised that he would find an enemy to avenge your blood in person."
Qin Chuan knelt before the spirit and the younger generation worshipped for three times.
Then he got up and took out a grain of nine flowers and high curative value Dan from the jade bottle and put it in the coffin of the elders. Although it was futile to do so, how much can make Qinchuan feel at ease?
Although the appearance of ghosts was an accident, it was because of Qinchuan that Macro Liu Chong conspired to poison and murder the elders. If you hadn’t offended Macro earlier, you wouldn’t have had this deadly trick. If you noticed it late, I’m afraid the elders would not have died well without ghosts.
So Qin Chuan must not spare that fellow Hong.
"To you?"
Suddenly, Qinchuan’s cold eyes glanced obliquely at the dark eyes of the coffin next to it, and it turned out to be a little scary to kill the gas and surly.
There was a flash of sword shadow, and suddenly a white candle in front of Liu Chongling was cut off and fell straight.
The night is deeper
Zichengzhong outside Yun Guan.
A large-scale city at this time, Zicheng is naturally not silent and noisy. The night market is noisy and the rest of the streets are deep, but it is also a thousand lights.
A loft in the west corner of Zicheng.
A thin figure dressed in a black cloth robe is covered with black gauze, but he can’t see clearly. His hair is blown up by the night wind and flutters with the wind. It seems that there is a strange wisp of black gas wandering back and forth around him, gathering and scattering moonlight. The blade in his hand suddenly flashed a cold mountain.
He is staring at a square courtyard.
At the moment, Macro is lying on his back in his own home, frowning on the bench in that hall.
It is said in the purple city that there was a murder in Naji Yun Guan. In the view of an elder’s tragic death, when he sent people to the view to find out all kinds of news, he couldn’t find anything.
"That Liu Chong didn’t say it would take half a month to be effective. Why did he suddenly die after three days?"
Macro touched the bar and then shook his head.
"That ice grass and sucrose really need less than half a month to expose the toxicity. Isn’t it sophisticated to die? But is this Yun Guan going to block the news? "
There are many monks in this purple city, and only one macro can calm down Dan’s financial resources and connections. That’s needless to say. Even in that view, he still has a lot, but no matter how you spy, it is said that the view is not dead. The most reliable thing is to tell him that it is confidential and dare not say it.
So let him have to feel a little panic.
If Liu Chong confessed him, wouldn’t it be a real death? That’s the elder of the Yun Guan Division, and it’s also a master of Fuxi.
Over the head macro said to himself again
"Or maybe Laodao was really killed by Qinchuan’s little doctor?"
"Isn’t that what you want to see?"
Suddenly a deep word came to macro’s ear. When he looked up and saw the door, a dark figure stood, and a sharp breath locked him firmly.
This sound is still a little familiar.