Yang Ye honestly sat in a chair nearby, and took a few steps to sit on the edge of the bed opposite Yang Ye. He took a look at Yang Ye and asked, "Mr. Lu just taught some villains again, didn’t he?"

"Oh, it’s no big deal to lift a finger." Yang night slowly returned to her natural expression, and her heart gradually adapted to the sound like Yan Yan, and the excitement was effectively controlled, and people felt much better.
"Today’s street accidentally saw Mr. Lu’s generous help to his compatriots, which made Ruyan admire him." Ruyan smiled slightly and lowered his head, but he was embarrassed to look up at Yang Ye. "I hope Mr. Wang will not take offense this time."
"How can it be normal?" Yang Ye smiled and waved his hand. "It is also my pleasure to get the favor of Ruyan!"
This makes Ruyan’s face even hotter, but she can’t help but turn her head slightly shy, but she laughs secretly.
Yang night didn’t ignore this important detail. Seeing that Ru Yan couldn’t help but feel out, her heart was generally as white as Ru Yan. She had a good impression on herself, but since ancient times, beauty loves heroes, and she was generally sad. But let Yang night wonder if this Ru Yan is really the number one in Fengmingxuan. If you look for him just now, you should read the number of men every day, too. How can you laugh when you praise her like a silly girl?
Thinking about Yang night can’t help but wonder and ask.
"RuYan girl today street how can you see me? I shouldn’t ignore a beautiful woman like you. "
Ruyan listened with shame, clutching her skirt tightly, and replied, "Ruyan went out with Cui Hua for fun, and saw Mr. in the teahouse across the street."
"Oh, that’s right." Yang Ye nodded and asked, "Did I just hear that madam call you your daughter? Is she your mother?"
"No, sir," Ruyan shook his head and replied softly, "Ruyan was an orphan since childhood and was adopted by Madam. She took me as her own daughter for more than ten years, so she called me my daughter and I called her mother."
"Oh, that’s right." Yang Ye nodded and thought that the beautiful daughters of stupid parents had abandoned them! Face is a smile "no wonder that scum just now to break in when the madam is desperate to stop yourself also got hit"
"What? Mom’s hurt? Is it serious? " Ruyan a surprised looked up at Yang night eyes nervous to ask
Yang night stared at Ruyan’s eyes and shook his head. "It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s not hurt at all." I was amazed at how perfect a pair of eyes are. They are pure, sad and slightly exposed, but delicate and touching. It’s just like fascinating people to death!
Ruyan was relieved to look like a soft hand holding a handkerchief and wiped her eyes. "I don’t know, Mr. Madam, I have been in love with my mother and daughter for so many years. Although Madam Fengmingxuan has been trying to keep Ruyan’s innocent body from letting me fall into the dust," Ruyan said that she had a small nose slightly. "Madam said that she was dirty in this generation and must let me clean up when she waited for Fengmingxuan to save enough money.
Yang night listening to the in the mind also gives birth to a lot of moved to didn’t see that the procuress is really a kind person just now is to help the right person … and so on! No! Keep RuYan innocent body that is to say … This RuYan girl is not a prostitute, not a prostitute but also a * *?
Yang night fierce a surprised looked up at RuYan heart bursts of drums at this time to see RuYan really more see more pure more see more beautiful.
Ruyan also noticed the strange look in Yang’s eyes at night and knew that he had just slipped out of his mind. He raised his hand and gently blocked his mouth, and then hurriedly explained, "Sir, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mean to say this. I heard you say that Madam Bustard was beaten, and my heart was a little sour …"
Yang night smiled "ha ha RuYan what are you afraid of? How beautiful is purity?
Why are you afraid to say that you are pure? Chastity is a precious thing. If you want to give it, you must give it to an honest and kind man like me. Why do you hide it? "
Ruyan wrinkled his nose and smiled slightly. "Sir, you don’t understand. If you say Ruyan, I’m still a virgin. I don’t know how many devil wears prada will come to my mind, even if you want to keep it."
Not me, are you? Yang night in the mind a surprised mouth but responded with a smile "too! Ruyan girl, I understand you, and I will keep this secret for you. "I shook my head." Hehe, it’s just like I’m trying to keep myself secret. Otherwise, it will cause too much trouble. For example, I just took advantage of the chaos to escape from those people today, otherwise … I didn’t expect to be found by you. "
"no! I have seen Mr. Wang’s heroic act twice just now! " Ruyan quickly took a look at Yang Ye’s face and bowed his head quickly and said softly, "You can’t find you when you hide?" No! A good man like you is as fresh and outstanding as a firefly in the dark. Your melancholy eyes, ugly words, beard and that DrgMarine are deeply fascinated by me … "
Ruyan’s voice became smaller and smaller, and finally she was too small to hear. Yang Ye gawked at her and got excited, silently grateful to heaven and earth! Which angel elder sister let me shine this encounter!
Chapter one hundred and thirty-one "I want you"
The dining tables were delivered by Cui Hua at the most embarrassing time for Yang Ye and Ru Yan.
If Yan Yan impulsively expressed a few words, he knew that he had made a slip of the tongue, blushed and blushed, and his heart was shy. He sat on the edge of the bed and put his brain deeply sideways, but he was nervous and gasping but stopped talking.
Yang night heard RuYan excited to say those words briefly after crazy in love also felt that the atmosphere was a little stiff, but he couldn’t find a suitable field. White also sat there smiling "this …" and "that …".
Cui Hua coughed outside at this time and then pushed the door and came in with tables.
After coming in, Cui Hua looked at Yang Ye and Ruyan on both sides and felt that the atmosphere was not quite right. He smiled silently and took a few light steps to put the dining tables in the room. The round table turned and flashed to Ruyan’s side with a smile and said softly, "Miss, all the dining tables are ready. Why don’t you talk to Mr. Lu over dinner and drink wine?"
Ruyan turned her head slightly and secretly glared at Cui Hua with shame and said softly, "What nonsense is the dead girl!"
Cui Hua silk didn’t mind her attitude, but leaned forward and turned to Yang Ye for a few steps. She walked to Yang Ye and said with a smile, "Mr. Lu, you are the happiest guest in Fengmingxuan today!"
Yang night looked up and smiled slightly, but he was contemplating drinking? If you really drank, will you leave tonight? If you don’t leave … Who will be responsible for me if something happens?
There RuYan with resentment sound has come "Cui Hua how to Mr. Lu! Get out soon! "
Cui Hua looked back at Ruyan with resentment and pouted and said, "Hum! Go out and go out! " When he said this, he went to the door and turned his head to stare at Ruyan and wanted to laugh, but he was angry and said, "Miss, this is the first time you think I’m in the way and drive me out of the room! Hey! " With a wrinkled nose, he turned out and took the door outside.
The room was quiet again.
Yang night looked up at Ruyan Ruyan but still twisted his head and said nothing, but when Ruyan carefully turned his head and stole a glance at Yang night, Yang night had lowered his head again.
Yang Ye is not really shy. He thinks that Ruyan’s life experience is very poor, but he met such a good girl by chance. But his original purpose of coming to Fengmingxuan to find Ruyan was to help her finish it, but now he really has the heart to help her?
Ruyan couldn’t stand it. She felt that it was a little rude to sit here and ignore others, so she sighed lightly and turned around. Her face was shy, but she smiled calmly. She walked to the round table with one hand holding the cuffs and the other hand lifting the hip flask to fill both small handleless cups at the round table and gently said, "Let’s propose a toast to Mr. Lu’s daughter."
Yang night looked up and saw RuYan had put a small handleless wine cup at his end, and quickly got up and walked to the front of the round table and picked up another small handleless wine cup. He smiled and gestured to RuYan to look up and drink it off one by one.