Mother? The woman who tortured her own mother to death?

"Good" Mu Wan smiled.
Mu Lao always thinks that she smiles with something that makes him uneasy, but she can’t tell what it is.
I went back to the backyard and met my first mother, and nothing changed.
The DiMu still looked at her askance.
"Mother" MuWanMiao gently called a.
"Well, come back and sit down." Zhang disdained to look at her.
Mu Wan Miao sits in a chair and waits for Zhang’s mouth without talking.
"Now you are a side princess, but you have to always remember what your identity is, what your identity is, and you have to respect it." Zhang means to give a Ma Wei a wonderful day and rely on home, so that he can stand it.
I don’t know how many years it will be when she doesn’t have to suffer.
Her sycophantic mother told her to hate for many years, and naturally she hated her daughter.
"I don’t know what identity I need to remember as a queen princess of the Regent’s side. Who else do I have to respect besides Princess Wang?" Mu Wan Miao replied, staring at Zhang intensely.
Zhang great anger "unbridled! Hit her for me! Hit this shameless little bitch! "
Say people dare to start work.
The angrier Zhang is, the more she is. For her, Mu Wanmiao is just a regent. How fond is it to balance the power and live?
If you fight today, you will fight the Regent anyway. If you don’t discipline the concubine in Beijing, what else can you fight?
People dare to start work, she got up and came over to Mu Wan Miao’s face, which was a mouth nail that cut Mu Wan Miao’s cheek.
"unbridled! Is this how mu Jia teaches? You can play our side princess, too? " Smoke this just in the previous step a lift the zhang.
"Back to the palace!" She checked a mu wan Miao wound to see is not serious busy way
At this time, even forsythia came in outside.
They all followed Mu Wan Miao’s handmaiden in the northwest, and they didn’t know when it was in her house, but now they were all surprised.
Zhang felt wrong at this time, but still believed in his own judgment.
"Why? It’s just that my first mother is disciplining my concubines. Are you handmaids going to rebel? "
"Pa" gave her a slap when she went to smoke. "The handmaiden is the big girl around Princess Regent."
This is an explanation for hitting you.
"You! You! Even if the princess regent comes, don’t move, madam. What makes you? " Zhang anger extremely pointed to the smoke way
"With today you hit our side princess and today people see me hitting you", I just stared at the two Zhang handmaiden in the room with sharp and cold eyes.
Two handmaiden bowed their heads and dared not look at her. Even Zhang was startled, but a handmaiden has such eyes. What about Princess Regent?
Mu Wanmiao will go back to the palace regardless of Mu Wanting’s going through the smoke and even supporting the branches.
Wait for mu Lao to learn that she is out of the second door and will be at the gate as soon as she sees it.
Who dares to stop it?
By the time they got to the door, the carriage had already left.
Back to the palace, Mu Wan Miao didn’t deal with the wound and went to the Hall of Music. "Thank you, Princess, for calling smoke to accompany me! Beg the princess to make decisions for my mother! Ask the princess to help me! "
For the first time, she knelt down with tears and begged Su Mian.