"Du Yun? Hum, you dare to break into my agate empire at night! " The first person in the agate empire was a second-order monk who was immortal. When he saw Du Yun and others covered in blood, he was suddenly surprised.

However, although a leader was surprised by what had happened in his heart, he did not dare to show his knowledge. After checking out a Du Yun and others, his face became ugly.
Du Yun and his party are absolutely no less than an advanced kingdom array, which is not just a random array.
"Since I’m here, I shouldn’t be afraid that there are only two of your five kingdoms left, and your agate empire is the fourth one in the early empire. Hehe, I Du Yun won’t let them see the sun!" Du Yun corners of the mouth raise a strange radian like a sneer and as indifferent as saying a trivial thing.
On hearing Du Yun’s words, the five kingdoms fell, and the three monks of the Agate Empire gasped. On the other hand, Du Yun and others were covered in blood, which made them even more indecisive, and they also denied that Du Yun would lie like this. It was a group of monks of the Agate Empire who were slightly horrified.
"Send someone to have a look!" Agate empire first monk face a heavy god sound behind a man said
"No, because none of you can leave here!" Du Yun cold said immediately party day painting ji raised at the first person.
"I have to say, Du Yun, you are very enterprising, but are you sure you can keep all of us?" The first person in the agate empire heard a flash of gloom in his eyes, and obviously it was no longer so calm.
"If you try, you will know that the price is not what you can afford!" Du Yun smiled and said no more about his instantaneous disappearance.
"kill!" The first monk in the Agate Empire, the second-order monk, knew that there was no room for discussion. When his face became cruel, he waved his hand to him.
Shua shua shua!
In a short time, the tense atmosphere between the two sides was broken, and the two camps fought. The monks of the Agate Empire had three monks of the second order, and the monks of the first order were compared with the monks of the later period
The number of people here in Du Yun may not be as high as theirs, and after two battles, the fighting capacity may have dropped a little, but their overall strength is strong, and it is amazing that they are all immortal.
"Golden Chain Tower!"
Du Yun offered the Golden Chain Tower, and then those monks who were immortalized in the agate empire watched their own monks get caught in the tower’s income in the later period.
This gold chain tower is a spirit, and compared with the spirit, this tower is somewhat special. There is a strange force in it, and even if the immortal strong person is taken in, it will not feel so good.
When Du Yun was admitted to the Golden Chain Tower by Nie Feng, if it weren’t for his special physique, maybe his field would be as ruined as Nie Feng said.
The third-order repair of Dengxian was taken in by the tower and can come out alive. Only some monks who have had great opportunities and got some fate can escape, or they will be slowly swallowed up by the mysterious force of the tower.
It is said that these monks in the late Agate Empire were included in the Golden Chain Tower Du Yun, which is equivalent to giving them the death penalty and making them lose their hope of survival one by one
"Du Yun, you are deceiving others too much!" Agate empire first saw Du Yunyi turned out to be their camp against all the monks in the later period. All at once, lust, cruelty and arrogance roared
"When you forced a group of us to run for our lives, why didn’t you think if you were cruel? I’m treating people with humanity, and that’s what you deserve! " Du Yun sneer at the slightest unmoved party day painting halberd at the monk and then suddenly and violently swept to him.
"Ha ha, what a blame! Du Yun, you are moving so fast!" When Du Yun rushed to the second-order monk, there was a sudden sound at the scene.
Whoa, whoa!
Looking back, Du Yun suddenly found that there were more than a dozen monks in the field. He looked up and instantly recognized the monk who spoke. This monk was the other monk who was the second-order monk among the five immortals in the mountain range at the center of misty rain.
Du Yun’s heart sank. This is the friar of the early empire. I didn’t expect them to arrive at the scene at this time. This made him a little surprised. It seems that the divide-and-conquer plan will be shattered.
"Hum you since this can destroy our five kingdoms? Didn’t expect us to know? Your array is really strange, but you still don’t know enough about our five kingdoms! "
"Our five kingdoms have agreed to communicate with each other at four o’clock every night since they came to the depths of this god’s hidden place, to ensure that the other side is safe. I just sent someone out only to find that the monks of Tiezha Empire and Xiaoxiang Empire heard from you and then came to the Agate Empire camp to discover your plot."
"Gee, killing God Du Yun really deserves its name. You are naive if you think that you can catch all our five kingdoms in this way!"
The second-order monk named Dengxian said and immediately waved. Du Yun looked at the pupil and couldn’t help but shrink to see the friar of the early empire. At the moment, it turned out that Qin Sisi was captured. Chapter two hundred and forty-five The collapse of the five kingdoms ().
At the sight of Qin Sisi being captured by the friar of the early empire, Du Yun and others’ faces changed, and Qin Feng’s eyes shrank and his hands tightened unnaturally.
"Let her go!" Du Yun’s eyes looked straight at the two monks holding Qin Sisi without any emotion, and his sharp eyes made the two monks feel a biting chill.
"Ha ha now know the pain? Did you ever think about our pain when you killed our kingdom monks? " The leader of the early empire smiled, but what do you think of this smile is slightly gloomy.
"I am not discussing with you!" Du Yun sneer at the motionless color in the heart, and no one has seen his right arm. If it is tattooed, the mini dragon has sneaked into the ground.
"oh? Then I’ll see what else you can do! Now I warn you, you’d better stop your men at once, or I’ll let this watery little girl die in front of you at once! " In the beginning, the first person’s eyes threatened Du Yundao with coldness.
"That’s not up to you!" Du Yun said silently calculating the distance between the fire dragon and the two monks. I saw that it was almost the same in my heart, and I moved to an instruction.