Several black people driving black cars are more than 300 meters apart behind the waves.

As soon as the waves cheered, they lifted themselves up and sat in the driver’s seat and said, "It’s nothing for the time being. You can open your eyes."
Shao Xuetong’s body is so nervous and trembling that he will be hit by his limbs and broken. It is terrible to wait for death. It seems that it took a century to open his eyes after waiting for a long time.
As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw that the car was driving in the field, and there were no cars and talents in front of her. Then she looked back and saw that there were still pursuers behind her, and she became nervous and shouted, "Behind! Behind! "
The waves laughed. "Our car doesn’t perform well. They can’t catch us. You’re not afraid to sit on my shoulder and be hurt by you!"
Shao Xuetong said, "We are a school. He is an international student from China, and he went one year earlier than me. He got good grades and won the first place in every school competition. We didn’t know each other once, and I didn’t know what happened. Some people came to school to find me. The trouble was that Yang Tian saved me, but we didn’t know each other until then. Although I like him very much, he just ignored me. After that incident, my brother found him and talked with him for a long time. He was a little better to me, but he was still cold and indifferent. I didn’t know anything
Shao Xuetong although don’t know what the waves are discerning in my heart.
It must be Shao Xuewu’s enemy who wanted to deal with Shao Xuewu, so he sent someone to the school to kidnap his sister, who was just saved by Yang Tian. When Shao Xuewu made sure that Yang Tian was safe, he promised him money to protect Shao Xuetong from foreign intrusion in his school.
However, the waves are still a little white, that is, Shao Xuetong likes Yang Tian very much and wants Yang Tian to sleep with Shao Xuetong at any time. What is he indifferent to Shao Xuetong? Even if Yang Tian has a girlfriend, he can dump Shao Xuetong first or dump his original girlfriend!
Is Yang Tian a saint who is very single-minded about feelings?
"Go to * *!" The waves secretly scold him for not believing that there are still people in this world who don’t want to be stupid or saints. There must be hidden secrets in this world!
From Shao Xuetong’s words, he can judge that Yang Tian is a master gun.
Shao Xuetong’s mother’s grave arrived in a suburban cemetery in less than half an hour.
The waves stopped the car at the gate and Shao Xuetong walked to the grave. A mountain with towering pine trees was planted halfway up the mountain, and people felt a solemn atmosphere when they walked.
The waves and Shao Xuetong walked to the hillside stone road. Shao Xuetong thought of her mother, who left her heart when she was very young and said nothing.
The waves don’t bother her, and her eyes are alert and staring around.
He has talked with Chen Ping about Shao Xuetong’s visit to her mother, so don’t make trouble in the cemetery, otherwise it will make ghosts and gods restless and widespread indignation and discontent! If there is an opportunity to find something, they have arranged it.
When I arrived at Shao Xuetong’s mother’s grave, the waves accompanied Shao Xuetong’s mother to present flowers, and then I retired to leave Shao Xuetong alone with her mother for a while.
The waves didn’t go far. He lit a cigarette and slowly looked at his car at the gate.
An alcoholic-looking cyclist came unsteadily, and when he got to the wave car, he suddenly collapsed and the wave car struggled but couldn’t get up.
The waves sniggered in their hearts. This "Star Gang" puppy’s feet are really * * * able to pretend to be like letting my tires deflate. No matter what you do, you have no manners at all!
He pretended not to see smoking a cigarette and turned to see Shao Xuetong sinking into grief so as not to notice that someone was cheating at the gate.
After a while, Shao Xuetong came over with tears in his face, and the waves were soft in his heart. He took out a towel and handed it to Shao Xuetong to wipe her tears without speaking.
His move made Shao Xuetong’s affection for him go further, recognizing him as a careful and gentle man.
The two men walked out of the cemetery gate and sat in the car. Shao Xuetong’s face didn’t improve until the waves spoke to her. After a few words, Shao Xuetong laughed and forgot the grief of losing his mother.
The waves drove slowly, knowing that in a short time, the gas in his tires would be slowly exhausted. He was thinking about the plan and was not in a hurry. He still teased Shao Xuetong while driving.
Far from the waves, I saw three black cars parked in the middle of the road, and five or six strong men in black were eyeing their direction.
The waves stirred up a warm smile at the corner of his mouth, and the cigarette was placed on the small table in front of the driver. He took one hand out of the cigarette case and put it on his lips, and this hand ignited and took a drag.
Shao Xuetong was choked by cigarettes in the car and coughed twice, saying, "Don’t smoke!"
The waves said slowly, "Look ahead!"
Shao Xuetong sat in the back seat and looked forward carefully when she heard the waves say this. She also saw three black cars not far away, which blocked their way.
Shao Xuetong thought of her father’s repeated instructions. She was in trouble because her father’s enemies were coming. She lost her color and grabbed the waves and said, "What should I do?" Do you want to call my father and ask him to send someone to save us? "
"I can’t come!" The waves calmed down and said, "Sit tight!"