Yelin said that although there were still some questions, he didn’t come to ask, but seeing that Lengling had left, he had better put away these questions and quickly followed them.

The 18th world leaves home to discuss.
Night has once again enveloped the vitality of the mainland. On this night arrival, Lengling has returned to the Ye family and came to the door of the family hall.
After the news from the previous cold family, Ye Han’s wife is likely to go home recently. Ye Hong, the head of this clan, was very happy for a long time.
The wait is not long. The news from the cold family is that no one expected that Lengling could reach the Ye family in just two or three days.
Lengling came to the door of the Chamber and realized that she was still a guest, so she led the way to herself.
Yu Lengling, embarrassed, also consciously asked Butler Yelin to report to the Chamber first, and then Butler Yelin led him into the Chamber.
The hall was lit with lights, but it was a swaying scene. Ye Hong, the head of the clan, was looking at Lengling entering the hall with a face of relief at the moment.
See the heads of the fathers are looking at their cold ling can feel a little bit nervous but also did not retreat from the heads of the fathers’ eyes, so he went to the center of the hall.
"Linger meets her father-in-law!" Although Lengling is not the first time to meet Ye Hong, Ye Hong is still the first time to meet Lengling, and it is indispensable for Lengling to know his manners.
Ye Hong’s face was full of relief when he saw Lengling, and he immediately laughed when he was busy. "I didn’t expect Han Er to be so lucky to marry a rare woman like you!"
"My father-in-law joked that Linger is also an ordinary person!" Listen to Ye Hong so words LengLing suddenly feel shy and busy smiled to say with smile
"It’s rare to have a modest woman like you!" Ye Hong’s praise just fell, but I didn’t expect Lengling to say so. Naihao even applauded.
As soon as I entered the door, I boasted to death that something was wrong at the right time, but I thought about it carefully and never thought what was wrong!
Nai Yu Lengling didn’t think about it again, and an idea of improvisation came into being.
After a long time, Ye Hong didn’t continue to talk coldly. Seeing this psychological face, he finally relaxed a lot, but he still didn’t finish relaxing. Intuition told him that there must be some secret hidden in it!
Originally, she would recognize Ye Hong’s move as a conspiracy, but think about it. Once Ye Jia was not without contact with reason, she told her that Ye Hong would never have any conspiracy.
There was another silence. Ye Hong finally came to his senses and immediately sighed with a bitter face. "It’s my poor cold son who doesn’t know if he has this blessing!"
I heard that Ye Hong had been holding back for a long time before I could hold back such a sentence. Lengling suddenly understood that what Ye Hong had said before could better show the topic.
"I’m sorry, father-in-law. I didn’t protect Haner and let him disappear in the ice sheet!" Feel Ye Hong then want to say is with Ye Han missing LengLing busy nai shook his head and said with a face of pain.
The original LengLing returned to Yejiamu this time to find Ye Han. Before he came in, he was worried that he didn’t know, such as telling Ye Hong about it, but he didn’t expect Ye Hong to know it.
If he knows that Lengling is naturally white, it must be a cold family coming to the news, otherwise Ye Hong would never know it so soon.
Natural things have long been known by Ye Hong that Lengling has put a lot of worries in his heart and told Ye Hong about Ye Han’s disappearance himself.
In addition, however, Lengling is not completely at ease. Without talking about him, she is puzzled by Ye Han’s disappearance. She doesn’t know how to explain it to Ye Hong.
Ye Hongwen also hesitated for a while, and then he sighed bitterly, "Ling Er, you can’t blame yourself for this matter. I know you love Han Er deeply, and I believe you are very sad about this matter!"
After listening to Ye Hong’s special reason, he just dispelled the hidden worries in his heart at the right time, and immediately he also sighed, "If I had known this would happen, I shouldn’t have taken him to the ice field for experience!"
After a silence for a while, Ye Hong smiled comfortingly. "Well, don’t worry about this matter for the time being. It’s not too much to worry that I will send someone to find you in the morning!"
Ye Hong smiled again, glanced at Lengling’s unusual belly and immediately asked with a puzzled face, "I heard that you are pregnant. Is this true?"
"Ah?" Being suddenly said by Ye Hong, LengLing couldn’t help exclaiming that it was also a puzzled face. Looking at Ye Hong seemed to want to know if he knew about it.
If you don’t dwell on Lengling, you will think of the reason yourself. If you say that the cold family has notified Ye Han’s missing things to Ye Jia, then your pregnancy will certainly not be concealed.
This LengLing blushed at Ye Hong and nodded slightly. After all, the child in her belly was Ye Jia’s flesh and blood, and she consciously Ye Hong had reason to know about it, so there would be no hiding.
After being affirmed by Lengling, Ye Hong immediately burst out laughing and smiled again. "In that case, you should go to rest first. I’ll take care of finding Lenger!"
After hesitating for a while, Lengling listened to Ye Hongxiao and laughed. "I know you don’t rest, but your baby can’t stand such a toss!"
When I heard Ye Hong’s words, Lengling was suddenly stunned and immediately nodded at Ye Hong. "Then Linger excused himself first!"
Ye Hongwen immediately nodded at Lengling, and then ordered the housekeeper Ye Lin, who had been staying outside the door, "Butler, take the young lady to the cold room to rest!"
Yelin had to enter the hall immediately, and then left the hall with Lengling and headed for the outside.
See two people leave Ye Hong face smile suddenly convergence immediately is a face of nai shook his head murmured "cold son you don’t have something!"
Ye Hong also went towards the layman in the hall.
When I came to Ye Han’s room and watched Ye Lin’s housekeeper leave, Lengling couldn’t help looking around. A feeling of missing came into being again.
Think about the days and nights after the Singapore Festival, when Ye Han lived here all the time except for the practice of closing, but now he is back, but Ye Han is missing. Suddenly, it is a feeling in Lengling’s heart.
Feeling Yu Lengling came to the window and stared at the stars outside the window for a long time and never returned to my mind.
At the same time, Ye Hong also returned to her room and told Ye Mu the news of Lengling’s return. Naturally, she also told all the news of Lengling’s pregnancy.
Ye Hong, however, has always been afraid to tell Ye Mu why Lengling came back for fear that she would worry so much. He also said that his daughter-in-law would come back because she was homesick.