"High wind guards long gone" Sue cotton also laughed.

"Miss polite please" flurry led Su Mian directly to the front yard.
Mother acacia Jinxiu was naturally taken elsewhere.
Blast pushed the door and stood still. Su Mian smiled and went in to blast the door.
"Temple!" Su Mianyin was somewhat surprised and confused.
Yan Gui was still dressed in a dark black robe and looked at Su Mian in front of the window with dribbling eyes. She was wearing a lake blue chest-high skirt and a small coat with the same color, but a few beads and an ebony hairpin.
Like a little plump and ruddy face, a pair of water eyes are particularly bright, and Yan’s heart jumps faster.
"Come here." His voice was low.
Su Mian did not hesitate to run over or run.
She bumped into Yan Gui’s arms and sniffed Yan Gui’s taste like a puppy. "The temple can be seen."
She didn’t say she missed him, but she said she could see it. That’s the truth. She missed him, didn’t she?
Yan Gui’s little joy became a wisp of silk.
"Are you tired?" He asked pityingly touching her hair
"I’m a little bit seasick when I’m not tired by boat. I’m not tired by car. The North Wind guards know how to take care of people." Su Mian laughed.
Yan Gui took her hand and slowly approached the room, where it was warmer.
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He sat and put her on his leg.
"Let’s live here," Yan said.
"Not good? After all, all the girls in my family are big sisters. "Su Mian relies on Yan to return to her body.
Yan Gui is no longer holding her quietly and smelling her like him. That’s the smell of Pterocarya yuntan.
However, her wingceltis mixed with her girlish fragrance is particularly fragrant.
I couldn’t help Yan Gui’s mind rippling. His deep eyes looked down at Su Mian as if to lock her up.
Su Mian blushed. She looked up and kissed Yan Gui’s lip.
She took the initiative to put her arms around her waist and deepen the kiss until Su Mian had difficulty breathing, and Yan Gui’s breathing became rough. The two talents were slightly divided.
"Call the temple concerned!" Yan GUI is a little unhappy. He has never been so unhappy.
He remembered receiving her letter,’ You live at the head of the Lijiang River and I live at the end of the Lijiang River. I miss you every day and I don’t see you drinking from the Lijiang River.’
"The temple to all don’t take? Huh? " Yan to calm to look at her voice Yang asked.
Su Mian blinked and smiled. "How do you know you didn’t wear it?" Said the generals that BanZhi pull out black silk thread is Yan to close BanZhi.
Yan is gently touched a BanZhi with her body temperature.
I took another look at the rope, and he had dissipated a lot of desires. I thought that the finger on her chest touched her beautifully …
That’s his personal thing.
"What a hook!" With that, he kissed again and went even more warmly and crazily than before. This time, Su Mian didn’t know it even though she was smart.