I really don’t want to hear her screaming so sharply. The man directly reached out and ordered her dumb hole.
"Whether you are really crazy or pretending to be crazy, let’s eat first."
After that, the man turned and went out.
Behind the door stood for a long time, and the room was already quiet.
He closed his eyes for a long time, and Yue Hui sprinkled his body with loneliness and begging for coldness, which was more than the moonlight that day. Chapter 681 No matter who you are, you can’t be hurt.
Not long after he left, the door was pushed again. Mo Shaoyuan looked around and walked in.
People inside looked up in panic when they heard the noise.
What caught Mo Shaoyuan’s eye was that Feng Shao was sitting in a corner crying with tears all over his face.
"Don’t scream, Xiaoqi." He made a gesture to her, and I don’t know if she could understand it. Every time she saw him, she threatened to call someone. He wouldn’t forget it.
See her lips peristalsis a few throat issued a few broken whistle but eventually didn’t call out Mo Shaoyuan leng leng suddenly like to react what the eyebrows suddenly Cu up.
"The Lord ordered your dumb hole?"
He pinched his lips and flashed a painful color on his brow. "Don’t be afraid, Xiaoqi. Although I can’t take you out, you wait here until you want to see someone to save you."
Mo Shaoyuan’s hand never held back and patted her. Her top voice choked slightly, "Believe me, although you may not understand what I said, the last person I want to hurt in this world is you, no matter who you are."
In the end, he left her a lonely smile.
"I came to see you. I can’t stay long. I’m relieved to know that you’re okay."
It’s late at night, but Beijing Street is more lively than before.
The officers and men knocked on the door from door to door to search.
The people didn’t know the situation and knew that someone had been lost in the palace.
Jun Moying himself is out of the palace and walks along the capital street. There is always a feeling that is not very real.
This time, it was a good thing to find out a large number of hidden palace people through this incident, and at the same time, it made him aware of the great potential danger. Moreover, these people, like dead people, refused to disclose a word about how to torture them. Some of them did not stop it, and they even lisped or swallowed drugs to kill themselves.
Suddenly, a man in front of the big group blocked their way.
In the dark, people can’t see the bearer’s face clearly, and even his face is a little blurred.
Until he walked in this direction step by step, the fire lit him up, and many people knew each other’s faces changed.
From time to time, there were air-conditioning sounds in the crowd.
This man-Mo Shaoyuan? Isn’t he dead?
Did you cheat the body at night?
Many timid people tremble, but the emperor still resisted the impulse to retreat because of his side.
"Mo Shaoyuan" Jun Mo Ying’s thin lips gently spit out three words coldly.
There is no unexpected appearance that makes people wonder if the emperor knew that Mo Shaoyuan would appear tonight? Or do you already know that this person is not dead?
Mo Shaoyuan gently hooked his lip. "I believe you want to know where the shallow imperial concubine is more than my recent situation?"
Although it is a question form, the tone is very certain
"You know?"
"yes, I know I can take the emperor to see if he believes me."
"The emperor beware of ambush" Gu Quan emperor side path.
Mo Shaoyuan scoffed at a smile. "Gu’s adult hasn’t seen you for so long. Why is your bravery getting smaller and smaller? So many of you are still afraid that I have an ambush? "
Gu Quan’s face is very ugly. Before he came, Mo Ying took a step forward to "lead the way"
Shallow soon got back some little bitches. Damn it, 68. Chapter 68 I never married a dead wife?
Mo Shaoyuan didn’t say a word all the way, and so did Jun Moying. This man faked his death.