"Don’t cry, but my wife’s heart is in a mess." Sue’s old lady Su Mian did not move her tears as easily

Su Mian didn’t cry, but she was inexplicably sad. She didn’t like to leave, and a tear fell into Mrs. Su’s clothes.
"Don’t cry. Come on. It’s your mother who came to grandma, isn’t it?" Sue the old lady wiped her tears way
"Look, you said I was worried about my mother. That’s because my mother is fine, but I also want my grandmother to eat and sleep a lot and wait for her granddaughter to come back to see you one day." Su Mian laughed.
"I will try to live to be ten years old and wait for you to come back to see me!" Mrs Sue patted her on the back again.
"Your mother, you don’t have to say that I said I would take good care of her one day. Liu … and Cong won’t do anything." Sue naturally knew that Su Mian went to Liu several times.
Sue cotton nature also don’t hide.
"Well, I’m relieved. You are all well." Su Mian smiled and nodded with tears.
It was the last time she walked in the night in Sufu, but in a few months, she felt a sense of belonging here, but unfortunately she was leaving again.
The carriage staggered but suddenly stopped.
Sue cotton was interrupted by a sudden stop.
"What’s the matter?" Sue cotton and Su Hui asked a car at the same time.
"Miss handmaiden, go and see" Jinxiu jumped out of the car.
A little while later, Jinxiu ran back. "Miss car, right … is the frame sent by the Nine Emperors Hall to wait for Miss? Look," he said, and handed Su Mian a Yu Pei.
Su Mian took something and smiled. Is this for fear that she will be abducted by the bad guys? Even gave it to her close-fitting Yu Pei.
Even if Su Hui doesn’t like to talk, it’s hard to show a trace of envy.
"Third sister, go. Don’t keep people waiting."
"The elder sister went and the younger sister was spacious." Su Mian smiled and called Acacia Jinxiu to pack her things.
Master Lian Jiabao is talking to the North Wind.
The north wind is also a wind that is not moving, but it is just a few words.
Sue cotton see the north wind laughed "since it is the north wind guards to meet me and bitter with Yu Pei? It’s so valuable to lose it, but is it so good? Why don’t you keep it with the North Wind Guards? "
When the north wind saw Su Mian, he had an expression and smiled. "This is the meaning of the temple. Are you ready to take care of the young lady?" Do you want to help the young lady settle down with someone? "
"Don’t just these things and I’m a mammy and two girls, but … the north wind guards don’t always leave Ye states? How is this again? " Su mian asked
"Miss Hui is staying in Yezhou to meet someone else who is afraid that she doesn’t know and belongs to Beijing. This is the case." The north wind has an excellent attitude.
"Even the uncle that niece …" Su Mian turned to the master’s way.
"Go, go, go, go, go, go, go. Tell your uncle what you want. Anyway, we’ll follow you." Even the master smiles!
Su Mian nodded to Lian Jiabao and took the people. Yan Gui sent a carriage.
It’s big and spacious, and there are more people than the Su family carriage, which is simply enjoyment.
The north wind "walked first" to Master Lian’s fuels.
Even if the North Wind is a bodyguard, there is really no need to talk to such a dirty person as Master Lian (this dirty person is not contempt, it means a great disparity in status)
Fang Mammy Rao has seen the world and has been scared to death. The Nine Emperors Hall really likes this one.
I don’t know how long it will last.
Look at this one. It’s not a bit flattered, but it seems that this should come.
"Miss, there are snacks and tea. This carriage is very good. It’s a small chimney that sticks out from here. Miss needs tea. Aren’t we bringing miss to like tea?" Acacia smile happily say
"How to solve the problem if you drink too much tea?" Su mian looked at him and laughed.
Acacia embarrassed shout shout a way "then drink less …"
Mammy Fang smiled and laughed. "There will always be a stop, miss. If you don’t hurry, you can’t get the car. Isn’t there a gong bucket?"
There is a small compartment in the corner of the carriage with a red paint brush passing through the gong barrel.
Su Mian has a black line on her face. This is Doqi!
But obviously they worry too much.
The north wind must stop every two hours, and it will stop for a quarter of an hour in hidden places.