Hold back the momentum, and the wind will stand in the same place as the Taoist immortal, and his feet and ground will return to the original sample. Just when the martial arts is flying in the clouds, he seized a martial arts nine-dry seventy-two palms and practiced it for a long time. It was the first time that he came out in melee. This palm technique really had unexpected miraculous effects, especially when the palm speed was raised. Even the wind himself was a little surprised. Just now, he almost couldn’t hold back the palm speed, which made him a little unable to control his arm.

The "run" mouse has been dragging its broken body and fleeing at a speed before it falls.
At the same time, longicorn beetles and centipedes also flew out in different directions in an attempt to escape separately, so that Fengyanggen didn’t know which one to pursue.
However, this is not a problem for the wind. The bow of the setting sun suddenly hands and the arrow of the setting sun condenses out in an instant. At this time, the bow of the setting sun can not be pulled to the full string, but it is not much different from the full string.
As small as silk, the bowstring is tight and makes a little strange noise, while the sunset bow seems to be broken at any time. The sunset arrow is like a beam of light, and it immediately chases the centipede.
Although centipede sensed great pressure from behind, he wanted to flee for his life, but he couldn’t flash at an amazing speed. The body of sunset arrow was shot by sunset arrow, and then the sunset arrow suddenly burst into a dazzling light, and then he saw the broken stone with blood and shredded bones constantly shooting out of the light. As the light fell, he couldn’t find the centipede figure, and there was a shocking pit on the ground, surrounded by cracks.
The wind raised his figure and the setting sun arrow condensed and formed again. He did not hesitate to blas the longicorn in the past. Although the defense of the longicorn was one of the three evils, he was seriously injured. He once again suffered from the impact of the setting sun arrow, just like the centipede.
However, the wind did not send a sunset arrow to the mouse. First, the attribute energy and * * bear a lot of burden. Second, there is still room for the mouse. He is now worried about not knowing the secret of Helen’s Jedi. Isn’t this mouse who can’t drill holes but can drill women’s caves a good guide?
Feng Yang put away the setting sun’s bow, yuan’s soul force and released it, tightly locking the flying mouse, and then took a leisurely time to pack up the bellicose interest and followed it.
Helen Jedi seems to have no difference between day and night. I feel that I have been in Helen Jedi for a long time. Inga has just killed three great white sharks and two young people, which has made him gain a lot, but he has never found that time has changed here, and it has always maintained the same gentle luster. It is strange that there is no sight of the sky and the sea. Where did these lights come from? This question has always been Feng Yang’s attempt to find an answer, but he knows that even if he comes back three times in the next 30 years, he may not find the answer.
And the wind Yang yuan soul force has been locked when the mouse followed him, but suddenly he sensed that someone else’s breath appeared around him. The wind Yang look surprised but instantly had an idea.
This time, Liu Qiang was lucky to be selected as an elite and lucky enough to enter the Helen Jedi. Now he is the fourth emperor. He is confident that he will reach the level of the sixth emperor after going out, which is better than that of the first wuxian.
Of course, it takes good luck and hard life before, but even if it is broken by the peak method of Emperor Wu of Ka Liu, it is still a great gain, which is enough to make people at the level of Emperor Wu ecstatic
"You don’t have Yi Chunlou here. What are you doing? The colonel is still waiting for us. If we delay the event, we won’t get any benefits even if we come in this time." Liu Qiang said to the other four associates.
"You’re impatient. What’s the matter? There are Lingfengmen and Tianhui people. It’s not bad for us." Tang Qiwen said otherwise.
"This guy is afraid that if he goes early, he will be chosen as the first bird, and he will simply pick up some ready-made cheap ones later." Zhou Peifeng laughed scornfully.
Zhou Qiwen was hit home. He didn’t feel ashamed at all, but smiled happily. "Brother Zhou still knows me."
"Joke together, risk one’s life in Yichun Tower, stab one’s life in two holes, and force one’s chest to go in ~ If I don’t know this about you, I’ll go to Yichun Tower to mix what?" Zhou Peifeng said with a smile.
Liu Jiangnai looked at his companions, and he wondered how a handsome guy could be like brothers with these man show guys. Everyone said that birds of a feather flock together. Is it true that he and they are tarred with the same brush? man show’s potential has not yet been sent out?
"There’s someone there," said Tang Qiwen, suddenly pointing to the front.
Everyone looked in the direction pointed by his arm and saw a young man dressed in navy blue who exuded a gentle temperament with his fine features. The young man’s first impression will never be a practitioner, but it will make people think that this man is a fragrant family. It is a bit far-fetched to let him dance with knives and guns, which is quite in line with his temperament. Maybe he can help all beings or deceive some simple spoony little sisters by being knowledgeable.
"Hey, which way is it?" Tall and strong, Liu Qiang is tall and windy. Although he didn’t talk to each other with a commanding attitude, the young man still looked a little arrogant in front of him.
"Xiao mercenary group people dare to ask a few brothers? The wind Yang said with a smile
"Oh, it turns out that it’s one of our own to say that we are brothers of Lingfengmen, and this is also called by your boss to support us." At first glance, it’s very ordinary, but if you look closely, you can find that his face has a morbid pallor caused by frequent visits to romantic places.
Feng Yang nodded repeatedly. "Yes, the boss is in a hurry and has to obey."
"Then let’s go together. It’s not so urgent to have a partner on the road. So many people from our three major forces join hands. It doesn’t make much difference if we go late and go early." Liu Peifeng shrugged his shoulders or said otherwise
"Ha ha" Feng Yang smiled noncommittally and went to the three major forces with several of them to summon everyone to the right place.
Fengyang knows that this trip is extremely dangerous, and it is said that in a few days, the virgin cave will be very good. Find out how valuable resources Helen’s Jedi secret gets, and Fengyang can take risks.
Hand-written novels
Chapter four hundred and twenty-four Seven secrets of Warcraft
Welcome you to come.
Helen Jedi [w w w]
At this time, all the three gangs have gathered in a certain place in Helen Jedi, which is also the real entrance to Helen Jedi. However, it is bound to be really difficult to get the three major forces together here to enter the Jedi.
There are five or six hundred people gathered here by the three major gangs, and everyone is the head of the three major forces at the level of Emperor Wu, who is the strong Wu Xian. These people can also be regarded as Zheng Ancheng’s 70% Wu Di.
Such a large array is just to deal with a head of strength equivalent to human Wu Xian strong seven Warcraft.
The fighting capacity of this seven-level Warcraft is obviously many times stronger than that of the ordinary Emperor Wudi, which leads the three major gangs to do their best to resist the attack of this Warcraft.
This is a huge great white shark. However, the body of this great white shark is vaguely wrapped in a layer of Xuan Bing. Hundreds of experts from Emperor Wu attacked and several powerful Wu Xian attacked and hit this seven-level Warcraft, which shook up some ice slag.
Feng Yang followed Liu Qiang, Tang Qiwen, Zhou Peifeng and others when they came here. The first seven Warcraft has been killed by more than half of the fighting capacity. Xuan Bing’s body surface is cracked, and it won’t be long before the first seven Warcraft will be ground to death by sea tactics.
Feng Yang didn’t dare to release Yuan Soul Force. He can patrol around by sight to find traces of Rowling, Wu Hua and others, but they don’t seem to hide here. After all, it is very simple to find a few people with a keen eye for the eagle.
"Hey, brother, it seems that you are also a kindred spirit." A middle-aged uncle who looks wretched turned to look at Feng Yang and then at the fierce battle ahead. He smiled. "You are also trying to hide behind and sit and enjoy yourself." He also shouted while pretending that "Brothers, kill this beast."
Feng Yang looked at this uncle in astonishment, and his eyebrows twitched a few times. It turned out that he was a mainland master who had experienced big waves, and his acting skills were so superb. He wryly said, "Yes, what a coincidence."
"Understanding" uncle said with a smile