Although his absolute strength is slightly different from Zhang Sanfeng’s, his experience level is already neck and neck, which is more extensive …

After all, everyone can say the truth, and Su Wei will say it all the more.
I haven’t arrived at Wudang Mountain yet.
I met Shi Qing waiting in the middle …
I noticed Su Wei’s surprised eyes, and Shi Qing stood by his hand and said, "Don’t underestimate the ability of the five families in the capital. You just entered the forest boundary here, and I received the news there and waited for you here."
"Wait for me?"
"Of course, there is something to discuss with that awakening country."
Shi Qingyu left Sue’s only eye and said, "You told me that there might be chaos in the three empires. If others told me that, I would just laugh at it and ignore it, but of course I want to ask you clearly."
"I’ve said everything I can."
"That can’t say? For example, the origin of the Awakening Country … You told me and my father before that the NPC in those games was not a game character, but a native of Blue Star, which fully proved that "Limited" OL is not a simple game. What did you find in the game? "
Su Wei said, "It’s a little absurd, you may not believe it."
"I’ll believe you if you say it."
"Let’s talk slowly somewhere."
Since Shi Qing found the door and the meaning of Su Wei’s words is very much believed in it.
It’s not that you can’t tell secrets to people …
When Shi Qing took the lead
Quickly found a very luxurious heaven and man.
Shi Qing seems to be a frequent visitor here …
But this time, he declined the boss’s request for several girls to accompany him, which made Su Wei feel sorry.
I asked for a few bottles of red wine, but Su Wei couldn’t understand it, but it was as bright as a bloody gem, and I’m afraid it was expensive.
"Go ahead, I’ll listen slowly."
Shi Qing crossed his legs and smiled. "It’s very safe here. There is no monitoring and eavesdropping. There are two of us. You should finish it quickly. If it comes back, maybe I can ask some girls to relax. If it doesn’t come, forget it."
"I’ll try to make it short."
There is really no need to hide this matter.
Especially for Shi Qing who already knows part of the truth …
From the discovery of the awakened country, the sorcerer to the awakening now, the war has been dragged to the reality plane.
Shi Qingyi still sipped red wine and crossed his legs as if listening to a beautiful story.
This story is really beautiful …
Yes, listening, listening, his face gradually became dignified.
Until after listening.
"You mean that as early as more than 100 years ago, a force was quietly accumulating strength in imaginary numbers and was going to wait for success and then invade the real world?"
Shi Qing looks dignified than
He never doubted Su Wei’s words, but he was even more shocked because he never doubted him …
"Five clans have occupied almost all the high-level forces of the Central Asian Empire, even if they are put into the whole Liu Xing, they are among the best clan forces, but I have never heard of any force that has this ability … even the Old World Army has only been in history for a hundred years, and this organization is even longer than the Old World Army."
Shi Qing frowned. "It’s not true that this is actually the predecessor of the Old World Army, is it?"
"I don’t think so"
This Su Wei is quite certain.
You know, Vince is now Su Wei’s most loyal messenger. He used to hold a high position in the Old World Army. If this thing is really done by the Old World Army, it can never be done by just a few people … This requires a lot of manpower and material resources, and so on. Never hide it from Vince’s eyes.
I’m afraid even the Old World Army never thought that they would clear their suspicions in this way.
"It seems that the eye can take it one step at a time."
Shi Qing said, "Wait for the enemy to show his ponytail, but if you are awake, I will send someone to pay attention."
Su Wei said, "It can be like this. Let me know if you find any clues about them."
He woke up that the country was already immortal.
If we can know their background before, we can also lay out the layout before …
At the very least, it’s not a problem to send a large number of reincarnation people in for a walk, which will have some influence on them and interfere with their development. Isn’t that how he dealt with the awakening country in the past six months?