"Take it back and taste the red ant meat in this part. It tastes best when roasted." The skinner enthusiastically said to Surdak.

Surdak waved his hand. No one would want to eat this kind of frozen meat if he had experienced the beast tide.
Seeing the skinner’s knife technique, Surdak pulled out the skinner’s knife and said to the skinner, "You can try this knife here along this dark-striped knife so that you can peel five ghost-striped red ants without sharpening the knife."
According to Surdak’s point, the skinner cut the skinning knife into the hard nail skin, and it really felt much more comfortable.
When he peeled off the hard armor, he looked up and wanted to thank Surdak, only to find that Surdak had left sadly.
Surdak walked along the edge of the camp and boarded a high lookout. He looked up and saw the birds flying southward in the sky. It seems that their predation area is extending southward, and the southern part of Inver cargill Forest is the northern occupied area of Bailin plane in Benahang Province. This area is full of grass and small towns.
Here, Pengniao people dominate the Bailin plane, and there is no magic airship in the Bailin plane.
However, birds seldom fly over the thorn mountain all the time.
Surdak guessed that it should be that the ghost-striped red ants in the dark worm valley were hunted in large numbers by the adventure group. Red ants usually hide in caves, and Peng birds will fly to the south grassland of the spiny mountains to hunt if they can’t get enough food.
With the Inver cargill forest being sent out a little bit, many negative effects are gradually revealed.
Ghost-striped red ant leather has now become an industrial chain in the northern part of Bailin, and a large number of leather goods have been sent to Bena City.
But now … Surdak found the watchtower and installed two bed crossbows with a pitch angle of 90 degrees, which can shoot into the sky.
It seems that Pengniao should have attacked the bridgehead camp …
Andrew and tangle returned to the camp with a group of cavalry. They failed to catch the slave-hunting adventure group this time.
Probably know that the garrison camp will punish the slave-hunting adventure group this time, and it will also hang a wooden cross outside the camp and expose it to the hot sun.
The members of that adventure group were rounded up by their cavalry and pushed to a cliff in the Rift Valley. All the members of the adventure group would rather jump off the cliff to fight for their lives than give in easily.
Seeing those members of the adventure group jump into the deep stream of the rapids, some people were unlucky and fell dead on the rocky and dangerous beach. Andrew felt a little inexplicable and upset in his heart.
Back to the camp, Surdak and other barracks
Wolf riding tangle immediately take the initiative to go before the Surdak said
"Chief, when will you arrive?"
"It will arrive at noon."
Surdak saw Andrew sitting there angrily and asked him
"What happened here?"
Andrew told Surdak about the slave group jumping off the cliff.
Surdak nodded and said
"It’s estimated that it won’t be long before this area will converge."
Andrew saw that Surdak didn’t notice the ghost-striped red ant and asked Surdak.
"Boss, haven’t you seen Bob Cobden here?"
Surdak looked puzzled and asked, "Bob Cobden, who is he?"
"It’s a badly injured member of the adventure group …" Andrew answered casually.
Then he lifted the curtain of the barracks and shouted at the outside of the garrison camp, "Who is the squadron leader who stayed in the camp today?"
After a while, a mid-team leader came in and saluted Andrew.
Andrew took Surdak and was about to walk out of the barracks at this time. He thundered at the mid-team leader with a blank face.
"Kingsley, what’s the matter with you Didn’t I say that when the commander arrives at the bridgehead camp, he must report the incident of Bob Cobden at the first time? "
The squadron leader named Kingsley immediately explained
"The adventure group in the battalion chief’s noon camp wants to rescue the members of the wooden cross adventure group outside through various channels. I have been dealing with this matter and have not come to report it to the commander."
Andrew pushed Kingsley aside and tugged at Surdak’s arm and said, "Come with me, boss!"
The Kingsley squadron leader was pushed back two steps by Andrew and followed him without saying a word.
Andrew took Surdak through the camp and came to a tent. Without saying anything, he lifted the curtain and went in.
The tent was covered with a blanket with a faint smell of blood and sour liquid. A member of the injured adventure group was wrapped in a bandage and looked like a mummy.
Andrew squatted beside the member of the adventure group and nodded to the member of the adventure group as a greeting, then said to Surdak, "Boss, this man is Bob Cobden."
Surdak saw that there was an adventure group member in the tent, probably staying to take care of the wounded.
Before I left, I found that the wounded lying on the carpet seemed to have been eroded by the ghost-patterned red formic acid, wrapped in hemostatic bandages and oozing some blood.
There is also a bottle of high-quality therapeutic medicine on the side frame.
This kind of advanced therapeutic liquid can’t be bought in a remote area like Dodan town. Remember that Andrew should have two bottles of goods. This is what he brought back from the battlefield. He took a look at Andrew and didn’t expect this Bob Cobden to be treated with a bottle of high-quality therapeutic liquid.
Besides the therapeutic potion, there are some detoxification bottles beside it.
Bob Cobden’s breath on the carpet is short and weak, and he may die before long without his treatment.