Zhao Gang’s injury is not serious because he is an archer and has been guarded behind, which can last until the end.

Yu Zhoujia can live to the end with his own strength and a little luck.
It’s a pity that it seems too irrational to Han Pang.
Going to Gao Libing at this time is purely a matter of death, which may even bring trouble to them being chased before they come to escape.
Name Zhou Jia
Xiufan Stage Five Easy Tendons (69/4)
Yuanxing Dungeon Star (Characteristic Violence)
Anti-proficiency in Wushu Shield (/7) and Introduction to Source Power (29/5)
After killing the one-eyed monster, his strength did not unexpectedly break through four to five, and the level of Yi Jin doubled again.
Gao Libing is the same.
Unexpectedly, killing whip girl Wu Ying also gave energy.
Five Easy Tendons His breath is long and powerful, and his muscles are like a plumb hammer, and his steel skin is comparable to several layers of thick cowhide.
Bare feet on the ground, thorns and thorns can’t affect him at all.
One stride, one foot, one foot, one foot, one foot, one foot, one foot, one foot, one foot, one foot, one foot, one foot, one foot, one foot, one foot, one foot, one foot, one foot, one foot, one foot, one foot, one foot and one foot.
Although the posture is not as smart as the whip girl, it is also fierce
A moment later
A smell of blood wafted in.
Experience these days tells him that this is the smell of fresh blood.
The eyes flashed, Zhou Jia clenched his shield, and the expression on his axe face slowed down, approaching in the direction of bloody smell.
Wolf-headed monsters, armored monsters, monsters shaped like wild boar …
Dozens of monster bodies were lying on the ground, most of them were stabbed and torn, and a few of them were hit by juli, and their bodies were crisp and rotten.
Gao Libing opened his mouth and spit with a little bloodshot, and the pain in his chest and abdomen made his expression distorted and his breathing was like a fire.
Even if he is besieged by a group of monsters, he can’t be unscathed.
Cloud burial in the forest is never a relaxing place, even in the periphery, there are dangers that can kill experts.
He’s five and he’s not good at melee. The key is …
And protect those people!
Turned around and looked at Chen Hui and others who were huddled together, and the malicious color appeared faintly in the eyes of the cheek muscles.