Fang You lifted his hands and slowly took out his mobile phone.

Make sure that the card is drawn enough. He also specially transferred the game from the old mobile phone to his current mobile phone.
This is attention.
I can’t help but pay attention to it. The third fate card drawing needs 9 fate points, and the fourth time is 27. This time, I can’t draw good things once, and I don’t know when it will take.
Come out! Apostle of my destiny!
Come out! My little sister apostle!
Draw the card!
The classic reappearance of the vortex of fate fills the whole interface, and many scenes have been shaken.
This time, the speed of the scene seems to be slower. Some people have architectural illusions, but Fang You still can’t see clearly, and he doesn’t care too much.
More concerned about the brilliance that emerges from the whirlpool of fate.
White, green and blue …
Will there be an apostle of fate?
One thing after another emerges from the whirlpool.
The first thing shrouded in white light is a’ double income card’
Not bad, Fang You muttered unblinkingly.
The second, third and fourth things appeared one after another.
"Skills Training Card (White)"
"Skills Training Card (Green)"
"life energy potion (white)"
In the fifth piece, blue light finally bloomed, but Fang Youxin was cold.
How can it be a skill!
Although my skills are good, I want to be an apostle of fate!
One more apostle, and his organization will lose one-third of its fighting power!
"Get Skill" Defeat "(Blue)"
"Get the skill" Evil Tracking "(Green)"
"Get the crafty’ crafty soul’ (blue)"
"Get Skill Training Card (White)"
"Get Double Income Card (White)"
Two blues and two greens, which is supposed to be very European, but …
Fang you is not satisfied!
He prefer an apostle of fate, even if it is green, if there is a green apostle.
The vortex of fate is spinning to the extreme.
A touch of bright purple Guanghua suddenly blinded Fang You’s eyes.
Wrapped in purple brilliance is a dark outline.
Humanoid silhouette!
Is he the man he thinks he is?
The outline gradually becomes clear, and then the information appears.
"The Apostle, who has achieved his destiny, sees the secluded in peace with his eyes" (purple)! 」
A girl in a beige sweater and scarf appeared in front of Fang You.
Chapter 25 See you in peace
Really shipped? !
The purple Apostle of Fate is still drawing very much, Miss P!
This is definitely double happiness!