Wu Shi’s name is not unheard of.

The core of Xuantianmengmen is really black iron, the peak of the strong, and the silver is the best.
As far as he is concerned
It is equivalent to breaking the ten spirits and completing a top martial arts master in dzogchen
Don’t back against the door of Xuantianmeng. There are almost no weaknesses in all kinds of treasures.
Such people
Even if he unlocks the pulse line, the curse is no match, and everyone here together can’t hurt each other.
I’m afraid setting traps and waiting will attract a tiger.
"Go back"
I just got back to the station and had to rest in the future, so Lei Mei rushed over.
"Are you hurt?"
She couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when she looked at Zhou Jia and didn’t notice the abnormality.
"It seems nothing serious."
"Minor injury" Zhou Jia reached out and gestured.
"Master, please sit down and I will cultivate for a few days."
"hey!" Lei Mei sighs lightly.
"You shouldn’t go out of town."
If she knew that Zhou Jia was going out of town, she would definitely stop how many people are spying on Zhou Jia in the dark today.
Sue home …
Although I know it’s unlikely, Lei Mei still asks
"Su’s two black irons disappeared shortly after leaving the city in the later period. There is no clue today. Does Zhou Xiong know the reason?"
"Really?" Zhou Jia pot pours tea and looks the same.
"Is there such a thing?"
"But at the same time, losing two pillars, Su Jia will be afraid of chaos for a while. What are your plans for Wang?"
LeiMei she chuckled at Zhou Jia.
Subconsciously, she felt that it was possible in nine cases out of ten, but considering each other’s strength, it seemed impossible.
The man in front of her, who is deeply trusted by her, is always mysterious.
Just like this,
I heard that Sue’s parents were missing, and their faces were as calm as ever, and their eyes didn’t change, but they thought about their future plans.
Thoughts turned her conscious mouth.
"Brother Zhou, do you think they can come back?"
"Should not come back?" Zhou Jia shook his head.
"Even if there was an accident, after all, Sue’s family means it makes no sense to deliberately leak such false news and put yourself at a disadvantage."
"Yes" LeiMei looked up.
"I don’t think so either, but I’m afraid in case."
"If Sue’s parents suddenly come back, our side will probably be bitten by Sue’s family."
"No" Zhou Jia shook his head.
"Maybe at other times, but certainly not these days."
“?” LeiMei one leng.
"I heard that Xiaolang Island has come to Xuantianmengmen Master" Zhou Jiakou
"At this time, even the military will give it to Xiaolang Island, and they dare not go too far when they come back."
And …
They can’t come back!
"Say yes"
LeiMei nodded slowly.
"So these days are a good time for the decepticons to annex Tianshuizhai and Sujia."
"Good" Zhou Jia laughed.
"It’s not like a guy who has never completed his career and annexed the Su family. He never thought that Wang would really be blessed by heaven."
"When this work is done!"
Say the fuels and hand over.
"Zhou first congratulates Wang"
"Shout …"