This situation lasted for a long time, and then Zhou He, Xiangyun and Lianhua were forced to retreat from each other because the lethality contained in the piano sound was too strong.

This result is actually a deliberate separation. After forcing Zhou He to retreat, he controlled the nearby purple fog to form a defense barrier with extremely high concentration, which blocked the detection wave of the external line of sight.
After completing this step, I was afraid to display the fire unicorn target and exhibited the most violent attack.
With the rapid rise of the strength of the land, the resistance of the fire unicorn became stronger and stronger. In just a moment, the big fire unicorn shrank by several feet, and there were bursts of screams in its mouth, as if begging for mercy from the land.
The evil spirits smiled and remained motionless, and continued to exert pressure until the fire unicorn became three inches in size. Suddenly, something flew out of the right eye and hovered in the fire unicorn.
Look carefully, it is a black-purple bead, which is a magic Yang bead tempered in the right eye of the land.
Feel the magic Yang Zhu breath. The three-inch fire unicorn makes a loud scream. The whole body flashes red and seems to want to compete with the magic Yang Zhu’s swallowing power.
However, although the fire unicorn is extraordinary, it is only an illusion that all the people see in front of the Yuan God.
Lu Li also saw through the mystery after careful observation in his right eye, so he tried to suppress the fire Kirin Yuan Shen and now he is ready to swallow it up with the magic Yang Zhu.
Continued competition failed to escape the doomed catastrophe. The rising power of the fire unicorn eventually failed to reach the right eye, refining the magic pearl and being sucked in by it.
At present, the magic pearl has already possessed such power even if it is half full, which is true that it has cultivated his magical right eye from itself.
Can throw all this in terms of magic Yang Zhu body, its power is really amazing, not the kui is a top ten magic weapon.
Now, of course, the magic Yang Zhu is not a ten-step magic weapon, and it will be refined into a magic weapon or artifact. At this moment, it is not necessarily because it is also lacking in confidence.
After devouring the fire unicorn, the magic pearl circled for a few times in half, absorbing a lot of purple and gold aura in the air. Only in the blink of an eye, the surface of the black and purple magic pearl became a faint red light and became a black main purple mixed with three-color beads.
It’s time to shoot a beam of light from the right eye and take back the magic yangzhuqin sound, which will also end all the happy endings.
Got up and walked to the front of the stream, bowed their heads and stared for a moment, and then the right hand went to the ground, and a long sword with a scabbard broke through the ground and fell into the hands of the land.
Looking at the sword in the hand, I found that the scabbard was pale red with exquisite patterns, and the hilt was inlaid with a gem, leaving a bit of fire unicorn flavor.
Indifferent smile, holding the hilt, a strange feeling flooded into my heart, as if something was calling for separation.
I pulled out my sword a little bit, and a gorgeous red light flew out and reflected the cheeks.
Some people were surprised to see that the perfect red sword in their hands found the word red shadow near the hilt, which is obviously the name of this sword.
This red shadow sword is quite magical, except that the body is red and bright, surrounded by fire, and the soul of the sword is hidden in the right eye. It is a fire monster, but I don’t know it.
Staring for a moment, with a wave of his hand, the tip of the sword suddenly shot a latosolic red sword and shot it five feet away.
Sustained strength, the sword gang extended at any time and shot ten feet away in the blink of an eye, piercing the purple fog barrier set in front of the land.
As a result, Zhou He, Xiang Yun and Lotus Fairy all saw the appearance of holding Excalibur from the land and exclaimed in succession.
Indifferently, I recovered the true yuan and returned the sword to the sheath and turned and walked towards the three people.
Xiangyun first rushed forward to pull Lu Li’s arm and stared at the sword in his hand with a look of expectation. "Brother Lu, where did this sword come from? It’s not the fire unicorn, is it?"
Chapter sixty-one Mysterious Purple Deep
Lu Li stopped and looked at Zhou Helian’s approach. Hua Xian laughed. "This sword is hidden in the stream. Just now, the fire unicorn is its guardian soul, and now it has returned to the blade."
Xiangyun was surprised. "How did you find out that you could play for me?"
Lu Li smell speech conveniently handed Xiangyun the red shadow sword, and you couldn’t see any reluctance.
Took the sword Xiangyun a face of joy want to also don’t want to draw the sword, but the result is pulled out, which makes Lu Li some accident Zhou Helian Hua Xian also surprised.
Jiao snorted and said, "I don’t believe in evil. I can’t pull you out."
Gathering gas and concentrating on fragrance clouds, gathering strength, holding the scabbard with the left hand and the hilt with the right hand. As a result, the sword was not pulled out, but it exclaimed that the sword was automatically returned to the land by the red shadow sword on the spot.