Heidi pulled her back, and there was also some uncertainty.

If you’re not afraid, you’ll hurt someone by mistake.
Just now, the other side easily defeated Yuye. If they don’t resist quickly, they are afraid of dying and being buried.
Thoughts turn that big hand is near.
Heidi silver teeth bite suddenly close your eyes, raise your left hand, face to face, and the right staff flashes together, shouting at the same time.
"Don’t start work yet!"
The palms intersect, and a warm feeling comes along the palms, which also makes the halo of a loose staff in her heart dim a little quietly.
A strange man’s voice rang in his ear.
"I finally met someone I can communicate with."
"Who are you?" Although know each other is not a real monster Heidi still dare not treat STH lightly open eyes look straight at the’ monster’ sink a way.
"Come here?"
"Zhou is a passer-by" Zhou Jia speaks slowly.
"That thing obviously treats me as something delicious. It’s not going to let me go. It should be prepared to see you two fix it well."
"Is there a way out?"
"Go out?" Heidi smell speech wry smile.
"There was no problem, but now we are also influenced by monsters here. What we see in our eyes is an illusion."
"Unless you can wake us up from our hallucinations."
"hallucination?" Zhou Jiayin has regrets.
"It’s a pity that Zhou doesn’t know much about this method."
"Really?" Heidi was about to say something with a face of regret when she suddenly froze.
"You’re not influenced by that thing’s will?"
"Never" Zhou Jia shook his head slightly thoughtfully after way
"If you have a way to pull me into your perception, Zhou has a way to help you get rid of the influence."
"Nature is true"
Chapter 9 Strange Flowers
"Let’s change places first"
See the eye rushed to the figure Zhou Jia reached out with one hand and grabbed a woman’s foot. The whole person rose like Fei Peng.
A flash is a few hundred meters away and then disappear.
A little while
Three people appeared beside a rock near the water.
Heidi visual eyes’ monster’ noodles don’t change color way
"According to the news we received, the monster in the depths of Yunshan has the characteristics of strong silver, and the gods are stronger than the strange wizards."
"But it can’t leave Yunshan. It must be something difficult to move."
"This kind of body is often the biggest weakness, and it can be solved if you can find other black iron masters."
At this point, a longing flashed through her eyes.
Just like a monster hunting passers-by, she also wanted to help her break through the repair with the help of monster Jingyuan in the later period of the black iron.
What …
A glimpse of Baiyin territory
Zhou Jia nodded slowly.
He’ saw’ that the monster body was a strange flower.
A "human" god knowledge enveloped the whole Yunshan and visited Hongze domain. Many silver strong people even could do it.
Not even Master Qi!
However, the monster Shen Yuan is rich but not refined.
A truly strange mage is like a three-foot fine steel sword. Although a big tree is lush, it is far less sharp than the blade.