The little red snake must have seen something

This room is … really occupied?
Or a ghost?
Unless there are monsters and ghosts in different worlds?
Bai Gujing in Monkey King Thrice Defeats the Skeleton Demon … But that’s a leprechaun.
Or am I crossing the world view, not just a journey to the west but also a serial?
It’s impossible.
Lin Chong asked himself that he didn’t do anything unnatural when he came to another world …?
From Shenmu to Heaven and Earth … to xu jia cun … and then to Hutuo Mountain …
There’s more than one death.
But my conscience is ashamed!
Lin Chong suddenly remembered a possibility.
He dug in the snow shell in front of the alien wall with an army shovel and soon dug up a frost-covered body.
It’s the Tiger Camel Mountain that makes the right eagle for nine nights.
If anything can become a spectre to kill the corpse, this big demon is most likely.
But ….. At present, the eagle is freezing for nine nights, and its face is drumming with a distorted expression of extreme pain before its death.
It’s less likely that he can become a ghost, right?
Lin Chong sat there for a long time.
Suddenly, he looked at Tong Xiaosan.
Tong Xiaosan was beaten on the brain desk, and there was a child sleeping on the screen, blowing nose bubbles, and the screensaver seemed to be sleeping.
Is Tong still sleeping?
"Little Three" Lin Chongshen said
"In ~" brain immediately lit up.
"Did you see anything unusual at night?" Xiaosan has been kept in this room. If there is anything unusual, he will surely see it.
"No ~ Everything is normal on the 1100th day of the traveler ~" said Xiao San’s sweet greasy voice.
Lin Chong frowned deeply.
Chapter sixty-six Mushrooms? Unified?
This must have something to do with reunification
From that day on, Lin Chong was conscious enough to pay attention to all kinds of "damn" marks.
First he unplugged the speaker and found that there was nothing unusual for a few days.
Then, after plugging in the speakers, I met the ghost press event occasionally for a few days.
Anyway, Lin Chong doesn’t believe in ghosts
Even if there are ghosts in this world, there must be a cure.
Although only two rooms, one living room and 90 square meters make the area less than 70 square meters, if there is any supernatural ghost, Lin Chong has nowhere to escape.
But Lin Chong, though physically strong, is still an ordinary person who has not entered the practice path, and those mushrooms are even more plates of dishes. Only when they go to another world can they be all-powerful …
"Let’s go ~ Let’s go ~ People always learn to grow up by themselves ~"
When the music started at the right time, Lin Chong couldn’t help but study whether to go out and rush to the new world … What’s the background music!
"Shut up!" Lin chong yelled at the system.